Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat

Antya Lila Chapter Five

All glory to Lord Gaurasundara, the spiritual preceptor of the entire universe. You are the desire tree of all the surrendered devotees. All glory to You, who are the most brilliant gem of the sannyasa order, the Lord of Vaikuntha. Please bless the living entities with Yoyr merciful glance. All glory to the Supreme Lord Gauranga along with all His devotees and associates, for You are the most munificent Lord, an ocean of divine compassion.

Please hear attentively the topics narrated about the Lord in this concluding portion of this book. The Lord stayed another few days in Sri Advaita's house, and then went to Kumarahatta to Srivasa Pandita's house. Srivasa Pandita at this time was immersed in meditation on Lord Krishna, so when Lord Gaurasundara, the Lord of his life, appeared in person before him, it was like the object of his meditation was suddenly there in his presence, and as if the result of deep and sincere meditation was answered. Srivasa Pandita threw himself to the ground like a stick and paid his respects to the Lord. He clasped the Lord's lotus feet to his chest, and heaving long sighs of love he wept profusely. The Lord picked up Srivasa Pandita and embraced him, drenching him with tears of divine love.

Srivasa's Pandita's entire family was truly blessed by the Lord's causeless mercy. They all crowded to see the Lord, and raising their arms in a gesture of overwhelming joy, they began to weep. Srivasa Pandita was bside himself with happiness. He could not fathom the exhilaration he experienced in the presence of the Lord of Vaikuntha in person as his guest in his house. He picked up the best seat on his head and brought it to the Lord. The lotus-eyed Gauranga sat down. The devotees sat surrounding Him and began kirtana. The ladies of the house all made auspicious sounds of welcome to the Lord. Srivasa Pandita's house resounded with joy.

The news spread quickly of the Loord's arrival in Srivasa Pandita's house. Acarya Purandara came immediately to meet the Lord. The Lord embraced him with warm affection and reverence, condidering him to be His father. Acarya Purandara was overwhelmed with spiritual emotion and could not hold back his tears of extreme joy as he embraced the Lord. Sri Vasudeva Datta was very dear to the Lord. He knew all the esoteric conclusions by the Lord's grace. Sri Vasudeva was always meditating on how to properly benefit the living entities. Compassionate to everyone, he was perpetually absorbed in thoughts of Lord Chaitanya. He never looked for faults in others, but always praised their good qualities. He had great attraction and love for the Supreme Lord and His service, and he was always respectful to the Vaishnavas and rendered humble service to them. When the Lord saw Sri Vasudeva Datta He was very pleased and He embraced him and wept profusely in ecstacy. Sri Vasudeva fell down to the ground and clasped the Lord's lotus feet and began to cry out loudly. He cried so pitiously that what to speak of men, even the stones could be moved to tears. Sri Vasudeva was endowed with such wonderful qualities that he alone could exemplify himself.

The Lord loved Sri Vasudeva so dearly that He said, It is indeed true that I belong to Vasudeva." Repeatedly the Lord said, "My body is Vasudeva's property; he can sell Me anywhere he wants. This is true and not meaning anything else. A moment's association with Sri Vasudeva can bless anyone with Lord Krishna's protection from all dangers. O Vaishnava devotees, please hear Me. I say truly that Sri Vasudeva owns me completely." The devotees became jubilant hearing the Lord shower such causeless mercy on Sri Vasudeva, and loudly chanted the holy name. Lord Gaurasundara is expert in praising His devotees and increasing their glories. Just as the devotees are always eulogising the Lord's transcendental qualities, the Lord also does so in the same manner.

The Lord stayed for some time in Srivasa Pandita's house performing exilarating pastimes. Srivasa Pandita and his brother Ramai Pandita were always engaged in singing the glories of the Lord, and the Lord feeling spiritually animated by their singing danced in ecstacy. Both the brothers, Srivasa Pandita and Ramai Pandita are very beloved of the Lord. They are like the two bodies of the Lord. Srivasa Pandita pleased the Lord in many ways by performing kirtana, discussing from the Srimad-Bhagavatam and maintaining proper standards of Vaishnava etiquette. It was in Srivasa Pandita's house that the Lord performed some of His most wonderful pastimes.

One day the Lord called Srivasa Pandita aside and asked him confidentially about some family matters. The Lord said, "I see you never go anywhere. How will you manage to make ends meet in the family and how are you doing it presently?" Srivasa Pandita replied, "My Lord, I have not the heart to go anywhere." The Lord gently prodded the subject further, "You have a large family to maintain, how then will you look after them?" Srivasa Pandita said, "Whatever comes because of my fate will certainly come as a provision." The Lord then said, "Then Srivasa, take sannyasa!" Srivasa replied, "That is not possible for me."

The Lord said, "On one hand you refuse to accept sannyasa, and on the other hand you do not go to beg alms. How do you plan to maintain your family? I am unable to understand you. Nowadays if one does not make the effort of going hither and thither then nothing comes of its own. Under the circumstances please tell Me what do you propose to do?" Srivasa Pandita said clapping his hands thrice, "Here is my explanation - one, two, three." The Lord insisted, "Please explain properly why you clapped thrice and what does `One, two, three' imply?" Srivasa Pandita replied calmly, "I have taken a solemn vow that if after fasting for three meals I do not get any food then I will surely tie a stone around my neck and drown myself in the Ganga."

As soon as the Lord heard these words He roared like thunder and said, "What did you say, Srivasa Pandita? You will be fasting because of lack of food? Even if Laksmidevi by some rare chance has to go begging, your family will never experience poverty. Srivasa Pandita, you have already forgotten what I have said in the Bhagavad-gita (9.22) `Those who worship Me with devotion meditating on My transcendental form, to them I carry what they lack and preserve what they have.' One who is fixed in undeviating meditation on Me has never to beg at anyone's steps. All the mystic potencies automatically manifest in him. My devotees are fully protected by My Sudarsana disc at all times, and even at the time of total annihilation of this material universe, they remain transcendental and unaffected."

The Lord continued, "One who simply remembers My devotee, I take responsibility of maintaining him. The servitor of My servitor is dear to Me, and he certainly attains My shelter. My servitors need not have any concern about their maintenance since I am taking their responsibility on My shoulders. So Srivasa Pandita you just remain happily in your house and every requirement will automaticaly come to you. I am blesing you and Sri Advaita with the boon that none of you will ever be affected by old age, debility, or senility."

The Lord then called for Ramai Pandita and told him, "Listen, Ramai Pandita, I instruct you to always serve your elder brother, as if he were the Supreme Lord. Know also that you are as dear to Me as My very life, so I want that you never deviate from this service to Srivasa Pandita." Both Srivasa Pandita and Ramai Pandita were overwhelmed with divine bliss. The blesed Lord had filled their hearts with indescribable joy. By Lord Chaitanya's causeles mercy, even now, in some pastime, all requirements are coming on their own to Srivasa Pandita's doorsteps.

The Lord remained a few days more in Srivasa Pandita's house enjoying His stay in the company of His associates and the affectionate family members of Srivasa Pandita. From there He went to Sri Raghava Pandita's house in Panihati. Sri Raghava Pandita was always busy in serving Lord Krishna. So when the Lord arrived, Sri Raghava Pandita was overwhelmed to see his beloved Lord face to face. He fell to the ground offering obeisances, and clasped His lotus feet, the very same lotus feet that are the source of Laksmidevi's constant joy. He began to weep in jubilation. The Lord was also extremely happy to see His dear devotee, and He picked him up and embraced him, while unrestrained tears of joy bathed Raghava Pandita. Sri Raghava Pandita did not know what to do or how to receive the Lord such was his effusive bliss. The Lord of Vaikuntha, Sri Chaitanya, was very pleased with Srila Raghava Pandita's devotion, and He showered His mercy upon him.

The Lord said, by coming to Raghava Pandita's house and seeing him, all My gloom has been dispelled. Coming to his house has resulted in the same purification, and hence satisfaction, as bathing in the holy Ganga." Then smiling benignly at Srila Raghava Pandita, the Lord said to him, "Dear Raghava Pandita, please go immediately and prepare food for Lord Krishna's satisfaction." Raghava Pandita immediately went off swimming in ecstacy to execute the Lord's order. His heart innundated with divine love, he cooked as his heart dictated, a plentiful variety.

The Lord came to eat accopmanied by Nityananda Prabhu and all the associates. The Lord relished Srila Raghava Pandita's cooking and praised each and every preparation. The Lord said to Raghava Pandita, "Raghava Pandita has cooked everything so excellently well. Especially I have never tasted such a delectable preparation of spinach, sak, ever before. Raghava Pandita already knew that the Lord was very fond of sak, so He made it a point to prepare it in many delicious ways. The Lord , finishing His food , washed and came and sat down.

Meanwhile, word had spread that the Lord was staying in Srila Raghava Pandita's house. Sri Gadadhara dasa heard the news and came hastily to meet the Lord. Srila Gadadhara das was vwet near and dear to the Lord. He epitomised pure devotion to the Lord. The Lord was extremely pleased to see Gadadhara dasa and out of great love for him He placed His lotus feet on his head. Sri Purandara Pandita and Srila Paramesvari dasa also came rushing to see the Lord. Paramesvari dasa was so surrendered to the Lord that the Lord reciprocated and manifest Himself in person in his Deity. Both these saintly devotees were in great ecstacy to see the Lord, and they cried tears of divine love. Srila Raghunatha Vaidya, that very exalted Vaishnava, also came to meet the Lord. In this way, an endless stream of devotees came to see the Lord. Panihati village experienced an extraordinary spiritual event by the Lord's advent and stay there. The Lord innundated the whole village with divine ecstacy by His personal presence.

