Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat

Antya Lila Chapter Three

All glory to Sri Krishna Chaitanya, the repository of all transcendental qualities. He is the life and soul of Nityananda Prabhu and Swarupa Damodara Prabhu. He is the supreme actor of Vaikuntha and an ocean of compassion. He is the crest jewel of all the sannyasis and the true friend of the destitues.

Please hear attentively these narrations of Lord Chaitanya's pastimes as recorded in the Antya-lila or final part. His pastimes are concentrated nectar derived from nectar, and Lord Siva and Lord Brahma are always hankering to relish it. Therefore these pastimes when heard with proper faith become the source of great spiritual pleasure for everyone except the sinful miscreants. Hearing these esoteric subjects will certainly bestow on one the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. In this chapter, we find the Lord wishing to remain incognito, not revealing His real identity. And once the Supreme Lord decides not to assert Himself or to be recognized, then who can know Him? One day the Lord sat with Sarvabhauma in a secluded place. The Lord said, "O respected sir, I want to open My heart to you. Although I have come to Puri to see Lord Jagannatha, My main concern was to meet you. Lord Jagannatha is not going to speak with Me, but you can sever the bonds of My material attachments. Lord Krishna has fully empowered you to distribute love of Godhead. If you want, you can give it to Me also. Therefore, I am taking shelter of you, and you kindly do what is most beneficial for Me. What must I perform and how must I act in order to keep from falling into the deep dark well of material existence? Please advise and guide Me in every way, because I have surrendered Myself unto you." In this way the Lord spoke to Sarvabhauma, deluding him fully.

Sarvabhauma could not fathom the Lord's words and intentions. He began to explain to the Lord the religious duties of man. He said I appriciated everything you spoke. The lofty heights of devotional realizations you have revealed are to say the least wonderful. You have indeed been blessed by Krishna's grace. Being such an intelligent person, what prompted You to take to the renounced order of life? Please try to analyze and understand what is to be gained by taking sannyasa. Th first thing that happens on taking sannyasa is that the person is immediately attacked by pride. By holding the sannyasa danda, he thinks that he is empowered with special knowledge, and never folds his hands or bows his head to anyone. And when he meets a very saintly soul, who is according to the Vedas to be worshiped by smearing the dust from his lotus feet on one's head, the sannyasi simply offers respect to him, noy feeling any reason to be cautious. This sort of arrogance is not at all healthy. Try to understand this point from thr verse of the Bhagavatm "The Supreme Lord has entered every living entity as the soul, His part and parcel. Therefore, knowing this, he should offer his dandavat obeisances even to a dog-eater, dog, cow, ass and all other beings." This is the proper standard for a Vaishnava. Only a charlatan devotee will act otherwise.

The only thing he gains by taking sannyasa is that he shaves off his sikha and receives respect and honor from many prsons. This certainly is one big waste, and thus the next disaster is that he loses all good sense. The living entity is meant to worship and serve the Supreme Lord, but instead of that, the sannyasi calls himself Narayana, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. When the human soul in the form of a fetus is cramped up i the mother's womb, the Supreme Lord comes to his rescue, and by His grace gains the proper knowledge and intelligence. Lord Siva, Lord Brahma, Ananta Sesha , and Laksmidevi are all trying to serve that same Supreme Personality. In fact, even after being engaged in His service, they hanker for more. The whole cosmic process of creation, maintenance and annihilation is undertaken by that same Supreme Person's servants, yet the sannyasi has no shame to call himself prabhu or lord. When lost in deep sleep, he does not even know who he is, still he shamelessly thinks he is \narayana, the Supreme Godhead.

The Vedic literature declares that Lord Krishna is the supreme father of the entire creation. One who serves and obeys the father is a good son. In the Bhagavad-gita it states.

I am the father of this universe, the mother, the support and the grandsire." Now listen to what the Supreme Lord, Narayana, Himself tells Arjuna about sannyasa in the Gita One who is unattached to the fruits of his work and acta strictly according to scriptural injunctions is called a yogi or sannyasi, not he who lights no sanctified fire and performs no work." Further in the Srimad-Bhagavatam it says one should act only for the sole purpose of pleasing Lord Hari. One's education should be meant only to elevate him to Krishna consciousness. Because the upreme Lord, Hari, is the Supersoul and guide of all living entities who have accepted material bodies, He is the supreme controller and cause of this material world." After these scriptural evidences if you still insist on saying that Sankaracarya is not of the same opinion, then I will quote something that he himself has said which indicates his desire to serve the Lord. He said, "O Lord, although jiva and Brahman are non-different qualititatively, I, a jiva soul, am always under Your control, and my existence depends entirely upon You and not vice-verse. There is no qualitative difference between the ocean and its waves, but still the waves exist because of the ocean and not the other way around.".

