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Srila Prabhupada and Your Spiritual Life or Sampradaya Sun and PADA

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Srila Prabhupada's Purports Nectar of Instruction

One should not remain a kanistha-adhikari, one who is situated on the lowest platform of devotional service and is interested only in worshiping the Deity in the temple. Such a devotee is described in the Eleventh Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam (11.2.47):

"A person who is very faithfully engaged in the worship of the Deity in the temple, but who does not know how to behave toward devotees or people in general is called a prakrta-bhakta, or kanistha-adhikari."

One therefore has to raise himself from the position of kanistha-adhikari to the platform of madhyama-adhikari. The madhyama-adhikari is described in Srimad-Bhagavatam (11.2.46) in this way:

"The madhyama-adhikari is a devotee who worships the Supreme Personality of Godhead as the highest object of love, makes friends with the Lord's devotees, is merciful to the ignorant and avoids those who are envious by nature."

Those who think that Krsna consciousness is limited to a certain section of people, a certain section of devotees or a certain tract of land are generally prone to see the external features of the devotee. Such neophytes, unable to appreciate the exalted service of the advanced devotee, try to bring the maha-bhagavata to their platform.

Please accept my dandavat pranams. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.

SBVNGM.jpg - 4896 Bytes The use of the phrase “followers of Narayan Maharaja” – It pains me every time I read this collection of words. This term is widely used in the literature of many “devotees” who are patently averse to Srila Narayan Maharaja and the devotees of the Gaudiya Math. The purposeful manner in which this phrase is utilized is to create the impression that Srila Narayan Maharaja has in some way diverted from the Brahma Madhva Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya and formed another institution, which is not in keeping with the lineage and teachings of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

This is similarly demonstrated by the arrogant usage of the words “your camp”. Again indicative that Srila Narayan Maharaja has is some way formed a splinter faction (eg. A type of IRM). It must be noted that the sole purpose of the usage of such phrases are to isolate and alienate Srila Narayan Maharaja; painting a picture of Him as a guru who has deviated from the sampradaya and it’s conclusions.

The problem that I see (and others in a neutral position) is that the focus of Krishna Consciousness today is largely to do with an “institution within physical confines”. This is a consequence of a materialistically contaminated consciousness. The money, the bank accounts, the temples, the vehicles, the properties…..this is not what Krishna Consciousness is all about. Krishna Consciousness is simply a Vaisnava sadhu sitting under a tree delivering pure unadulterated Hari-Katha to a captive audience. It is the sweet relationship between devotees and their mutual love for Sri Sri Radha and Govinda that defines Krishna Consciousness, not money and properties.

I fail to understand how Vaisnavas are supposed to rescue the fallen conditioned souls of the world when we cannot be united as brothers and sisters of the same siddhanta. We all stand together under different umbrellas during a rainstorm. What we fail to realise is that once it stops raining and the sun comes out, we put away the umbrellas and are unable to tell who stood under which umbrella. My sentiments may seem utopian, but as a simple devotee I see this as a conceivable reality. Srila Narayan Maharaja has extended a hand of help and friendship to everybody (vaisnavas and non-vaisnavas alike) yet He is persistently belittled by asuras of diminished intelligence for His efforts.

I have the utmost love and admiration for Srila Prabhupada and it saddens me in manner which a handful of His disciples/grand-disciples continue to blaspheme such a person so dear to Him without any consideration for the offences that they are committing, (and the consequent anarthas that they are accumulating within their hearts). Do they believe that offence no.1 only applies to other ISKCON devotees? I pray that this is not so, for I gravely fear for them upon their departure from this mortal world.

Your servant,

Subala Sakha das

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