Once, the Lord called Srila Raghava Pandita aside and spoke to him alone. He said, "Raghava, I want to reveal to you confidentially that Nityananda Prabhu is nondifferent from myself. You must understand that whatever Nityananda wants of Me I do it. Without sophistry I say that everything I do is through Nityananda. We are one and the same. That which is rarely attained by great mystics steeped in meditation is easily obtained from Lord Nityananda. Therefore, engage yourself with sincerety and deference in Nityananda's service, knowing Him to be the Supreme Lord." Before leaving the fortunate village of Panihati, the Lord instructed Makardhavaja, "Serve Raghava Pandita nicely. Know that the loving attachment you have developed for him is highly appreciated by Me."

The Lord then came to a place called Varaha-nagara. He visited the residence of an exalted and saintly brahmana. The brahmana was well-versed in the Srimad-Bhagavatam, and upon having the Lord's audience, he began to recite the verses. As the Lord heard the verses from Srimad-Bhagavatam read by him with sublime devotion, He went into an ecstatic trance. With a voice resembling the roll of thunder, He cried out "Read on! Read on!" The pious brahmana was blissfully submerged in the text reading aloud and the Lord began to dance in divine exultation, oblivious to everything around Him. Verse after verse described the transcendental glory of loving devotional surrender, and the Lord swooned again and again falling like a rod on the ground with tremendous force. Such was the Lord's spiritual ecstacy that the people were amazed and afraid to see Him fall with such intensity. This pastime lasted late into the night. The brahmana read and the Lord danced.

Gradually the Lord came out of His ecstatic trance and He calmly sat down. He was extremely happy with the brahmana, and so He embraced him. The Lord said to him, "I have never heard anyone reciting the Srimad-Bhagavatam so sweetly, therefore I name you Bhagavat acarya or the spiritual precceptor of the Bhagavatam. You need not engage in any other activity; just go on reciting the Bhagavatam." Everyone was jubilant with the brahmana's new and deserving title. They appreciated it with loud chanting of the Lord's name. Blessing the residents of that place, the Lord traveled along the banks of the Ganga visiting many houses of devotees. He satisfied all the devotees, fulfilling their hearts' yearning to se Him. Finally He returnrd to Nilacala, Puri. One who hears these descriptions of the Lord's return to Bengal becomes immediately free from all distresses.

Great crowds of people greeted the Lord as He entered Jagannatha Puri with jubilant sounds saying, "The moving Lord Jagannatha has come back to Nilacala." The news flashed with the speed of lightening everywhere. Sri Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya and the other Oriyan associates of the Lord came running to see Him. The devotees were morose because of feelings of separation since the Lord was away, and now on His return they were exulting and welcomed Him with loud kirtana. The Lord, the reservoir of divine love, embraced them, reciprocating their spiritual affections, and bathed everyone with His effusive tears. Once in Nilacala, He began to reside in Kasi Misra's house.

Here in Puri, the Lord spent all His time dancing in ecstacy and performing sweet, sublime kirtanas everywhere. Often He danced before Lord Jagannatha losing Himself in the ecstatic graceful movements, sometimes within the closed precincts of Kasi Misra's residence, and at other times He simply ran out to the ocean shores and danced to the rythmic crashing of the waves on the sand. Blissfuly oblivious of every other activity, the Lord now engaged in this wonderful pastime. He was up early with the first blowing of the conchshell from the temple, and as the doors to Lord Jagannatha opened He was there bowing before the Lord. So wonderful was His love for Lord Jagannatha that tears cascaded from His eyes and flowed like the river Ganga. All the people stared, transfixed in amazement, their worries and sorrows long forgotten. Crowds followed Him wherever He went. They were moved and inspired. Loudly they chanted "Hari! Hari!" as they went behind the Lord's dancing form.

The King of Orissa, Maharaja Prataparudra, also heard the news of the Lord's return to Nilacala. He immediately left the capitol, Cuttaca, and hurried to Nilacala,Puri. The King was very keen to see the Lord and meet Him, and had been trying since long without success. He had requested many of the Lord's associates, including Sri Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya, to approach the Lord on his behalf, but all of them were afraid to approach Him on this matter. So thinking, he said exasperated to Sri Sarvabhauma, "If you are so afraid to speak to Him about me, then at least point Him out to me without Him seeing me." Appreciating the King's intense desire to see the Lord, the devotees decided to help him. They conferred and said, "The Lord becomes totally absorbed while dancing, and the external world fades into oblivion from His consciousness. At that time the King, who is so deeply religious, can see the Lord from his place of hiding."

The devotees explained their plan to the King, and the King eagerly responded saying, "I just want to see Him once by any means." So one day the King was informed that the Lord was dancing, and he hurried to the spot. He quickly found a vantage point that was well hiden. From there he saw the most wonderful sight of his life. Thr Lord's eyes were like two river sources spouting unlimited tears like waterfalls, and all the ecstatic symptoms manifested on His person at different times. He sometimes fell to the ground with such terible force that people gasped in horrified alarm. When the Lord began His roaring like thunderclaps, the King had to hold his hands over his ears. Then suddenly the Lord would be overcome with the mood of intense separation from Krishna and break down in heartbreaking tears. So many subtle spiritual moods played on the Lord's person that it is impossible for anyone to describe.

Dancing constantly with His long arms up in the air, and chanting "Hari! Hari!", the Lord was fully saturated in ecstacy. Finally, when He became aware of His immediate surroundings, He came and sat down amongst the devotees. The King after seeing the Lord's dancing till the end, stealthily slipped away, his heart full with effervescent joy, his inner eye still viewing the graceful movements of the Lord. Though the King was fully satisfied, his mind was stuck with a gnawing doubt, which later turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

When the Lord was submerged in dancing, tears cascaded down from His eyes, and saliva drooled out of His mouth and nose in the acme of divine ecstcy. His body was smeared all over with drool and dust, and the King could not comprehend that these were symptoms of spiritual love for the Supreme Lord Krishna. Doubt crept into his mind, but without revealing this to anyone he went away feling happy and content. On returning home, he went to rest for the night . The King had failed to understand even after the day's experience that his worshippable Lord Jagannatha had appeared dancing before him incarnated as Lord Chaitanya, the topmost sannyasi, so the Lord Himself set about to communicate this truth to the King.

That night, the pious King Prataparudra saw Lord Jagannatha appear in his dreams. He saw that Lord Jagannatha's body was covered with dust. His eyes like torrential springs gushed out incessant tears. Drool was dropping out of His mouth and nose wetting His body and making it gleam. In the dream, thr King thought to himself, "What kind of pastime is this? all these activities of Lord Jagannatha are incomprehensible to me." The King approached his beloved Lord to touch His lotus feet, and Lord Jagannatha said, "No, no, this is not proper. When I am smeared with camphor, musk, sandalwood paste, vermillion and other purfumed oils, then I am the most desirable and clean, but see now My body is covered with dust and drool and I am not fit to be touched by you. Today you came to see Me dancing and when I was covered in dust and drool you found Me repulsive. Now that I am in that same dirty condition, how can you think that now I am clean enough to be touched by one who is a great monarch with an illustrious ancestory?" Speaking in this manner, Lord Jagannatha, the most merciful Lord, smiled at His servitor.

The next monent, thhe King saw, still in the dream, that Lord Jagannatha was no longer seated on the throne. The new occupant of the throne was Lord Chaitanya. His body was covered with dust, and smilingly He spoke to the KIng, "How can this be possible. Today you went away having found Me repugnant, then why do you want to touch Me now?" After the Lord finished speaking, He continued to smilebenignly upon the King, thus showering unlimited mercy on him. On awakening after awhile, the King began to weep bitterly and condemned himself for his act.

He repented, "I am the most sinful wretch alive. I could not recognize that Lord Chaitanya was the Supreme Lord. Of course, how much intelligence does a human posses to understand the infinite truth on his own. Even Lord Brahma is deluded by His illusory, maya. Therefore my Lord, be gracious on me, forgive me for my offensive behavior. Accept me, a lowly person, as Your servant and bless me. Then the King realized that his worshipable Deity, Lord Jagannatha. was in fact Lord Chaitanya. With this realization his yearning to meet the the Lord increased manifold. Yet none of the Lord's associates could arrange a rendezvous with the Lord.

Soon after this incident one day the Lord was sitting in a garden surrounded by all His devotees. Mustering up courage, alone he approached the group and fell flat at the Lord's lotus feet. Immediately the King was heaved high on waves of ecstacy. Shivering, weeping, and horripilation all manifested on his person. The Lord, seing that the King was indeed imbued with the spiritual sentiments of a Vaishnava placed His hands on him and said, "Rise, O King." The touch of the supreme master's hand on him brought him out of his ecstatis trance and he clasped his hands around the Lord's feet and began to cry.