Therefore, the Supreme Lord, Krishna, is the father, and this cosmic manifestation belongs to Him. He is the maintainer of both the material and spiritual realms. One who does not worship and serve the father is to be ostracized. This is the essence of Sankaracarya's words. Without a sincere probe into the actual meaning of his words, what is the use of shaving one's head, because this will result in further distress. A sannyasi should utter the name of Narayana incessantly with loving devotion, but without this devotional attitude, there is no use becoming a renunciate. Hence I ask you why you embarked on this idea of becoming a sannyasi. If you wanted to deliver the world by distributing the science of devotional service to Lord Krishna, then what compunction drove you to shave off your sikha and discard your brahmana thread? And if you argue that great spiritual stalwarts like Madhavandra Puri also became mendicants, shaving their hair and so on, then I will reply that you are not yey of age to accept the renounced order. These stalwarts toof sanyassa only after three quarters of their lives had passed and and after they had relished enough of their social life. Whereas you have just entered the youth of life. how can you justify taking sannyasa? How can the renounced order help you advance in spiritual realization, considering the devotion you already possess, as I saw manifest in your person? All these ecstatic symptoms of love of Godhead are rarely achieved even by the great yogis, then why did you opt to be misled by illusion?" Lord Chaitanya was very pleased to hear the cience of dvotional service as explained by Sarvabhauma. The Lord said, "O respected Sarvabhauma, please do not consider Me to be a sannyasi. I have shaved My head and given up My brahmana's thread leaving home and famly only because the pangs of separation from My beloved Krishna were becoming unbearable for Me. Therefore do not look upon Me as a sannyasi, rather, I pray to you to be merciful so that I can develop attachment for Krishna." The Supreme Lord had desired to put His own devotee into such illusion; how can this poor servitor know the truth? If the Lord Himself does not reveal Himself, then who is able to know Him as He is? Yet when His devotee speaks without proper knowledge, still this greatly pleases the Lord. The Lord is always engaged in performing many pastimes with His devotee servitors. In fact, He advents only for the pleasure of His devotees. The Lord is always reciprocating the devotional mellows with His devotees. As the devotee surrenders unto Krishna, the Lord is willing to give that much of Himself. He is always favoring His devotees; He is bhakta vatsala. Who can influence the Lord to act otherwise? Lord Chaitanya looked at Sarvabhauma and smiled, but Sarvabhauma was still very much under the spell of the Lord's illusory energy, and so he failed to fully comprehend His words. Sarvabhauma said, "Your status as a sannyasi is certainly more elevated than mine. According to scriptural injunctions, Yoy are worshipable and I am the worshiper. It is not logical that You should praise me. This might make me an offender." The Lord replied, "Please do not deceive Me further in this manner. I have fully surrendered to you." In this way the Supreme Lord, Gaurasundara, played with His servitors. Who can fathom the transcendental pastimes of the Lord? The Lord again spoke to Sarvabhauma, "I have a great yearning to hear explanations of the Srimad-Bhagavatm from you. All the doubts that assail Me can be allayed only by you." Sarvabhauma replied, "I am well aware that You have deep and mature understanding of all the scriptures. What purport from the Bhagavatm is unknown to You? Yet I realize that it is the nature of noble and cultured devotees to discuss amongst themselves about the science of devotional service. Now tell me please which portion of the Bhagavatm seems to create confusiion in You. I will try my best to explain it." The Lord of Vaikuntha, Sri Krishna Chaitanya, smiled quietly and recited a verse from the Bhaagvatam, "Those who are self-satisfied and unattracted by external material desides are on the other hand attracted to the loving service of Sri Krishna, whose quqlities are transcendental and whose activities are wonderful. Hari, the Personality of Godhead, is called Krishna because He has such transcendentally attractive features.".

