Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat

Madhya Lila Chapter Eleven

O Lord Gauranga, O most precious treasure, O unlimited ocean of love of Godhead, where do you come from? You are the Lord and maintainer of the helpless, the true friends of the down trodden. All glory to You Lord Visvambhara, the most powerful and regal of the brahmanas, victory to all Your associates who are like honey bees attracted to t he nectar of Your lotus feet.You are as dear to Paramananda Puri as his own life, and You are the greatest wealth Svarupa Damodara possesses. You are very dear to Srila Rupa Gosvami and Srila Sanatana Gosvami, and the heart of Jagadisha and Gopinath.

Lord Visvambhara continues performing His pastimes in Nabadwip, not visible to every eye. The blessed Srivasa Pandita sits in his house situated in the central island of Nabadwip and sees the endless and marvelous pastimes of the Lord. He serves the Lord with pure love and sees the Maha prakasa' lila pastime with the other Vaishnavas.

Lord Nityananda was residing in Srivasa Pandita's house and loved and respected him as His father. Lord NItyananda was always manifesting the mood of a little child who drank Malini's (Srivasa's wife) breast milk.

Malini's breast had long dried up but on Lord Nityananda's touch milk flowed again in her breast. She was amazed at such miraculous happenings. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ordered her no to reveal this to anyone, everyday she saw Lord Nityananda's child like behavior.

"Lord Visvambhara said to Lord Nityananda, "Listen Nityananda, so that You avoid arguments and fights with anyone, do not behave recklessly in Srivasa's house." Lord Nityananda objected saying, "Krishna! You can never see Me acting reckless. You cannot find another person as well behaved as I am." Lord Visvambhara replied, "I know You too well", Nityananda said, "Let Me hear You point out my mistakes and ill behavior."

Smiling, Lord Chaitanya said, "You want to know Your mistakes? You throw showers of rice in every room. Lord NItyananda said, "but this is the work of a madman and such mischief must be stopped; You want to falsely blame Me and not give Me any food to eat. If You want to eat all by Yourself that is alright with Me, but why do you defame Me to everyone?"

Lord Chaitanya replied, "I feel ashamed to rectify misconduct and so I am trying to rectify You". Lord Nityananda smiled and said, "That is very good! You must always teach Me whenever You see Me misbehaving. You are correct in assuming that I an the culprit". He then broke into peals of laughter.

Lord Nityananda became immersed in an ocean of happiness. His ambient receded to oblivion and taking His cloth He tied it around the head, standing naked before all. He pranced about in great leaps bubbling with laughter, staggering sometimes like a drunk man.

Gadadhara Pandita, Srivasa Pandita and Haridasa beheld this sight of the Lord's special mercy for it was meant to teach a lesson to the whole world.

Lord Visvambhara held Nityananda and said, "What are you doing? Such behavior is inappropriate in a householders house. You just told Me that You were not mad, and the next moment You contradict Your own words."

For One who is oblivious of the external world what reactions can words have on Him? Lord Nityananda was floating on the waves of ecstasy. Lord Visvambhara had to Himself dress Nityananda Prabhu. Such are His inconceivable activities. Lord Chaitanya's words fell on deaf ears for Lord Nityananda was totally unaware of everything like a mad lion.

He would not even eat with His own hands, Malini had to feed Him. Malini, the chaste and righteous wife of Srivasa Pandita could sense Lord Nityananda's inner feelings and so she served Him like a mother to a son.

One day a crow stole a small bell metal container and flew away out of sight, upsetting Malini devi. The crow suddenly returned again but without the container. Malini devi was well aware of her husband's reaction once he saw that the ghee vessel of Krishna's was missing, his temper was nothing more short than a thunderstorm, she felt helpless a nd began to weep.

Just then Lord Nityananda came there and saw tears streaking down Malini devi's eyes. Smiling he asked, "Why are you crying? Tell me the cause of your distress? I will take care of everything."

Malini devi tearfully replied, "O listen Gosain, a crow flew away with the ghee vessel, who knows where. He assured her, "Mother stop weeping and worrying I will get Your vessel back."

The Lord spoke to the crow smiling pleasantly, "O crow, go and bring back the vessel quickly." Lord Nityananda resides in everyone's heart. Who has the power to disobey His orders. The crow immediately flew off followed by the distraught eyes of Malini devi. The crow returned soon with the vessel in its beak and kept it near Malini devi. Malini devi could very well understand the extraordinary potency of Lord Nityananda from this incident.

Swooning with ecstasy she began offering prayers to the Lord, "For one who can bring to life the dead son of His guru from the custody of Yamaraja and for one who maintains this cosmic manifestation, what is so wonderful in bringing back a small vessel from a crow? On His head rests the unlimited creation and He does not even feel its weight while performing His pastimes; the endless ocean of resilience is destroyed just by chanting His name to influence a crow to bring back a small vessel it had stolen is not an extraordinary deed for Him.

In the past as Laksmana You were guarding Sita devi while living in the forest, yet you only looked at her feet and no other part of her body. Your powerful arrows had later defeated and exterminated the entire demon family of Ravana, and so winning back this small vessel is indeed an insignificant deed.