The King began to pray to the Lord, "Save me, O Lord! Save me!: You are an ocean of mercy and the Lord of all living entities. Please look upon me favorably and forgive a fallen sinner like me. You are the fully independent Supreme Lord, most munificent. O Lord Chaitanya, You are the friend of the poor and meek. Please protect me, for You are eulogized with chosen verses by all the most powerful demigods. You are the husband of the goddess of fortune, Laksmidevi. You are the only shelter and Lord of all the surrendered souls. Your form is absolutely transcendental to all material inebriety. You are the initiator of congregational chanting , fearlessly propagating it , for You are the conquerer of the terrible demon, Mura. Your transcendental qualities and names are all unfathomable, and You are the repository of all supramundane excellences. Your lotus feet are constantly worshiped and glorified by Lord Siva, Lord Brahma, Lord Sesha, Sridevi and others. You are also the priceless gem amongst all the sannyasis. O Lord gaurasundara, I bow humbly before You with this prayer that You may never reject me and deprive me of Your sublime shelter."

Lord Chaitanya was very satisfied with King Prataparudra's prayers. He blessed him saying, "May you develop an unalloyed taste for serving Lord Krishna. Do not engage in any other activity except to render devotional service to Lord Krishna. Go and perform continuous chanting of the holy name, and you will always be protected by the Lord's Sudarsana disc. My reason for coming to Nilacala was to meet the three of you, you, Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya and Ramananda Raya. There is just one request of Mine I want you to keep, that is not to broadcast about Me. If you do so then I will leave right away." Saying this, He lifted the flower garland adorning His neck and placed it around the King. The Lord bade him farewell, feeling very satisfied with him.

Offering repeated dandavts to the Lord, the King left, taking seriously to heart the Lord's intructions to him. The King's mission was complete; he had seen and met the Lord. From then on he was always engrossed in meditation on the Lord's lotus feet. One who hears this narration of how King Prataparudra met Lord Gaurasundara is guaranteed to receive divine love of Godhead. The Lord's pastimes in Nilacala are numerous, and He enjoyed His own activities.

The Lord's eternal associates who appeared in Nilacala all spontaneously recognized Lord Chaitanya as the Lord of their heart. Sri Prasyumna Misra is an ocean of love for Krishna. Lord Chaitanya personally gave him shelter at His lotus feet. Then there is Sri Paramananda Mahapatra, who is an embodiment of nectarean love for Lord Chaitanya. Sri Kasi Misra was always in a state of divine ecstacy relishing the sublime nectar of Krishna prema. The Lord stayed in his house. The Lord spent most of His time in congregational chanting in the company of these servitors.

Most of the Lord's followers who had developed dieinterest to continue in family life, all came to stay in Nilacala. Lord Nityananda spent a long time in Nilacala. He was always enthusiastic, jubilant, and roamed everywhere in Nilacala like the noon sun. He was perenially saturated and intoxicated with divine love. I am incapable of writing fully about His unlimited ecstatic love. He is always chanting just one neme, Sri Krishna Chaitanya; no other name escaped His lips even in a dream. Just like Sri Laksmana was completely devoted to Lord RamaChandra,so is Nitai fully surrendered to His love for Lord Chaitanya. The reason for the whole world glorifying Lord Chaitanya even today is solely due to Lord Nityananda's mercy. In this way, the two brothers, Lord Chaitanya and Nityananda Prabhu passed Their days in Nilacala.

One day Lord Gaurasundara, the Supreme Personality of Goshead now appeared in human form, was sitting in a secluded place conversing with Lord Nityananda. The Lord said to Nityananda Prabhu, "O exalted one, ear Nityananda, please listen. You must return to Nabadwip immediately. In My own words I have promised, "I will drown every ignorant, wretched and fallen soul in the deluge of Krishna prema. But now if You also take to the life of a hermit discarding Your indominable enthusiasm, then who will deliver these fallen souls? You are the storehouse of devotional mellows, distributing divine love to everyone. Now if You withdraw within Yourself from these activities, then what was the necessity of Your appearance on this planet? If You want My opinion, then I think You should go immediately to Bengal and relieve the sufferings of the conditioned souls by showering them with a mood of devotional service."

On receiving these instructions from the Lord, Nityananda Prabhu started for Bengal with all His devote associates. These elevated souls were, Ramadasa, Gadadhara dasa, Raghunatha Vaidya, Krishnadasa Pandita, Paramesvari dasa, amd Purandara Pandita. On the ay, Lord Nityananda was the first to be overcome with spiritual ecstacy. This spiritual mood infected all the other associates. They were filled with wonderment seeing Lord Nityananda. Soon they were also experiencing unlimited divine bliss. Ramadasa, a stalwart amongst the Vaishnavas, was imbued with the spiritual mood of the Supreme Lord Krishna Himself. Right in the middle of the road he stood like Gopala, bent in three places for almost an hour, oblivious of his surroundings.

Gadadhara dasa was overcome with the mood of Srimati Radharani. Laughing in sweet peals he said, "Who wants to buy yogurt?" Raghunatha Vaidya was draped in the sublime personality of Mother Revati. Paramisvara dasa and Krishnadasa were both experiencing the mood of Gopala and the cowherd boys. They began to make sounds with their mouths when heding the cows. Purandara Pandita had climbed up a tree. Shouting he said, "I am Angada," and jumped down in a leap from the branch. Lord Nitynanda had infused in everyone's heart the ecstatic experiences of exhillerating spiritual moods. They traveled like this for a few miles sometimes going to the left and sometimes to the right without any direction.

After awhile they asked the local people, "Please tell us how we can reach the Ganga." They replied, "O goodness, you have already come too far. You must go back a distance of two hours." They changed direction according to the direction of the locals, and traveled for awhile in the right direction, but again after some distance they got aimlessly lost in their mood of ecstacy. They had to stop someone and ask again for proper direction. Again one of them pointed out, "You have to travel another twenty miles to the left." Realizing their confusion, they laughed looking at each other and embarked once more on their journey. They had forgotten the existence of their own bodies, what to speak about remembering the right direction. Unconcerned about the needs of the body like thirst, hunger, fear and suffering, they were always experiencing great joy. Who can describe the transcendental activities of Lord Nityananda as He traveled, because they are inexhaustible.

Finally they arrived at Panihati village on the banks of the River Ganga. Lord Nityananda went first to Sri Raghava Pandita's house, and put up there with all His devotees. Both Raghava Pandita and Sri Makardhavaja Kan and their families were very happy to receive their most exalted guests. The guests remained there for a few days. In that wonderful atmosphere Lord Nityananda and His devotees felt always spiritually exhilerated. Every once in awhile Lord Nityananda would roar out His appreciation. Once He felt strongly within Himself the spiritual urge to dance. Suddenly all the singers began appearing there. Sri Madhava Ghosa, the famous kirtana singer came. His kirtana singing was the best in the whole world. He was known as the singer from Vrndavana because he was especially expert because he was especially expert in singing about the Lord's pastimes in Vrndavana, which were Lord Nityananda's favorite kirtanas.

Lord Nityananda danced with such ecstatic abandon that the earth reeled under His weight. Roaring sounds like thunder incessantly issued from His mouth, and when He fell crashing to the ground people stood back in amazement. When His merciful glance fell on any person, he was instantaneously infused with divine love of Godhead, and by the power of that love the recipient also fell to the ground swooning. Lord Nityananda is the embodiment of the highest spiritual love, and He has advented simply to alleviate the suffering due to ignorance in this world. While dancing, He manifested all the different ecstatic symptoms of divine love. Finally He sat down on Lord Visnu's throne and aquiesed to a request to be bathed by the devotees.

Sri Raghava Pandita and His other eternal associates immediately made preparations for the abhiseka or bathing ceremony. They carried in hundreds of pots filled with Ganga water and perfumed it with delicate aromas. The devotees one by one poured water over His head with a gladdened heart, and all the while chanted the Lord's holy name. The devotees chanted appropriate mantras for the abhiseka and felt divine exhilaration surge through their person. After the abhiseka they clothed Him in fresh new clothes, decorated Him with sandalwood paste, and covered His full broad chest with garlands of fragrant wild flowers and tulasi leaves. Then they made Him sit on the ornate Visnu throne of shining gold draped with flower garlands and leaves. When Lord Nityananda sat down, Sri Raghava Pandita went behind the throne and held an open umbrella over His head.

The whole house now began to reverberate with jubilant sounds of human voices chanting the holy name mingled with the melody of musical instruments. Lifting their arms and begging the Lord to protect them, the devotees forgot all their cares and worries and even their own bodies. Lord Nityananda, now totally steeped in the ecstacy of His own divine self, glanced all around, emanating love of Godhead from His eyes, and also showered them with merciful drops of tears.

He called Raghava Pandita and ordered, "Dear Raghava Pandita, go and bring Me right this moment a garland of kadamba flowers. I am very fond of kadamba flowers. In fact I am always attracted to stay in the kadamba forest." With folded hands Sri Raghava Pandita replied, "But my Lord, this is not the season for kadambas." The Lord gently pressed, "Go and look carefully in the garden. Maybe a few can be seen blooming somewhere." Sri Raghava Pandita went inside the hous eto the garden and was very astonihed to see what met his eyes. Fresh and lovely kadamba flowers were blooming gleefully in his lemon tree. The flowers were a beautiful hue and gave out sweet fragrance. In fact, these extraordinary flowers could destroy all the material attachments of anyone looking at them. Sri Raghava Pandita was beside himself with joy as he beheld this supramundane phenomenon.