By the Lord's grace, Sarvabhauma began his dissertation in the presence of Lord Gaurasundara who is the Lord of the goddess of learning and speech, Mother Sarasvati. He explained, "The real meaning of this verse is as follows, The essential truth is loving devotional service at Krishna's lotus feet. Those persons who are fully realized souls and are free from all hankerings and bindings surrender to the lotus feet of Krishna. Such is the extraordinary potency of Lord Krishna's transcendental qualities. Such liberated souls are constantly glorifying Lord Krishna's pastimes and qualities. And those who disregard the Lord's transcendental nature are doomed to annihilation." Sarvabhauma was totally absorbed in the discourse he was giving. He offered thirteen different expositions on the same verse, and finally fell silent saying, "I am unable to go on further on this subject."

The Lord smiled again and said, "Each one of your delineations is correct. Now I will also give My explanatons. Please judge if they are accurate or not." Sarvabhauma stared wonder struck at the Lord. "Any further elucidation on this subject is beyond human power." Yet the Lord's annotations were His original, and never before were they explained. Sarvabhauma, still in a state of shock, thought, "These words must have emanated from the mouth of the Supreme Lord Himself."

After His explanations the Lord roared like thunder, and becoming absorbed in Himself He manifested His wonderful six- armed form. The Lord spoke, "Sarvabhauma, now what do you say. Do you think I am not qualified to be a sannyasi? Do you not consider Me a sannyasi in your heart? I have come here only to see you. Many lifetimes you have spent inMy service with great devotion, so I have come personally to present Myself before you. I have incarnated specifically to initiate the sankirtaan movement. Know for certain that I am that Supreme Lord who is the cause of the entire cosmic manifestation. And you have always been My unalloyed devotee, so I have specially come to see you. I have come to protect My devotees, the saintly souls, and to destroy the demoniac forces. Allay your fears now and glorify Me."

Sarvabhauma saw this most wonderful six-armed form more dazzling than a mllion suns and he fell swooning in uncontained ecstacy. The Supreme Lord, GauraChandra continued to roar loudly still exhibiting His six-armed form. The Lord was very pleased within with Sarvabhauma, and placing His hand on his head the Lord said, "Arise." The divine touch on his head awakened Sarvabhauma yet the feeling of extreme bliss had mummified him, he could not speak. The Lord, an ocean of munificence, placed His lotus feet on Sarvabhauma's heart. Sarvabhauma, finding the most precious treasure within easy reach, wrapped his arms around the Lord's lotus feet in a tight clasp. With pure joy gushing in his heart, Sarvabhauma said, "Today I have captured the thief that steals my heart." He broke down in tears crying like a child. He had found a treasure sought after even by the goddess of fortune, Ramadevi.

Words now poured out of Sarvabhauma's mouth, "O Lord Krishna Chaitanya, You are the Lord of my life. Please look upon this worthless wretch with compassion. I am so sinful that I dared to try to teach You religious principles, not knowing that You are the transcendental cause of all causes. O Lord, who is there, even the most powerful mystic, who is not mesmerized by Your illusory potency? So what effort is required to put me into illusion? But now, my Lord, please grant me undeviating devotion at Your lotus feet.

All glories to Sri Krishna Chaitanya, the Lord of my heart. He has appeared from the womb of the divine mother, Saci. He is the life and soul of everyone; and the protector of the Vedas, the brahmanas, the pious and religious principles. He is the Supreme autocratic Lord of all the planetary systems including the spiritual planets of Vaikuntha. You possess an eternal form full of knowledge and bliss, and You are the invaluable crown which decorates the sannyasa order." The saintly Sarvabhauma, endowed with transcendental intelligence, glorified the Lord with choicest verses.

He continued eulogizing, "May my heart, like the bumble bee, be deeply attracted to the lotus feet of the Sopreme Lord, who has manifested Himself in this present incarnation as Sri Krishna Chaitanya only to rejuvenate the path of devotional service unto Himself, which due to the passage of time had become almost lost and neglected."

Again he sang, "I take complete shelter of the Supreme Absolute Lord who is unrivaled, is the cause of all causes, and is the most munificent personality. He has advented as Sri Krishna Chaitanya to teach humanity the science of renunciation, knowledge, and devotion to Himself." A hundred verses, lke sublime incantatons, cascaded out of Saravbhauma's lips as he held onto the Lord's lotus feet.

