A Response to Kang-Teh

by Sripad Bhaktivedanta Damodara Maharaja

April 2006

Dear Kang - Teh; although I feel that you must really be Narasingha Maharaja, or closely affiliated with him:

Normally it is Maharaja who always tries to use the words of the Vaisnavas against Srila Bhakti-Vedanta Narayan Maharaja.

If you write an article against PP Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaj, we would have thought that you may at least have the integrity to place your name on the article. The keyboard Ksatriya had a failing of courage?

It seems wonderful that you are willing to hear and believe the so called ill things that Srila BP Puri Maharaja spoke about Srila Narayan Maharaja, but on the other hand, you are not liking to hear the good things that he said about him (as presented by Sriman Madhava Priya das Brahmacari and others). This brings into question two things, either both Madhava Priya and Srila Narayan Maharaja are liars, or that your judgment has been coloured by your personal misunderstanding with a senior vaisnava. Perhaps Srila Narayan Maharaja’s chastisement of PP Narasingha Maharaja’s non – Gaudiya sanyassa dandas (being only chest high as against the head high dandas as instigated by Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur), still rankles in your heart.

You have written, “The above is not only innaccurate in that it claims that Narayan Maharaj openly challenges the Radha-kunda babajis whenever he goes there”. May I ask what is so inaccurate about that, you may ask any of the thousands of devotees who have accompanied him there, we can all give witness to the truth of that.

And as for the next jewel, “(if you ask the Radha-kunda Babajis, most of them have never even heard of Narayan Maharaj),” well we beg to differ in that also. Srila Narayan Maharaja has printed and distributed 20,000 copies of Prabhanda Panchika- 5 essential essays, which he distributed free of cost, which refute the attacks of the Sahajiya Sampradaya. In fact Sri Ananta Das Babaji (the mahanta of the Radha Kunda Babajis) has stated when he read the book, “the Gaudiya Math has a very strong pen, we will have to think how to answer”, it may be noted that as of today, there is still no answer.

How shamefully you try to dirty the great name of your own spiritual master by implying that he is a vaisnava apparadhi indulging in criticism of Srila Narayan Maharaja. Shame on you. He would be most displeased with you, thus placing yourself and PP Bhagavat Maharaja on an equal footing. At least BhaktiVaidagda Bhagavat Maharaja had the good fortune in being chastised by his Gurudeva, something you will be bereft of. I think it would be good for you to read Srila BP Puri Maharaja’s excellent book “The Heart of Krishna” dealing with the topic of Vaisnava Apparadha.

I think that there is confusion about two meetings that Srila Narayan Maharaja had with Sri BP Puri Maharaja towards the end of his manifest past times, one was in Febuary 1997 in Puri, when Srila Narayan Maharaja and Srila BP Puri Maharaja did indeed have a long discussion about the issue of Siddha Pranali and the Babaji’s misconceptions. Many of us were there, it is a shame that you were not, you could have had a rare example of the loving dealings between Vaisnavas. The second was towards the extreme end of Srila Puri Maharaja’s past times.

As for your slander of PP Madhava Priya Brahmacari, well, that is your word against his, so there can be nothing to say about this. You seem to have the idea that because you were not personally hearing the glorification of Srila Narayan Maharaja, by your Gurudeva, as heard by PP Bhagavat Maharaja and by Madhava Priya Bramachari and others, then that means it is not true. Well we can only leave our readers to make up their own minds about this. Yet we are supposed to believe that Srila Puri Maharaja,I quote your good self,who “ always instructed his disciples to be careful of committing Vaishnava aparadha. He was always kind and humble in dealing with all Vaishnavas on all levels and was the personification of the 'trinad api sunichena' verse of Sri Shiksastakam ” yet secretly he told “some of us not to associate with Narayan Maharaj and his followers” because he was concerned “about his disciples hearing the Gaudiya siddhanta from proper sources”. How wonderfull glorification of your spiritual master. Are you trying to tell us that Srila BP Puri Maharaja considered Srila Narayan Maharaja to be a bad representative of the Gaudiaya Sampradaya, Will this be pleasing to your Gurudeva? Is this the sum and substance of your understanding of his teachings? I suggest that instead of using your valuable time in blaspheming Vaisnavas and trying to falsely give your most worshipfull Gurudeva a bad name by implicating him in this, you should follow his advice by simply “spend our valuable time in cultivating that chanting of the holy name.” Thus later you may be able to “become qualified to enter into these esoteric matters”, thus your Gurudeva is telling you to keep chanting, and then you may become qualified to understand Srila Narayan Maharaja and his higher teachings.

Another amazing thing is you quote your Gurudeva in his letter to PP Bhagavat Maharaja as saying, “This is to inform that I have not appointed any of my disciples to write any kind of letter which is to criticize any person or society.” I think that you should follow the instructions of your Gurudeva, but we don’t take you so seriously because your literary attempts have also been rejected by your Gurudeva in the last line of his letter, “Any letter of this kind to be written in the future which has no clear approval on my side should be considered as unauthorized.”

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