He quickly gathered the kadamba flowers and began to deftly string them into a garland, and then brought it before Lord Nityananda. Lord Nityananda was greatly pleased to see the kadamba garland, and He placed it around His neck. The Vaishnavas were intoxicated with the heady aroma of the flowers and were fascinated by the miracle. But soon another miracle took place. Suddenly the whole room was fragrant with a new scent. The delectable fragrance of Dona flower filled the air captivating everyone's mind. Laughing aloud, Lord Nityananda teased saying, Tell Me which flower smells like that." The devotees replied with folded hands, "The air carries the delightful scent of dona.

Letting everyone speak first, Lord Nityananda finally revealed to them a great secret. He said with overflowing compassion, "Pay good attention to this very mysteriuos happening. Lord Chaitanya has come from Nilacala and is present here and now to hear your kirtana. He is laden with dona flower garlands He is wearing around His neck, and He has entered the form of a tree. The scent from these divine garlands has now permeated everywhere. He has come personally from Puri to hear your kirtana and witness your dancing. Therefore, all of you leave everything else aside and just constantly chant the holy names of Krishna. Let the nectar of the wonderful activities of Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya infuse love of Godhead in you."

Revealing thus this transcendental happening, Lord Nityananda began to roar loudly, chanting, "Hari! Hari!" He glanced at everyone, His vision emanating sublime love of Godhead. The devotees, touched by the Lord's infinitely tender glance, were instantaneously transported to a region transcending the mundane plane of physical awareness. Dear readers, please try to comprehend the extraordinary potency of Lord Nityananda, how He innundated the entire planet with the knowledge and taste of devotional service to the Supreme Lord. That superexcellent mood of devotional surrender of the damsels of Vrndavana as is described in the Srimad-Bhagavatam was faciley made available by the mercy of Lord Nityananda to the whole world.

Lord Nityananda was sitting on the throne, and all the devotees sang and danced in front of Him. Some of the devotees, unable to contain their surging glee, climbed up a tree and began to move on tender branches and twigs, but miraculously did not fall. Others roared thunderously and jumped down from the tree. There were others who circled their arms around a tree trunk and uprooted the whole tree all the while loudly chanting "Hari! Hari!" Some became surcharged with such immense spiritual strength that they ran to the nearby rows of betelnut trees and putting their arms around a few of them uprooted them all at once like a bunch of grass. Lord Nityananda's extraordinary potency to infuse the devotees with blissful love of Godhead was so dynamic that their bodies began manifesting all the cstatic symptoms of love of Godhead as described in the Srimad-Bhagavatam like crying, shivering, being paralyzed, perspiring profusely, horipilation, roaring, hoarseness, turning pale, and so on.

Wherever Lord Nityananda glanced, He saw everyone being showered by the nectarean rain of devotional ecstacy. As His transcendental glance rested on any devotee, he was instantaneously injected with divine love, and swooning, that devotee fell to the ground unaware of theloss of his clothing. Magnetically drawn to the Lord's divine person, the devotees stretched out in an attempt to reach Him. The Lord, a perfect picture of complacency, remained seated on His throne smiling benignly. All His mani associates became imbued with extraordinary spiritual potency and mystic opulences. They became omniscient; their every word became true; their features flowered into Cupid's beautiful attractiveness. Whoever they touched became electrified with spiritual current thus making them lose any affiliations towards the mundane, even their own bodies.

Lord Nityananda spent three months in Panihati performing transcendental pastimes with His associates. The thre months passed quickly, carrying the devotees in the waves of divine ecstacy. Unconcerned about their physical needs, they sang and danced. Only the Vedas will try to fully describe in detail the activities that went on in Panihati. What Lord Nityananda did in the span of an hour is practically impossible for anyone to narrate exhaustively. Sometimes He danced in a stately manner surrounded by the devotees, and then suddenly He decided to sit on the throne and ordered the devotees to dance before Him one by one.

During each of the devotees' dance performance, many incidents ocurred. The dancing inspired transcendental loving emotions amongst the devotees, drowning them in a deluge of love of Godhead. All the spectator devotees fel swoning in a moment when the ecstacy reached an apex. It looked like a cluster of banana trees being uprooted in a storm. The devotees did as directed by Lord Nityaanda. They constantly chanted Lord Chaitanya's glories led by Lord Nityananda. The whole atmosphere was spiritually highly volatile. Whoever came even to simply watch the hapening would be so infected with this spiritual mood that they would also become totally involved, oblivious of everything else. Whatever the devotees desired was immediately fulfilled. Thus the three months seemed to fly by without anyone noticing.

One day during these three months, Lord Nityaannda felt the desire to decorate Himself with ornaments and fine dresses. No sooner He felt the urge and fineries were being brought by different people without prior information. All these gifts were very precious and of the best quality. The finist silks, exquisite gold jewelry studded with brilliant gems. The people came with their gifts and offered them to the Lord with great reverence. The Lord tried on all the different ornaments. There was such a wide variety of all shapes and designs of jewelry that one had never seen before. Gold ornaments studded with pearls, emeralds, rubies, the gold intricately worked upon to give exquisite designs.

He worw beautiful rings on all His ten fingers. Many brilliant necklaces of priceless gems decorated His neck and chest. Then showing special favor to Lord Siva, He slipped two Rudraksa necklaces around His neck. As H emoved, the light set afire the gems set into His golden earrings. The silver anklets around His lotus feet tinkled pleasingly. White, cream, blue and yellow silks draped Him in flowing grace. An enchanting sight it was indeed. Devotees had lovingly made beautiful garlands of fragrant flowers like malati, malika, yuthi, and campaka and now put them over His head to sit delicately on His chest with the rest of the shimmering gems. But with each motion they swayed. The fragrance of these garlands mingled mingled with the aroma of fresh sandalwood paste that were applied on His body filled the air with a heavy sweet scent.

Soft shining silks of different hues were tied around His head to make a multicolored turban. Bright flower garlands were also neatly placed on the turban to make a unique headgear. His happy face exuded irresistable glowing charm enough to overshadow the brilliance of a million moons. Smiling, He constantly chanted the Lord's name. His lotus-eyed glance roved the room and released in every heart the floodgate of love of Godhead. Two iron rods that shone like silver stood on either side of His throne. He held one in His hand as Lord Balarama holds His plough. His associates, who were actually the expansions of the cowherd boys of Vraja, took up different ornaments and instruments that decorate them as they go grazing the cows. They dresses themselves with armlets, belts, anklets, necklaces; tied horns, flutes and reeds to their belts; and looped the rope for tying cows around their shoulders.

Then Lord Nityananda went out with all His associates as if going to graze the cows. They visited the houses of all the Vaishnavas residing on both banks of the Ganga. Himself immersed in an ocean of ecstacy that was within Himself, the Lord blessed everyone with His association. The people were helplessly drawn to Him on sight, captivated by His power and beauty. He is the embodiment of all transcendental mellows, representing both the holy name and the Supreme Godhead Himself. Even the atheists and agnostics upon seeing Him began to offer prayers to Him feeling an urge in their melted hearts to offer everything to Him. The most munificent Lord showeres causeless mercy upon all.

Wherever He went, whatever He did, Lord Nityananda was constantly absorbed in sankirtana. And when He began dancing and singing kirtan, He sent everyone reeling in spirals of divine exultaton. Even the young chldren exhibited wonderful powers in His presence. Children from ordinary households manifested such strength that they uprooted big trees roaring loudly like thunderbolts. They said, "I am a cowherd boy," and ran about. Hundreds tried to hold these children but failed to do so. This was such an extraordinary feat for a mere child. The children chanted jubilantly, "Sri Krishna Chaitanya, jaya Nityananda!" A more wonderful phenemenon then came to light. The children had gone without food for an entire month. Everyone was amazed, so before they lost their minds, they prayed to Lord Nityananda and took shelter of Him. The Lord looked after the children like a father. He fed them, actually putting food in their mouths. Sometimes He bound them, making them sit next to Him. He would even beat them as a disciplinarian, and enjoying Himself, He would laugh out loudly.

One day Lord Nityananda came to the houde of Gadadhara dasa feeling great affection for him. Sri Gadadhara dasa was always submerged in the ecstatic mood of the gopis of Vraja. Lifting a water pot filled with Ganga water on his head, he would go around vending, "Who wants to buy cowsmilk?" Such was his absorption in the mood of Vraja. In his house he worshiped a beautiful Deity of Lord Bala Gopala, Krishna. When Lord Nityananda came inside the house and saw the charming Bala Gopala Deity, He immediately picked Him up and held Him to His chest. All the devotes began to chant Krishna's name loudly, and Lord Nityananda, roaring like a lion began to dance.

Sri Madhava Ghosa started singing. He was specially gifted with a very sweet voice, and so when his song described Krishna's pastimes of levying taxes on the gopis, Lord Nityananda was overwhelmed with a surge of divine emotions. Thus the Lord was engaged in ecstatic pastimes with the most fortunate Gadadhara dasa who never forgot for a moment that he was a gopi.