He continued, "My Lord, You have appeared simply to liberate the fallen souls, so kindly deliver this fallen wretch. I have been bound up by Your maya potency by the chains of material educaton, wealth and high birth. How then can I know You as You really are? Thus I beg You for one favor, O Lord of the universe, that my mind and heart become totally engrossed in You, without deviating even for a minute. All Your activities are inconceivable and transcendental, hence they are incomprehensible to all unles sYou personally reveal them to us. You have accepted the transcendental wooden form of Lord Jagannatha and You are sitting in Nilacala mercifully enjoying the foodstuffs offered by Your devotees. Now You personally offer and also eat it Yourself, then distribute it to everyone as Your mercy. Then You cry in separation upon seeing Your own self, and become maddened with love attracted by Your own form. How can anyone then understand You at all. You alone know Your real self, and the others who are able to know You are those fortunate souls who have been graced by Your causeles mercy. Then who am I, an insignificant entity, to know You? Even Lord Siva, Lord Brahma and other demigods fall victim to Your powerful deluding potency, maya." In this way, Sarvabhauma offered many entreaties and praises, becoming suddenly eloquent by the Lord's blessing.

The Supreme Lord GauraChandra, still manifesting His six- armed form, smled benignly upon Sarvabhauma and said, "Dear Sarvabhauma, you are My eternal associate, therefore you were able to see My mystic opulences. I have come to this place only to meet you, because you have worshiped Me for a long time. All your explanations on devotional service have greatly pleased Me. You have enunciated the absolute knowledge, and naturally so, for why should anythin ginferior come from your lips? The one hundred verses which you just composed in My glorification when heard or read by anyone will certainly help develop undeviating devotion unto Me. These verses will be famous as the Sarvabhauma-sataka, or Sarvabhauma's one hundred verses.

Whatever you have seen of Me now should remain a secret, not to be discussed amongst others. At least as long as I am present on this earth, I forbid you to reveal it to anyone. Nityananda is very close to Me, in fact He is My second body. Serve His lotus feet with deep devotion. His character and identity are also extremely esoteric subjects, only when I disclose the truth can anyone know about them." After confiding in Sarvabhauma, the Lord withdrew within Himself His mystic manifestation. Sarvabhauma became submerged in ecstacy with the truth about his Lord dawning upon him.

Anyone who hears these supramundane pastimes of the Lord and His qualities is immediately liberated from the entanglement of the material mesh, and finally attains Lord Chaitanya's personal abode. These are very confidential pastimes on Lors Krishna's pastimes, hence one is assured the shelter of the Lord if one sincerely hears them. In this way Lord Chaitanya liberated Sarvabhauma and continued His sankirtana in Nilacala. He performed nonstop kirtana and dancing. Days and nights became submerged in a deluge of devotional nectar. The residents of Nilacala were offered a rare transcendental treat of this sankirtama mood, and they responded jubilantly singing, "Hari! Hari!" The people saw Lord GauraChandra and said, "Here is our moving Lord Jagannatha." The Lord's looks mesmerized the people; they forgot whatever they were doing. Wherever He went, He was always greeted with resounding chanting of "Hari! Hari!" People threw themselves to the ground to bathe in the dust that bore the impression of His lotus feet. And only the most pious and fortunate could avail themselves of this transcendental opportunity. Their bliss is impossible to describe.

Who could resist such perfect beauty? The Lord's exquisite form stole everyone's heart. His eyes were always decorated with cacades of tears of loving separation and bliss, His lips forever vibrating the Hare Krishna name. His golden body embellished with sandalwood paste and flower garlands moved with a lissome gait that makes the movements of a mad elephant look awkward. Lord Chaitanya, the Supreme Lord, although He walked about in the streets was always deeply saturated in the sublime nectar of love of Godhead and was oblivious to this world.

One day Sri Paramanda Puri returned after a long tour of all th holy places of pilgrimage. Lord Chaitanya saw him approaching form a distance an got up hastily with great deference. The Supeme Lord GauraChandra was extremely happy to see His devotee, and lifting His hands in the air, He began to dance. Relishing this delectable moment of meeting His devoee after a long period of separation, He exclaimed, "Hari! Hari! My eyes have seen Sri Paramanda Puri! How fortunate is My birth; how blessed is My vision! In all respects My religious practices have now become fruitful. Today My acceptance of the sannyasa order has become a success; Sripada Madhavendre Puri has appeared before Me " He rushed to embrace His beloved devotee, and holding Paramananda Puri to His bosom, the Lord bathed him with tears of divine ecstacy.