At whose lotus feet river Jamuna devi begged forgiveness and offered chosen prayers to glorification, who has the potency to maintain all the fourteen worlds, what marvel is it to Him to get back a small vessel from a crow? Yet none of Your activities can be diminished, since all of Your activities , however easy and small it may seem are tran scendental and the Absolute Truth, such is the clear verdict of the Vedas."

Lord Nityananda smiled as He listened to her prayers and remarked in His child like manner, "I want to eat". Whenever Malini devi saw Lord Nityananda milk oozed out of her breasts out of spiritual parental love and Lord Nityananda in order to fulfill her spiritual desires sucked on her breast like a child. There are some of the inconceivable pastimes of Lord Nityananda, my capacity to describe all this limited, the pastimes of the Lord are already widely known all over the world.

His activities are extraordinary and difficult to understand, those who know Him in truth can easily believe in all His pastimes. Lord Nityananda is always totally engrossed in ecstasy and He moves about Nadia as does the brilliant sun across the azure vault.

A mystic yogi or a learned scholar or anybody may think and say anything about Lord Nityananda, people may comment that Lord Nityananda is not a close associate of Lord Chaitanya, I do not care to hear about any such remarks, I only pray that His lotus feet remain imprinted in the depths of my heart.

There are many atheists who criticize Lord Nityananda, in spite of hearing His glory, I kick them in the head hoping for the Lord's mercy on them. Lord Nityananda is so lost in His transcendental pastimes in Srivasa Pandita's house that Lord Gauranga has to look after Him.

One day Lord Chaitanya was sitting in His house together with his wife Visnupriya devi, whose exquisite beauty matched only Laksmi devi's. She prepared betel pan for the Lord and He received them smiling with pleasure. This way He spent nights and days with her lost in the pleasure of each other's company. Mother Saci's heart exulted to heigh ts of unknown joy as she saw the happy couple. Lord Chaitanya knew the reason for His mother's exhilaration and so He spent much time with His wife.

Around this time Lord Nityananda, who was always immersed in bliss came to Lord Chaitanya's house in a restless mood. He stood before everyone, naked like a innocent child, not feeling any shame.

Lord Chaitanya enquired, "Nityananda why are You without clothes?" Nityananda replied with a smile, "It is so, it is so." Lord Chaitanya said, Nityananda wear your clothes." He replied, "Today I leave." Lord Chaitanya insisted, "Why?" Nitai said, "I cannot eat anymore." Lord Chaitanya said, "When I say something why do you answer with a completely different suspect?' Nitai replied, "I want all around attention."

Angrily Lord Chaitanya said, "It is not my fault." Nitai replied, "My Lord Saci devi is not here." Lord Chaitanya said, "be merciful and wear your clothes." Lord Nityananda said, "I will eat." Like this Lord Nityananda is always in the serving mood of Lord Chaitanya; while one hears the other speaks, and Lord Nityananda wanders all over Nadia laughing joyfully.

Lord Chaitanya got up and personally dressed Nitai and Nitai continued chuckling. Sacidevi smiled seeing Nityananda's activities and felt a motherly affection towards him thinking of Visvambhara. His words strongly reminded her of her older son and sometimes he even looked like him. Unknown to anyone mother Saci felt equal love for both Lord Nityananda and Lord Visvambhara

When Lord Nityananda came out of his trance he dressed himself up. Sacidevi gave him five milk cakes to eat. Nitai put one of the sweets in his mouth and threw the other four sweets far away. Saci devi raised an alarm saying, "Alas, alas, why are you throwing it away?" Lord Nityananda replied, "Why did you put all the sweets in one place?" Sa ci devi said, "I do not have anything more, what will you eat now?" Lord Nityananda answered, "ask for it and it will be certainly there."

Saci devi went inside the room only to be greeted by a wonderful surprise. She saw the four sweets thrown away by Nitai were there. She thought out aloud, "Where were the sweet cakes thrown and how could they be here now?" Saci devi was amazed and amused she removed the dust particles from the sweet cakes and came to Nityananda. She found hi m eating laddus, and enquired, "From where did you get those laddus?" Lord Nityananda replied, "I saw you were disappointed when I threw the sweet cakes away so I brought them back."

Seeing these miracles Sacidevi considered in her mind that who can know the extraordinary qualities of Nityananda Prabhu. To Nityananda Prabhu she said, "Nityananda why do you bewilder me in this manner? I know very well that You are the Supreme Lord, please therefore remove your illusory potency for me."

Lord NItyananda exhibiting the mood of a young boy went running after Sacidevi to touch her feet as she tried desperately to escape him. Such are the super excellent activities of Lord Nityananda. They bring pleasure to the pious devotees but to the envious it brings pain.

Those envious and sinful wretches who criticize Lord Nityananda become so contaminated that even Ganga devi who purifies everything runs away from him. Lord Nityananda is the Supreme Lord of the Vaishnavas, as Ananta Sesha, He holds the universe on his hood. Although I have no attachment for Lord Nityananda and Lord Chaitanya I pray that the tre asure of the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda be firmly situated in the inner recesses of my heart. This is my earnest desire for which I beg at the feet of all Vaishnavas, let Nityananda Prabhu, Lord Balarama be my supreme Lord and master.

Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrndavana Dasa, offer this song at their lotus feet.

Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat

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