The Lord continued to dance so gracefully that it is impossible to describe His lissome movements. He manifested all the ecstatic symptoms and the transformations of ecstatic emotion of love of Godhead. His movements were like flashes of lightening, yet charming and delicate. The expressions with His eyes and eyebrows were subtle, and He always kept a mild smile playing on His lips. The movements of His head were expertly done like a seasoned classical dancer, knowing the correct nuances to express the various transcendental moods. Then bringing His exquisite feet together, He began to jump with ease and flowing movements. He was the all-merciful Lord, so wherever He looked all the men and women felt drawn into an ocean of indescribable bliss. Such was the impact of His benign glance that everyone lost all sense of time, body and matter, and experienced only an overwhelming joy.

The divine devotional bliss that Lord Nityananda showered on everyone without discrimination by His causeless mercy was the object of great value for very elevated yogis and sages. By His mercy, other miracles also came to be manifest. When a grown-up man as strong as an elephant has to fast for three days, he becomes weak. The children were fasting for a month, but now when they danced they seemed to have more energy and stamina than a lion. And although Lord Nityananda manifested such miraculous powers, no one could understand how everything was happening due to the illusory potency of the Lord, Sri Krishna Chaitanya. Lord Nityananda spent a few days in Gadadhara dasa's house drowning everyone in an ocean of transcendental bliss. Gadadhara dasa felt divine exhilaration. Forgetting the mundane surrounding, he constantly chanted and made everyone also chant encouraging them tirelessly.

In that same village lived a very tyrannical Muslim priest, or Kazi. He was strongly opposed to the congregational chanting of the holy names. Intoxicated with spiritual ecstacy, Gadadhara dasa one night made his way to the Kazi's house. Everyone was mortally fearful of the Kazi, but Gadadhara dasa this night strode fearlessly to his residence. Never once did he stop chanting as he entered the house. The Kazi's friends an dfamily members stared speechless in disbelief at Gadadhara dasa. Gadadhara dasa said, "Where is that rascal Kazi? He had better chant Krishna's name or I will sever his head." The Kazi came charging in, fuming with rage, but seeing Gadadhara dasa he calmed himself.

The Kazi inquired, "Why have you come here, Gadadhara dasa?" Gadadhara dasa replied, "I have some things to discuss with you. Lord Chaitanya ans Lord Niyaannda have incarnated in this age and have inspired the entire world to chant Krishna's holy name. Only you remain to chant, so I have come to urge you to chant Lord Hari's name. The Lord's holy name is all auspicious and supremely beneficial, and I take responsibility for saving you from all sinful reactions if you simply chant." Although the Kazi was known to be very cruel, now he was speechless and stupified. Then smiling wanly, the Kazi said, "Listen, Gadadhara dasa, tomorrow I will certainly comply with your request to chant "Hari! Hari!" but tonight please go home." As soon as Gadadhara dasa heard Lord Hari's name from the Kazi's mouth, he became jubilant. He said, "Why wait foe tomorrow? Just now you have taken the Lord's name, and now you are completely free from all sins and inauspiciousness."

Saying this to the Kazi, Sri Gadadhara dasa began to dance like a madman clapping his hands. Then suddenly he turned around and left, leaving a surprised Kazi still staring after him. Gadadhara dasa returned to his residence. Gadadhara dasa was always absorbed in meditating on Lord Nityananda. He is counted among the foremost of Lord Chaitanya's associates. This Kazi was considered so evil that no saintly persons would come near him. In fact, they said his close proximity would contaminate anyone. Yet Gadadhara dasa showed his mercy even to such a demoniac person as he was. Gadadhara dasa was able to make him temporarily forget his malicious ways and inspire him to take Krishna's holy name once.

The truth is that one who is imbued with love of Krishna can never be attacked by snakes, tigers or any wild beasts , or be burned by fire. The devotional surrender to Krishna Lord Brahma strives for, and the intimate loving exchanges of the gopis of Vrndavana with Krishna were all manifest in the persons of Lord Nityananda's associates solely by the causeless mercy of Lord Nityananda. Therefore, all of you, my brothers, please serve the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda. By His infinite grace one can attain the eternal shelter of Lord Chaitanya.

A few days passed, and one day Lord Nityananda had the urge to see Mother Saci. So He left the next day journeying towards Nabadwip with His associates. On the way He came to a village called Khardaha. He went to the house of Purandara Pandita. The Lord felt such great ecstacy that He began to dance jubilantly. It is impossible to pin down His graceful and lithe movements. Purandara Pandita was also a great devotee who was already mad with love of Godhead. He climbed up a tree and began to roar loudly like a lion. Another devotee named Chaitanya dasa had become so surcharged with spiritual ecstacy that he was oblivious of everything around him. He ran into the forest chasing away the wild beasts with his rumbling roars. Once he saw a tiger and jumped on his back. The tiger was helpless, unable to do anything. Such is the potency of Lord Krishna's mercy. He then picked up a huge python and placed it on his lap and began to play with it fearlessly as he had earlier played with the tiger. ll these miracles were taking place by Lord Nityananda's mercy.

Lord Nityananda is especially inclined and affectionate to His devotees. He makes them very subtley taste the highest devotional mellows that even Lord Brahma is hankering after. Sri Chaitanya dasa was deep in ecstacy, totally forgetting himself. He continuously spoke his intimate thoughts. He remained in the water for several days without a trace of discomfiture. All his movements in this moment were practically unnoticeble, almost like an inert being. His devotional ecstacies were too numerous and subtle to be described. Sri Chaitanya dasa was truly a very surrendered devotee, just like the great Murari Pandita. Even if the breeze that has touched his body touches someone, he can immediately feel growing attachment for Lord Krishna.

There are some who call themselves Chaitanya das, or servant of Lord Chaitanya, but even in there dreams they never glorify the Lord. Lord Chaitanya is the heart and soul of Advaita Acarya, and by the Lord's mercy and Advaita Acarya's loving devotion to the Lord, that Advaita Acarya is always situated in transcendence. All glory to Advaita Acarya whose devotion to the Lord is exemplary and He is supremely powerful due to the Lord's grace. The real devotees consider that this relationship between Lord Chaitanya and Advaita Acarya as His servitor has made Advaita Acarya great, whereas the pretender devotees think that such descriptiond of Advaita Acarya wanes His glory. How can such reprobates keep names like "servant of Lord Chaitanya" and take shelter of Advaita Acarya. As for those who refer to these sinful reprobates as Advaita Acarya's followers, they also do not actualy know the Acarya's heart. Their keeping names like Chaitanya dasa is the same as when the demons keep names like punyajana or pious person.

Lord Nityananda stayed on in Kardaha for a few days and then left with His followers to the village of Saptagrama. In this village, the famous seven sages (sapta rsis) performed severe austerities sitting on the bank of the Ganga, and finally attained the lotus feet of Krishna, Govinda. This place is known throughout the universe as Triveni ghat. The three most holy rivers - Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati confluence as this spot. The mere act of seeing this place purifies one of all sins. Lord Nityananda and His associates bathed there feeling sublime joy. From there they went to Uddharana Datta's house, also situated on the banks of the Ganga and sojurned for a few days.

Sri Uddharana datta received the Lord with great love and reverence and worshiped Him with all his heart, body and words. In this way, Sri Uddharana datta inherited the transcendental fortune to serve Lord Nityananda, who is the Supreme Lord eternally for His servitor Sri Uddharana datta. And because of Sri Uddharana Datta, the entire community of traders became purified, of this there is no doubt. It was as if Lord Nityananda had advented specifically to deliver this community and elevate them to receive loving devotional service of the Supreme Lord.

Lord Nityananda spent all His time going from one trader's house to another performing congregational chanting of the holy name. The traders' families surrendered fully at the Lord's feet, taking His shelter. It was a rare and amazing sight to see how this inheently pound, shilling and pence community responded so spontaneously to the process of pure devotional service to Lord Krishna. This clearly indicates the unlimited potency of Lord Nityananda that He could imbue in this materialistic and ignorant community the urge for self-realization. The Lord tirelessly kept up an enthusiastic sankirtana with His associates as long as He stayed in Saptagrama. His sankirtana pastimes here will take more than a thousand years to fully describe.

The blissful feelings that one experienced in sankirtana here in Saptagram reminded everyone of their ecstacy in Nabadwip sankirtana. People and devotees were so surcharged with the holy names that they ignored eating and sleeping. The whole village resounded with the holy name. Lord Nityananda led the sankirtana to every home through all the streets and localities of Saptagrama. And when the people beheld the Lord's dancing form, it was impossible for anyone to check himself from swooning in joy. What to speak of others, even a meat-eating Muslim, who generally do not believe in Lord Visnu, Krishna, was moved to tears of ecstacy, so much so that a brahmana derided himself for not being able to match his devotion. All glory to Lord Nityananda, whose mercy can make the impossible possible. The days in Saptagram passed amidst such miracles and ecstacy, and Lord Nityananda was its main actor.

Lord Nityananda then traveled for a few days and came to Santipura and went directly to His beloved compatriot, Advaita Acarya's, house. Sri Advaita Acarya felt an indescribable pleasure spreading through His heart upon seeing Lord Nityananda. Roaring loudly "Hari! Hari!" Sri Advaita offered repeated obeisances and circumambulated Him. He encircled His arms around the Lord in a loving embrace and bathed Him in His cascading tears of joy. Both of Them were almost unconscious with overwhelming spiritual emotions as loving exchanges welled up in their hearts. They rolled in the courtyard, tight in each other's embrace, and then both tried to touch the other's feet. Each of them roared continuously like a thousand lions, unable to contain Their madness. Finally, after a long time, they sat down quieting themselves.