Paramananda Puri, looking at his dear Lord's moon-like beatific face, came into a state of indescribable bliss, benumbing him, making him forget himself. After awhile they offered obeisances to each other. Indeed, Paramananda Puri is the object of Lord Chaitanya's love. The Lord was pleased to find back His eternel servitor, and kept him beside Him as His associate. Paramananda Puri, having again found his dear Lord, served His lotus feet with increasing ecstacy. Sri Paramananda Puri is a very close and dear disciple of Sripada Madhavendra Puri, and a devote who relishes the different loving devotional mellows.

A few days later, Svarupa Damodara came and joined them. Svarupa Damodara was so intimate with Lord Gaurasundara that they would spend many days and nights always in clos spiritual intimacy. Damodara is also a very versatile musician. His singing invariably inspired Lord Chaitanya to dance. In fact, this final portion of this book will deal a lot with the activities of Paramananda Puri and Svarupa Damodara.

Gradually all the associates and servitors of the Lord began to come to Nilacala. THose associates who were born in Utkala or modern Orissa also came one by one to join the Lord. Elevated souls like Pradyumna Misra, who was always absorbed in love of God, and Paramananda ans Ramananda came and joined the others. Damodara Pandita and Sri Sankara Pandita came shortly after. Pradyumna Brahmacari also came. He was a pure servant of Lord Nrsimhadeva. It is described that Lord Nrsimha manifested Himself in his body and that while he performed kirtan he looked like Lord Nrsimha as a sannyasi. Bhagavan Acarya, who, like a lotus, could remain unpolluted even in the midst of mundane discussions and asociation, also came to meet the Lord.

Once they saw their beloved Lord, the devotees became immediately free from all distress and joined their Lord in singing and dancing. The Lord of Vaikuntha, now a sannyasi, danced with His asociates in divine ecstacy. Lord Nityananda was always submerged in the loving mellows of Lord Chaitanya, and this made Him restless and caused Him to act according to His own sweet will. Once He rushed toward the Deity of Lord Jagannatha wanting to embrace Him. Even the temple sentries could not keep Him in check. Then one day He jumped up on the golden altar and entwined His arms around the Deity of Lord Balarama. The sentry o duty, seeing this, came rushing at Him to bring Him down from the altar. But as soon as his hand tried to arrest Nityananda, he went flying at least seven paces. Unperturbed, Nityananda Prabhu lifted the flower garland from around Lord Balarama's neck and slipped it on His own neck. He got down and walked away majestically like the king of the elephants.

The sentry, stil bewildered, quickly got up. He thought, "This sannyasi is certainly endowed with soperhuman powers, because no one can get away unpunished after touching Lord Balarama. I have the strength to keep a mad elephant in check, and a huma being cannot escape my grip. I definitely had Him in a strong grip, and yet the very next moment I found myself as if blown away like dry grass." The next time he sa Lord Nityananda, he appraoched Him with utmost humlity. Lord Nityananda's character is like that of a innocent child. He immediately forgave him and embraced him.

A few days later, Lord GauraChandra, the husband of Laksmidevi, the goddess of fortune, went to live near the ocean. The beach and surrounding area were pleasant and idyllic. This was pleasing to the Lord. The moon had set the night aglow with her soft aura, the southern breeze caressed the Lord as He sat on the seashore. His body and beatific face were exquisitely decorated with sandalwood paste. He was continuously chanting the Hare Krishna mahamantra. The flower garland hanging loosely around His neck covered a large portion of His chest. He was a picture of perfect beauty. The devotees stting around Him relished His every movement. The waves were like swiftly approaching white lines foaming as they crested one after another. The Lord smiled, looking at the endless swells of churning water. The benedictions Gangadevi and Yamunadevi had already received from the Supreme Lord were now being showered upon the ocean.

