Welcome ISKCON Muslims

by Bhakta Abdula

I would like to invite all the Rtviks to join the Muslim religion. It is plain to see that amongst the Vaisnavas your philosophy is not being accepted. However, in the Muslim world we will understand your ideas with no problem. The simple fact is that Mohammedanism and Rtvikism are practically the same. So why waste your time propagating your new religion amongst those that are deaf to your words? Join us Muslims on the Haj, the yearly pilgrimage to Mecca. Sit down and break bread with your Muslim brothers over here in Saudi Arabia.

In our religion, Mohammed is known as the “seal of the prophets”. That means that after Mohammed, prophet-hood is sealed, i.e., finished. In Islam we are faithful to our founder and do not believe in the arrival of any prophets in the future. You also believe the same. No more gurus in the future. “Allah is the only God, and Mohammed is his prophet.” This epithet mirrors your Rtvikism. You also believe in just one prophet and discount all prophets that are yet to come.

In our religion, we accept just the Qua’ran. We do not accept any other books. What is the need of any other words when we have the Qu’ran? Similarly, you believe that your founder’s books are the only books of relevance. We see that you also reject the Vedas, as they do not expound the new initiation ritual of your religion. We Muslims also reject the Vedas, so you will be most comfortable with us.

In our religion we have the “house of peace” and the “house of war”. The house of peace is where the Muslims are in predominance. The house of war is where the infidel non-Muslims are in predominance. It is the unavoidable duty of all Muslims to convert the house of war into the house of peace. We create peace all over the world by engaging in war, thus spreading Islam all over the world. The Qu’ran or the sword is our preaching tactic. We also do not believe in philosophy and logic, as do you Rtviks. The Qu’ran must be surrendered to without question, or else one gets the sword. We see that you also have divided the world into “the house of Rtvik” and “house of the Parampara”. Right now the house of Rtvik may be no bigger than a postage stamp, but we see a great fanatical zeal to convert the house of Parampara to the house of Rtvik. However, you are losing all your debates because you are using your odd logic and weird interpretation. We suggest you join us Muslims and then you can fully give logic and use the sword. We have spread all over the world by the use of the sword. You can do the same.

So dear ISKCON Muslim brothers, do not be sectarian. Join us on the Haj. We are the same. Come and we shall agree more and more as we practice our common religion, fighting the infidel parampara. Feel welcome in Saudi Arabia. Phone ahead of your arrival and we will personally see that you are not stoned to death at the airport or publicly beheaded later on.


Abu Ali Akbar Abdula

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