by Srila Rupa Goswami

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Radha Pining in the Wilderness
From Gita-Govinda, Punjab Kangra, c. 1780

1. A very poor man living in Vrndavana forest presents the following appeal at the lotus feet of Vrndavana's king and queen.

2. O king whose lustre eclipses the splendour of newly blossomed blue lotus flowers, o queen whose fair complexion devours the intense pride of yellow gorocana.

3. .... O king whose splendid garments mock the beauty of golden kadamba flowers, O queen whose splendid garments eclipse the glory of red kimsuka flowers ....

4. .... O king who is the sapphire crown of all youths, O queen who is the jasmine flower crown in the decorated braids of all the girls in Vraja

5. .... O king whose transcendental form is most handsome of all forms of the Personality of Godhead, O queen whose beauty fills with wonder the girls of Vraja, who are more beautiful than the goddess of fortune ....

6. .... O king whose fragrance captivates Srimati Radharani, O queen whose fragrance maddens Lord Madhava, O king whose flute stuns Srimati Radharani, O queen whose vina charms infallible Krsna ....

7. .... O king whose restless sidelong glances are the thief that steals Radha's peacefulness, O queen whose bumblebee sidelong glance bites the lotus of Krsna's heart ...

8. .... O king who made no reply to Radha's mysterious jokes, O queen, the hairs of whose vinelike form stood erect with joy as You heard the prince of Vraja’s joking words ....

9. .... O king whose splendid transcendental virtues are an eternally growing mountain of rubies, o queen whose many transcendental virtues are desired by Parvati and all other beautiful girls ....

10. .... O king of Vrndavana, O queen of Vrndavana, bowing down before you, with a choked voice, this foolish person appeals to You.

11. Although I am not worthy to receive Your mercy, please be merciful to me, for You are the crowns of all who are merciful.

12. O king and queen worshipped by the masters of all the worlds, they who are very merciful are filled with kindness even for the unworthy, and even for the offenders.

13. Although I have not the dimmest shadow of pure devotion, which is the only way to attain You, still, because You are the masters of playful transcendental pastimes, please be merciful to me.

14. O my king and queen, in this world many powerful controllers and many playful persons are seen to be merciful to the impious and indifferent.

15-16. Although I am the lowest and You are the highest, although I am a fool and You are the greatest philosophers, although I am wicked and You are the most saintly, and although I commit offences when I think of You, still, O king and queen, the shadow of whose holy name delivers one from a host of sins, please be kind to this person who sometimes chants Your holy names.

17. The most unpardonable sin is made non-existent by a small particle of devotion to You. This makes me hopeful. For this reason I now appeal to You.

18. Although this living entity is a cowardly eunuch, intense pain has now made him bold. O king and queen, again and again he appeals to You. Please be kind to him.

19. Loudly crying and taking a straw between his teeth, this sinful soul begs: “O king and queen, please be kind!”

20. Calling out: “Alas! Alas!” this unfortunate person begs: “Please hear my appeal! O king and queen, please hear my appeal!”

21. Filled with anguish and again and again calling out: “Alas! Alas!” I beg: “O oceans of mercy, please be kind to this unworthy person!”

22. Placing his face in his hands, this person cries out in anguish: “O king and queen, please, please give a small drop of your mercy!”

23. Crying, I, who am a great fool, beg in a piteous voice: “O merciful king and queen, please splash me with Your waves of mercy!”

24. To they whose hearts are filled with sweet, ecstatic devotion You mercifully give sweet, pure love.

25. O king and queen, I wish only to serve You. I do not wish anything else. Please be kind to me.

26. O king and queen who are kind to the shelterless, please be kind to this person and grant the direct service he begs.

27. Folded palms placed on his head, this poor person begs: “May my desire now be fulfilled.”

28. When, coming through the forest, will Your splendid fragrance overwhelm my nose with immeasurable happiness?

29. When will the musical tinkling of Your anklets, which shames the swans’ warbling, delight my ears?

30. When, seeing in Vrndavana forest Your footprints bearing a chariot wheel and other auspicious signs, will this person become mad with joy?

31. O king and queen whose lotus feet are the worshipable ultimate limit of all beauty, will You place these unprecedented joyful festivals before My eyes?

32. O Lords, the sight of whose lotus feet I have for a long time yearned to see, will this person be able to directly see You in this birth?

33. O splendid king and queen, when will I see You enjoying amorous pastimes nearby in the groves and caves of Vrndavana forest?

34. O king and queen who, out of fear of Your superiors, rarely see each other, when will I delight You with the nectar of each other’s letters?

35. When, as You search for each other in Vrndavana forest, will I bring You together, and receive from You an excellent gift as a reward?

36. When will I, holding the fresh garland intended as the victor’s prize, see Your dispute, as You both claim victory in the gambling match?

37. When, as You lay on the bed of flowers, will this person massage your feet?

38. When will You order me to repair the necklaces, broken during Your amorous battle in the cottage of vines?

39. O king and queen of Vrndavana, when will I decorate Your hair with peacock feathers, the previous decorations having been washed away by the waves of your pastimes?

40. When will I apply splendid tilaka markings to your foreheads, the previous decorations broken by your great skill in amorous pastimes?

41. O king, when will I decorate Your chest with forest flower garlands? O queen, when will I decorate Your eyes with black kajjala? When will this person decorate You in the garden temple?

42. When will this person break golden betel leaves and place them in Your mouths?

43. What am I? I am a sinful man. How can I make such a request? But who will not become maddened by Your transcendental sweetness?

44. O king and queen, by the same mercy that allows this unworthy person to reside in Vrndavana, please fulfill his desire.

45. O king and queen who dance in Vrndavana forest, may the desires of a person who repeatedly recites this Karpanya-panjika become fulfilled.

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