Sadhu Sanga Is The Answer

by Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti

Answer to GBC Innovative Program For Conflict Resolution

According to Srila Narottama das Thakura, it is through Sadhu Sastra and Guru as well as your inner hearts feeling that you can progress on this path of searching for the truth. Obviously, that also includes resolving possible conflicts in the Vaisnava Community. Now the Iskcon GBC has authorized to discuss their problems with outside "experts". With all due respect to all such "experts," it is well known that a non-devotee will not be able to understand the dealings of devotees.

True, they may through common sense discover that many of the problems created in Vaisnava missions are caused by the lack of common sense, in other words, by immaturity, or by hidden portfolios. We know from the scriptures, that pure bhakti has to be free of Jnana - mental speculation and of Karma- fruitive thinking. How such an independent helper who has not even identified Karma and Jnana in his own life will understand the mistakes of neophyte devotees?

It only shows that the GBC have no faith in the real system of the sastras. They practice mundane wrangling for solutions, while the real answer is so close that they cannot see it. SADHU SANGA is the answer. SADHUS are those who wholeheartedly try to serve their spiritual master and are entirely committed to the truth.

Srila Prabhupada told us to discuss our problems with Srila Sridhar Maharaj. He told us to hold Istagosthis. He told us to make everyone happy in this movement so that they will not want to go away. On a positive note, why doesn't the GBC ask those who are unhappy with their past or present performance to write them into an essay and give that essay for revision to a group of sadhus which shall include trusted Iskcon man and trusted sadhus among those who are disgruntled with Iskcon. Give them the authority to publish their findings for the benefit of all members and you will see how quickly every problem can be solved.

The Acaryas were not ignorant when they did not request a non- devotee board to be formed and discuss the problems of Vaisnavas and their missions. It is rather a real blunder to think our spiritual masters did not give a valid system to resolve problems. Problems are inherent of all activities of faulty souls. Already, Iskcon has become the movement that has court cases in many countries. Even in Vrindavan the Iskcon temple has a court case with their own Gurukula over area dispute.

Drag it all to court. Give Krishna money in heaps to politicians, judges and attorneys.

Srila Prabhupada had warned us of the courts pointing out to the Gaudiya Math court cases as terrible examples. Now you must pay external experts to advise Vaisnavas. Or perhaps you think the respected Dr. Zack is going to do his work as loving devotional service without any fee?

Sadhu Sanga is available to those who long to find it. Do not limit Sadhu Sanga to those who have a dependant situation within your Iskcon institution. It is hard to by truthful when the wrong party supplies your chapaties. I hope my comment will find open ears and can be of some service to Srila Prabhupada and all the Vaisnavas.

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