Advaita Acarya then folded His hands and began to pray to the Lord in sublime pleasure. He said, "Your transcendental form is saturated with eternal joy, hence You are named Nityananda. You are the embodiment of Lord Chaitanya's transcendental qualities. You are the embodiment of Lord Chaitanya's transcendental qualities. You are the cause of liberation of the conditioned souls. You are also the firm pillar of religion unswayed by the destructive forces of total dissolution, the only shelter. You teach the science of love of Godhead, devotional service to Lord Chaitanya. You are truly the solid main trunk of the tree of Lord Chaitanya's family, possessing full spiritual potency. You are the supreme teacher of all devotees of the Lord like Lord Brahma, Lord Siva, Narada Muni and so on. Although everyone can attain the platform of devotional service to the Supreme Lord only through Your grace, yet You are not affected by pride in spite of this most elevated position. You are the deliverer of the most fallen souls never scrutinizing anyone's faults, thus only those who are endowed with volumnes of piety are able to know You. You are personified supramundane knowledge; anyone can eztirpate nescience simply by remembering You. No one can know You as You are unless You personally reveal Yourself. Transcendental qualities like freedom from anger and ever-blissfulness decorate Your personality. You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the support and mainstay of Ananta Sesha and the other demigods.

You are Sri Laksmana. the slayer of demons, and in Vrndavana You are Lord Haladhara or Baladeva, the son of a gopi. You have appeared in this material world simply to deliver the wretched conditioned souls. The pure devotion that is so intensely desired by great mystic yogis and philosophers is readily given by You to anyone." Speaking eloquently in the Lord's praise, Sri Advaita felt an upsurge of great spiritual emotions, and He went into an ecstatic trance. Sri Advaita is one of the few who are fully aware of Lord Nityananda's real personality, for this knowledge is accessible to the meager few who posess sufficient spiritual insight.

The arguments and verbal fights that are sometimes seen between Lord Nityananda and Sri Advaita Acarya are actually just mock, done in a spirit of deep comaradaric affection foer each other and not fathomable by all. Very few can comprehend the essence of Sri Advaita's words. He is nondifferent from the Supreme Lord. But now they spent intimate moments together discussing topics of Lord Krishna's pastimes. This increased their attachment and respect for each other. Lord Nityananda finally begged permission from Sri Advaita to leave, and proceeded to Nabadwip.

On reaching Nabadwip, Lord Nityananda first went to meet Mother Saci. He offered obeisances at her feet. Mother Saci was excessively happy to see Lord Nityananda. She said, "My dear, You are truly the Supersoul who knows everything. I was yearning to see You, and immediately You appear from nowhere. Who can know Your true self? Now please stay in Nabadwip for sometime so I can see You once in every ten days or so. I am miserable and I wanted to see You. You have come miraculousely to wipe away my tears." Lord Nityananda smiled gently as He listened to Mother Saci's words.

Lord Nityananda was not confused about Sacimata's spiritual potency and position. He said, "Listen, Ai, you are the universal mother. The purpose of My coming to Nabadwip is to see you. I also have a strong desire for your transcendental association, and so now I will remani in Nabadwip in accordance with your instructions." Thus presenting Himself to Mother Saci and addressing her in a befitting manner, the Lord went about Nabadwip doing His business.

Lord Nityananda gathered His associates and went to every house in Nabadwip performing congregational chanting. He was in constant ecstacy as He did incessant sankirtana. The Lord dressed in a special and very attractive way that was a pleasurable sight. He wrapped many colored silk clothes around His head like a maharaja, and on top of this turban were strand after strand of flower garlands. His chest was covered with innumerable glittering necklaces of gold, pearls and many studded gems. From His ears gently dangled golden earrings set with shiny white pearls. Bejeweled armlets and bracelets graced His hands and arms. His whole body was covered with countles jewelry of priceless value. Different parts of His body were exquisitely decorated with designs of sandalwood paste. Often He acted like Bala Gopala, Krishna, as a small fat toddler of Vrndavana.

Sometimes He picked up an iron rod overcome with ecstatic emotions and held it with both hands, all His fingers decorated with golden rings. Multicolored silks draped all over Him. Cane, flute and horn were stuck in His belt with leisurely carelessness. His very sight captured the minds of the people. His gait was that of the royal elephant. With every step the silver ankle bells jangled musically. The Lord's transcendental glances immediately invoked spiritual love of Godhead wherever they rested. Lord Nityananda moved about in the town of Lord Chaitanya's birth with great pleasure, dressed in this wonderful fashion to give joy in the hearts of everyone.

Nabadwip was like the capitol city of Mathura, teeming with people. Many pious people lived there. They were so religious that wretched sinners could become free from their sins just by seeing them. So also there were such abominable reprobates that if their shadow touched anyone he would become bereft of all his piety. All these people, whoever they were, were inspired on the path of pure Krishna consciousness by the mercy of Lord Nityananda. Lord Chaitanya had earlier liberated so many of these people, and now Lord Nityananda was purifying many others. He saved the thieves, rogues, derelicts and wretches.

Listen to the wonderful story of how Lord Nityananda saved the most fallen. In Nabadwip lived a young brahmana who was the biggest rogue and dacoit. Although born in a brahmana family, he was an arsenal of all depraved habits and was the leader of the dacoits. He was brutally malicous and killed without feeling. He was always in the company of rogues. Once this dacoit leader saw Lord Nityananda bedecked with all the fineries and priceless jewels and gloated after this treasure wanting to steal it all. So pretending to be a member of the Lord's sankirtana party, the dacoit went along with the chanting party wherever they went. He was biding time for the right opportunity to steal everything. Lord Nityananda immediately knew his wicked intentions.

The Lord, learning of this, left His party and went quietly to live in Hiranya Pandita's house. Hiranya Pandita was a very pious brahmana and lived frugally, becoming of a true brahmana. In the meanwhile, the dacoit leader called his men and chalked out a plan. He said, "My brothers, why should we worry any longer? Our protector, Goddess Candi has arranged for all the wealth to be in one place. This avadhuta has on His person gold, gems and jewelry worth lakhs of rupees. He is right now hiding in Hiranya Pandita's house which is in a secluded and lonely part of town. Collect your swords and shields and we shall meet tonight and raid that house and loot everything." They dispersed quickly and quietly eagerly waiting for night to descend when they could carry out their nefarious crime.

That night the dacoits with their weapons collected near the house where the Lord was residing. They sent a spy to get proper information. The Lord was then enjoying a sumptuous meal with all His associates sitting around Him and chanting loudly. The devotees were all submerged in the bliss of chanting Lord Krishna's holy name. Some roared jubilantly like thunderclaps, others wailed loudly in insatiable joy, and still others clapped their hands and laughed in peals. All around, the devotees were crying out loudly to express their child-like unrestrained glee. They were all wide awake. The spy returned to his gang informing them, "The avadhuta is eating, and everyone else is wide awake and jubilant." So the dacoits decided that, "Let them eat and go to sleep, then we will attack the house."

They made themselves comfortable under a tree and settled doen to wait. They started talking amongst themselves, dreaming of their future fortunes. Someone said, "I want the gold bracelets." Another said, "I will take the pearl necklace." Another fancied, "The earrings are for me." Yet another dreamed, "I'll have the gold chains and necklaces." Someone else said, "But leave the silver ankle bells for me." And they went on daydreaming of enormous riches. Just then, by Lord Nityananda's desire, slumber overcame the whole dacoit gang. Right there under the tree the dacoits went into a deeo sleep. Such was the workings of the Lord's divine potency that they slept through the night undisturbed and almost in a state of unconsciousness.

The crows' harsh cawing woke them up early next morning. They became disheartened and frustrated to find that the night had passed. They collected their weapons, and keeping them in safe hiding they went to the Ganga for their baths. After the bath they began to blame each other. One of them accused the other, "You were the first to fall asleep," and he retorted, "So you were the one who stayed awake the whole night." Someone tried to pacify them saying, "Why do you have to fight like this? Be thankful that Goddess Candi has saved us from total shame." The young brahmana dacoit leader said, "Of what use are these arguments? Whatever has happened is due to Goddess Candi's desire. The passing of one day is not the end of everything. I can understand that because we did not worship Mother Candi before, she has deluded us all. Today let us perform a grand Candi worship with a lot of meat and wine."

They eagerly collected the required ingredients and meat and wine and worshiped Goddess Candi that night. The next day the dacoits sharpened and cleaned their weapons. In the night they came to Lord Nityananda's residence dressed in dark blue clothes. The residents of the house were already in deep slumber. Hiding near the house, the dacoits saw that it was guarded by many sentries. The sentries were all well armed and were all loudly and continuously chanting the holy name as they walked about guarding the house. All of the sentries were giant-sized, able- bodied men. They carried many different weapons. The dacoits could easily make out that any one of the sentries could take on a hundred of them alone.