The Lord spent the whole night performing kirtan in divine bliss, He was immersed in the nectarean ocean of His own loving mellows, and danced vigorously, drowning His devotees in the flood of ecstacy. The different ecstatic symptoms like horripilation, crying, shivering, roaring and perspiring sometimes came in waves one after the other, and at other times all at once. All the different devotional ecstacies bloomed like the various seasonal flowers on the Lord's body. This was only possible because of the Lord's inconceivable potency. The devotees gathered around the Lodr as He danced, saturated in the mood of a Vaishnava. The Lord felt happy in the company of His devotees, and forgot the pangs of loving separation.

The Supreme Lord utilizes but a small fraction from His resources of unlimited potency to carry out His pastimes, and even that is impossible for any other person to imitate. The Vedic scriptures in describing the Lord unequivocally state that no task is too difficult for the Lord to do. The ecstatic devotional symptoms of love of Godhead exhibited by Lord Chaitanya cannot be repeated by anyone. There is no end in describing Lord Chaitanya's glories. Only those who are graced with Lord Chaitanya's grace are able to comprehend Him with all His potencies. Therefore all the knots of material entanglement can be easily severed by taking full shelter of the Supreme Lord. That Supreme Personality who is constantly meditated on by the most perfected beings like Lord Siva, Lord Brahma and so on is now dancing freely with His devotees lost in the currents of His own devotional ecstacy. I fall at the feet of those devotees who performed sankirtana with the Lord.

All night kirtans on the seashore became more frequent, and the Lord participated with ecstatic dancing. It was around this time that Gadadhara Pandita began to spend practically all his time with the Lord. They ate together, slept together, went on walks together. Gadadhara Pandita served Lord Chaitanya continuously. When he read aloud to the Lord from the Srimad- Bhagavatm, the Lord entered a state of blissful trance. Gadadhara Pandita's voice always made Him happy, and he would accompany the Lord to visit different Vaishnavas.

One day the Lord went to Sri Paramananda Puri's matha and sat close to him. Sri Paramanda Puri is very dear to the Lord, just as Arjuna was very dear to Krishna. They became totally absorbed in discussing Lord Krishna's pastimes very confidentially. They spent a long time together. There was a well in that matha, and the water was noy clean and drinkable. Lord Chaitanya, as the Supersoul knew all the details regarding this well. So He inquired from Puri Gosvami, "Please tell Me how you find the well water." Puri Gosvami replied, "This is a very unfortunate well; its water is very muddy." The Lord showed immediate concern, lamenting over this inconvenience to Puri Gosvami. He said, "It seems that Lord Jagannatha is being very miserly. Actually, whoever touches the water of this well will be cleansed of all sins. Therefore, by Lord Jagannatha's mystic potency, the waters turned muddy so no one can drink or touch it."

The Lord stood up, and lifting His hands in the air He began to speak, "O Lord Jagannatha, I beg this benediction from You that Mother Ganga may enter this well. Please instruct Gangadevi, now flowing in the nether regions, to appear in this well." The devotes became extremely jubilant chanting "Hari! Hari!" The Lord returned home that night with all His devotees. While the devotees slept, Gangadevi, feeloin honored to carry out the Lord's order, appeared in that well. In the morning everyone saw the miracle. The well water had turned crystal clear. The devotees marveled and chanted the Lord's holy name, and Sri Puri Gosvami became almost unconscious with joy.

The devotees understood that the Ganga had entered the well. When Mahaprabhu heard the news, He came and upon seeing the fresh clean water became very content. He spoke to the devotees saying, "Listen all devotees, whoever drinks this water or bathes in it I say truly that he will experience unalloyed devotion to Lord Krishna." The devotees responded jubilantly to the Lord's words. The Lord then bathed in and drank the water from the well with great exhileration. He said, "I remain in this world only because I am bound by Sri Puri Gosvami's love. I am his property. If he wants to sell Me , then he can do so. Anyone who simple sees Puri Gosvami becomes the receptacle of Lord Krishna's love." Describing the extraordinary qualities of Sri Puri Gosvami, and blessing the well, the Lord left for His residence.

The Supreme Lord takes pleasure in lauding the transcendental qualities of His devotees. Who is so mean and despicable that he wll not worship such a Supreme Lord? The Lord always advents to protect His devotees and to perform wonderful pastimes in their association. He even does things for His devotees which in general opinion are considered wrong, as He did when Lord Rama killed Vali in support of Sugriva, His devotee. The Lord gladly serves His srevitors, thus Lord Chaitanya won the hearts of His devotees.