These sentries were not ordinary guards. They wore tilaka marks on their foreheads and bodies, and wore tulasi beads around their necks. They constantly chanted Lord Krishna's holy name while Lord Nityananda slept inside the house. The dacoits were taken by complete surprise. They slowly slouched to a distance away from the house and sat down. They wondered dejectedly, "From where did these sentries come suddenly?" One of them said, "The avadhuta mnst have somehow known of our coming and He brought these sentries from somewhere." His friend replied, "This avadhuta person is very knowledgeable and is a seer. I have heard this from many people. He can certainly protect Himself. The sentries that are on guard are all more formidable than normal sentries; they are almost superhuman. I suppose this is another display of His divine potency. No wonder they call Him Goswami." Another interjected, "I think you are quite ignorant, for one who eats and wears such fancy ornaments, how can He be called a goswami, controller of the senses?"

Finally the dacoiy leader, the young brahmana, spoke up saying, "I have calmly considered all the factors. I see that many powerful and influential people come to meet the avadhuta. These sentries must be the best soldiers of some powerful king come here to guard Him. And these sentries by His influence have become attracted to spiritual elevation, hence they also chant "Hari! Hari!" So as long as these sentries are here, we should stay away. I think after about ten days we can expect them gone, and then we can return, but now let us disperse quietly and go back to our houses." The dacoits stealthily left that place and were gone. Lord Nityananda inside the house continued to perform His pastimes unperturbed.

Anyone can easily overcome all reverses just by remembering those souls who have taken full shelter of Lord Nityananda's lotus feet. Who can harm such an omnipotent Supreme Lord when simply by remembering His servitors one can surmount the insurmountable ocean of nescience? Lord Ganesh, the remover of all adverses, along with his associates, are Lord Nityananda's servants. The Lord's partial expansion, Rudra, Lord Siva, is the destroyer of the entire material world. Another of the Lord's partial expansions, Lord Ananta, holds the cosmic manifestation on one of His hoods. If by chance He moves, there are terrible earthquakes. Who can make such a supremely powerful Lord fearful of anything or anyone?

The Lord is moving about in Nabadwip freely performing ecstatic kirtanas wherever He goes. Undisturbed, He eats, sleeps and enacts His pastimes, His entire body still decorated with priceless gems and jewelry. He is Lord Baladeva, the son of Rohinidevi. Chewing pan mixed with camphor, He smiles enchanting the whole world. Fearless and with endless exuberance, the Lord, accompanied by His associates, roams everywhere. His devotees too were unassailed by any kind of anxiety.

The dacoits made another attempt to lay siege to Lord Nityananda's residence. That night, by divine arrangement, the sky was overcast with black, billowing clouds that plunged the earth in pitch darkness. The streets were deserted. The dacoits held their weapons close to their bodies feeling insecure in this sudden terrible gloom. As they came close to the house, they were suddenly struck by blindness. They stumbled forward, groping as if in a dark abyss, their minds paralyzed, their intelligence unable to function. Some of them plunged into the moat surrounding the house and were immediately attacked by leeches, insects and giant mosquitos. Some of them lost their way into the refuse garbage pit and fell in. The insects and scorpions were unsparing and vicious. Some others walked straight into a bush of thorns and became completely entangled and bruised by the big cruel thorns. Afraid to move in the dark and be further punctured, they remained like prisoners, unmoving. Others had veered far from the house, and in the darkness falling inside the canal near the house and lay moaning and groaning in pain with fractured legs and hands. Many dacoits began to feel sudenly very feverish. They began to slowly consider their plight.

Just at this moment, Lord Indra with great pleasure sent down sheets of rain accompanied by raging storms and ominous lightening. Already the dacoits were being ravaged by leeches, scorpions and insects, and now they were being further inflicted by the merciless downpour. Then came the large pieces of hail pounding them endlessly. Although the dacoits did not die, they were tossed about in an ocean of excruciating pain and misery. Blinded and drenched, they began to shiver with the clammy coldness, standing helpless against the fury of nature. Lord Indra knowing that the dacoits had come to harm Lord Nityananda, became angry and punished them specialy hard.

After taking the punishment for awhile, the dacoit leader, the young brahmana, was suddenly struck by a thought. He reasoned in his mind, "This Nityananda is not a mortal; He is certainly the Supreme Lord. The first time, He put us in deep slumber, and I did not understand by His illusory potency. The next time, it was these very strange and almost superhuman sentries, but even then I could not realize the truth. Hence I deserve this misery because I am such a sinful reprobate that I wanted to steal from the Lord His wealth. Yet now faced with this insurmountable danger, who can save me except Lord Nityananda Himself." Thinking in this manner he began to meditate on Lord Nityananda's lotus feet taking full shelter in Him. The result of taking shelter and remembering the Lord's lotus feet is that such a person, even though the lowest of sinners is immediately saved.

The young brahmana prayed, "You are the Supreme Lord, Bala Gopala, please save me, please protect me. You are the maintainer of all living entities. O Lord, a person who falls to the earth, his only shelter is Mother Earth herself. Similarly one who commits offences at Your lotus feet can seek the only shelter, Your lotus feet, by which all miseries are mitigated. And You are so merciful that You forgive all the offences of the most wretched living entities. I am the black sheep and destroyer of the brahmana society, a slayer of cows. There is no one more degraded than myself. Yet it is also true that even if the most sinful person prays for Your shelter, then he can become free from this material imprisonment. O Lord, You sustain all the living entities throughout their lives, and at the end only You are there to protect them. So Lord, please save me today from this predicament, and if I remain alive, then I have certainly learned my lesson. I only desire that I can have You birth after birth as my Lord and master, and I Your eternal slave."

Lord Nitytnanda is the most munificent Supreme Lord. When He heard the piteous prayers of the dacoit leader, He immediately allieviated their misery. Suddenly, the dacoits found themselves able to see again. By the Lord's divine powers, the storm and gail did not afflict them further. Gradually they began to move and walk as if they had risen from their graves. They returned to their individual houses, and right away bathed in the purifying waters of the Ganga. The dacoit leader had different feelings; he began to weep incessantly. He did not go anywhere, but went inside the house wanting to meet and throw himself at the Lord's feet.

Inside, the Lord of the universe, Lord Nityananda, was sitting and glancing benignly at all the miserable conditioned souls. The devotees all around Him were chanting loudly, and the Lord Himself roared like thunder with divine bliss. At this moment the dacoit leader entered in the Lord's presence. He threw his arms in the sky, and crying out "Save me!" he threw himself down before the Lord. His whole body quivered, and the hair on his body stood on end as tears flowed out in streams. Totally absorbed in sublime ecstacy, he became oblivious of everything around him, and he roared like a lion, unable to stop the surge of divine emotions.

Such was the spiritual influence of Lord Nityananda that the brahmana began to suddenly dance with his arms raised high chuckling in irrepresible glee. He sang continuously, "O Lord Nityananda, savior of the fallen souls, You are my only master." The devotees and the other people assembled there were astounded at this sight. They exclaimed, "What a miraculous transformation; from a deadly dacoit to this condition." The more cautious ones said, "Maybe this is just a trick. Suddenly he wil statr his real business of looting." Others said, "Our Lord Nityananda is the savior of the most abominable sinners. By His mercy this reprobate has been transformed."

Lord Nityananda, seeing this display of extreme spiritual emotions, smiled and said, "O brahmana, please explain the reason for your present behavior. I have noticed some wonderful expressions in you. What have you seen or heard relating to Lord Krishna that has prompted you to act in this manner. Tell us everything without being constrained." The fortunate brahmana remained dumbfounded for some time hearing the Lord's words, only unrestricted tears flowed freely from his eyes. He then rolled on the ground and sometimes cried loudly, sometimes laughed out loudly, then suddenly springing up he began to dance and sing. All his actions were spontaneous and natural.

The brahmana calmed himself after a while and began to speak in the Lord's presence. He said, "O Lord, I am a resident of Nabadwip and a brahmana in name only. Actually my demeanor is that of the lowest caste of candalas or dog-eaters. My nature is as vicious as a hunter's. From my early days I have always been in the company of thieves and dacoits, hence I know only violence, hate and murder. The residents of Nabadwip shake in fear at my sight and there is not a sin left that I have not committed. When I saw Your beautiful ornaments I wanted to steal them. So one night I gathered my dacoit gang and came to loot those jewelries from Your transcendental body. But that night You put everyone of us into deep slumber, yet by Your illusory potency I could not understand Your hand behind this extraordinary phenomenon.

A few days later we made another attempt. This time we had properly worshiped Goddess Candi and then came with well-oiled and sharpened weapons. Yet another miraculous spectacle awaited us. We saw Your house surrounded by tall and stout guards marching about, chanting the holy name loudly. All of them were wearing long garlands reaching down to the knees. You were safe and unpreturbed sleeping inside the house. We are so wretched that even then we could not recognize Your divine status. Disgruntled we muttered, "Who knows where these sentries have come from." and then shuffled away to our houses.

Before our third attempt we waited for quite a few days then yesterday we came, and instanyly upon arrival we lost our vision. We stumbled into the compound of this house unable to properly see and fell into ditches and thorny bushes. The storm, hail and rains mercilessly tortured us but we were helpless against them. After we had gone through hellish punishment and pain, everyone gradually became enlightened about the boundless mercy of the Lord. By Your grace we began to remember Your lotus feet. Our sight returned, and we were able to see in the true sense. Such is Your causeless mercy, hence You are the savior of the most fallen souls. YOu are so magnanimous that simply by thinking of You I was let froo from the hellish distress. Anyone can facily enter the spiritual world extirpating the nescience within just meditating on You." Speaking in this manner, the brahmana began to cry and dance with raised flaying hands. Such are the superexcellent pastimes of the Supreme Lord Nityananda.

The assembled devotees were astounded hearing the brahmana speak, and they felt great regard for him and offered him respect. The brahmana began speaking once more, "O Lord, now I beg permission to leave. I have no desire to maintain this body any further. As I have nurtured malicious intent in my heart towards You, I must repent. I will cast this useless body into the Ganga and finish my life." The Lord and the devotees were moved by the brahmana's sincerety. The Lord then replied, "O brahmana, you are truly a very fortunate soul. You are an elevated servitor of Lord Krishna. How is it otherwisw possible for you to witness this miracle? Because you are the recipient of the Lord's mercy and His beloved servant. The Supreme Lord Chaitanya has advented to save the most fallen souls, of this there is no doubt.

Now listen carefuly, O brahmana, From this moment if you give up your ghastly sinful activities then I am willing to take responsibility for all your previous misdeeds. No more agression, violence, looting or murder; forever get rid of them. Practice religious life and chant the holy names of the Supreme Lord. Then later you can also save others. Go and meet other dacoits and murderers and bring them to the path of pure religious living."

The Lord then took the garland from His neck and placed it over the brahmana's head being very pleased with him. The air was resounding with the devotee's jubilant cheers of the holy name. The shackles of material nescience broke away from the brahmana.

The brahmana threw himself at the Lord's feet and grasping tightly he began calling out His name again and again, tears streaked down his cheeks. He cried out, "O Lord Nityananda, You are the savior of lost souls. Please allow this wretch a little place at Your lotus feet. I was so abominable that I was malicious to You, and so there is no place for me to go."

Lord Nityananda is an ocean of compassion. He placed His lotus feet on the brahmana's head. The brahmana became instantly purified of all offences. Later this converted dacoit brought many others to take shelter of Lord Chaitanya by chanting and leading a pure life. All of them discarded their old bad ways of looting and murder and began to behave gently. They were chanting lakhs of holy names, and soon became experienced and fixed in devotional service to the Supreme Lord. They absorbed themselves all the time in singing the pastimes of Lord Krishna with divine love. Such is the magnanimity of Lord Nityaannda. In none of the previous incarnations was the Supreme Lord so compassionate as Lord Nityananda. Lord Nityananda gives liberation and love of God instantly to the conditioned souls. Hence if anyone, even an elevated brahmana, disregards Lord Nityaannda, then such a person is degraded to the level of dacoits and murderers.

The ecstatic symptoms of love of Godhead which are so intensely desired by the master yogis who want to experience crying, shivering, horripilation and other such spiritual emotions is now made easily available to rogues and thieves by the wonderful divine potency of Lord Nityananda. Therefore all of you please worship such a merciful Lord Nityananda. By His grace one can attain the shelter of Lord GauraChandra. One who hears Lord Nityananda's pastimes will indeed reach Lord Chaitanya. And one who hears properly this story of the deliverence of the dacoits is assured to see face to face both Lord Nityananda and Lord Caiatnya. In this way Lord Nityananda performs His pastimes undisturbed and with great pleasure.

Lord Nityananda went daily on congregational chanting to different villages all over Nadia with His associates. He visited Khancanda, Badagaci, Dogacia, and sometimes they crossed to the other side of the Ganga to Kulia village. Badagaci village folk were especially fortunate because of their piety. Lord Nityananda spent a lot of time there. One cannot gauge the amount of blessings the residents of Badagaci received.

Lord Nityananda's associates were always in very blissful spirits. They had no other business than chanting and dancing and accompanying the Lord as He went everywhere. Steadily the mood of Vrndavana cowherd boys increased in them. They were now always dressed as cowherd boyswith cowhorns, flutes, and strings for tying the calves, wearing garlands of Gunja flowers around the neck, a metal bangal on the wrist, and small foot bells around the ankles. They constantly exhibited sublime ecstacy, sometimes crying, sometimes shivering, and again at times horripilating in love of Lord Krishna. Each one's beauty blossomed to match Cupid's good looks as they joined in the congregational chanting.

With an inspiring and fearles master like Lord Nityananda always leading them, the devotees were submerged in divine exhilaration. The transcendental excellences of the Lorrd's associates are so limitless that even in a thousand years I will be unsuccessful in fully describing them. Yet I must still mention the names of as many associates as I can remember and try to describe their glories. Just by recollecting the names of Lord Nityananda's associates, a person can transcend this material existence. All these associates are incarnations of the family members of Nanda Maharaja of Vraja. They are cowherd boys and damsels from Lord Krishna's pastimes in Vrndavana. Lord Nityananda has specifically instructed His associates not to mention their previous names and identities.

Sri Ramadasa Mahasaya is a very great devotee of Lord Nityananda. He spoke from a transcendental level as if the Supreme Lord were Himself speaking. Nobody could fathom his words. He carried Lord Nityananda always in his heart. Sri Ramadasa was considered amongst the associates as the most feeling devotee submerged in ecstatic thoughts. Lord Krishna on a particular ocassion entered his body for three months.

Murari Gupta is famous as Lord Chaitanya's intimate servitor. He was so fearless that he actually played with a tiger and a snake. Sri Raghunatha Upadhyaya, an Ayurvedic doctor, was a pure devotee, and by his mere glance he invoked devotional attraction for Lord Krishna in others. Sri Gadadhara dasa was always tasting the transcendental nectar of divine mellows. The very sight of him cleansed others of all sinful reactions. Sri Sundarananda was like an ocean of devotional ambrosia. He was one of the foremost of the Lord's associates. Sri Kamalakanta Pandita was at every moment exuberant in devotional service. Lord Nityananda gave him the village of Saptagrama.

Sri Gauridasa Pandita is a most fortunate soul. He served Lord Nityananda with his body, mind and words. Indeed the Lord was his very life. Sri Purandara Pandita was extremely peaceful and grave, always experiencing divine ecstacy in the Lord's association. Lord Nityaannda is also the life and soul of Sri Paramesvari Thakura. The Lord being especially inclined towards him is always present in his body. Sri Dhananjaya Pandita was a stalwart preacher of bhagavat dharma and so Lord Nityananda made His permanent residence in his heart. Sri Balarama dasa was always absorbed in loving devotional service. Anyone in his presence became free from all sinful reactions.

Sri Yadunatha KaviChandra was incessantly swimming in a nectarean ocean of love of Godhead. His constant guide and shelter was Lord Nityananda. Sri Jagadisa Pandita emanated spiritual brilliance everywhere he went. Lord Nityananda was his prime source of divine inspiration. Sri Purusottama Pandita appeared in Nabadwip. He was fully surrendered at the lotus fet of Lord Nityananda. In His earliest pastimes, Lord Nityaannda stayed in his house. By his mercy one is drawn to the divine lotus feet of Lord Nityananda. Sri Dvija Krishnadasa appeared in the Radha district in Bengal, as did Lord Nityananda. He is amongst the foremost of the Lord's eternal associates. Sri Kaliya Krishnadasa is famous in all the three worlds. Simply by remembering him one attains the association of Lord Chaitanya.

Sri Sadasiva Kaviraja was also a very blessed personality. The glorious Purusottama dasa was his son. Sri Purusottama dasa was always in deep meditation, oblivious to his own body and surroundings. Lord Nityananda is forever situated within his heart. Sri Uddharana Datta was a very magnanimous Vaishnava who was especially qualified to render direct service to Lord Nityananda. Sri Mahesa Pandita and Paramananda Upadyaya are stalwart Vaishnava devotees of the Lord, grave and compassionate. Sri Gangadasa, son of Caturbhuja Pandita, also received the Lord's special mercy because the Lord stayed in his house. Acarya Vaishnavanda was a very magnanimous soul. Previously he was famous by the name of Sri Raghunatha Puri.

Sri Paramanda Gupta was a very eminent person. Lord Nityananda also spent a long time staying in his house. The pous Sri Krishnadasa, who lived in Badagaci was another very fortunate soul, because Lord Nityananda also stayed with him. Sri Krishnadasa, Sri Devananda, and the spiritual instructorAcarya Chandra, were all very elevated and pure Vaishnavas, whose only attracton was the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda. The two brothers, Sri Madhavananda Ghosa and Sri Vasudeva Ghosa, were famous for their nectarean singing. They constantly relished spiritual mellows. Sri Jiva Pandita was the recipient of the Lord's special mercy. The Lord had stayed in his house. Then there were the four who were very dear to Lord Nityananda. They were Sri Manohara, Sri Narayana, Sri Krishnadasa and Sri Devananda.

In a thousand years I would not be able to enummerate the names of all the servitors and associates of Lord Nityananda. The hundreds and thousands of devotees were all heart and soul surrendered to Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda. By receiving Lord Nityananda's mercy His associates are all spiritual guides for the whole world. They constantly meditated on Lord Chaitanya. I have but mentioned only a few who I know personally. Later Vedavyasa will reveal more divine personalities.

The last of Lord Nityananda's servitors is Vrndavana dasa (the author). He was conceived in the womb of Srimati Narayani, who had received the remnants of Lord Chaitanya's foodstuff. Even today the Vaishnavas glorify her as the one who ate Lord Chaitanya's remnants, which was recognized as a rare blessing.

Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrndavana dasa, humbly offer this song at Their divine lotus feet.

Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat

Adi Lila

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