The Lord liked to perform sankirtana on the ocean shores. He built His residence near the beach, and stayed swimming in the ocean of devotional bliss. The ocean experienced indescribable ecstacy having the Lord's close association, hence Rama, Laksmidevi. was born out of the ocean. Whatever sins the residents of Nilacala may commit become completely cleansed simply by bathing in the ocean. Gangadevi, calculating the value of this golden opportunity, swiftly flowed to merge into the ocean. Sri Krishna Chaitanya's presence blessed the ocean and purified its waters.

When Lord Chaitanya had come to Nilacala, King Prataparudra was away waging war against the southern kingdom of Vijayanagara. Meanwhile, Lord Chaitanya, after a long sojurn in Nilacala went back to Bengal. The Lord felt especially merciful towards Gangadevi, so He came to Bengal. Sri Vidya Vacaspati was Sarvabhauma's brother. He was gentle, charitable, and very saintly. One day Lord Chaitanya arrived at his residence with all His servitors without prior notification. Sri Vidya Vacaspati, seeing that his gueat was none other than the Lord of Vaikuntha, Lord Gaurasundara, fell like a rod at His lotus feet . The brahmana host was so confused with extreme joy that he did not know what was the proper thing to do next, The Lord, also happy to se th saintly brahmana, embraced him and said, "I have a request. My heart is bent on going to Mathura, Vrndavana. I want to spend a few days here to bathe in the Ganga. But please find Me a quiet bathing spot where I will not be disturbed by crowds. Thereafter, I want you to help Me start My journey to Vraja. If you want Me to remani here, then you must make thse arrangements."

Sri Vidya Vacaspati attentively heard everything the Lor said. He replied with great humility, "O how fortunate now is my entire family and race simply by receiving the dust from Your lotus feet by Your coming to my house. My house and everything belong to You my Lord. Kindly remain here comfortably. I will see that no one knows You are here." The Lord was content yo hear his humble and sincere words, so He stayed there for a few days. But how can one hide the sun? So also the Lord's arrival was immediately known. Word spread like wildfire everywhere that Lord Chaitanya, the shining jewel of the sannyasa order was residing in Sri Vidya Vacaspati,s house. The people experienced great exhilaration ; they felt that thet were in Vaikuntha even though they were in their earthly bodies. They became jubilant and chanted "Hari!" Hari!" forgetting their sons, wife, wealth, home and everything else.

People became very excited and began to talk animatedly amongst themselves saying, "Let us go and be blessed by the sight of His lotus feet." They made preparations to go to see the Lord and so almost forgot all ettiquette in their enthusiasm. A milling crowd moved toward Vidya Vacaspati's house, all loudly chanting "Hari! Hari!" All the regular paths and roads were full. People went off in all directions, stamping on plants and bushes. I shall continue to describe this wonderful phenomenon of Lord Chaitanya's extraordinary influence by which He will liberate all living entities. Please listen attentively.

People came unchecked, undetered by thorny bushes they happily went to see the Lord. Areas which were woody and wild were cleared up by the moving mass of people and made into makeshift pathways. All of them had one word on their tongues - the holy names of God. People were expectant, and some talked amongst themselves. One said, "I will fall at His feet begging Him to give me just this benediction that all my material entanglements be severed." Another said, "If I could just see Him once with these eyes, then I consider I have received everything obtainable, then why should I ask anything more from Him?" Yet another said, "I was hopelessly ignorant about His real position and potencies, therefore for so long I have only criticized Him in a very offensive manner. Now I will clasp His lotus feet to my heart and beg Him to tell me how I can get rid of all my offences." A fathrely man said, "My son is a compulsive gambler, and so I will beg the Lord to make him stop." Someone else said, "The only boon I want is that I may always remain fixed at His lotus feet with my body, mind and words and never leave that shelter." Someone else sais, "What a wonderful opportunity, I only pray that I may never forget my dear Lord Gaurasundara." Talking in this manner, they kept moving in a massive column, all of them feeling indescribable bliss.

The milling masses converged on the ferry port, all wanting to be the first to cross the river. The boatmen were put into extreme anxiety as they saw the uncontrollable crown piling into the larger boats. Hundreds tried to pack into one boat. Finally the boats began to cave in under the enormous weight. The people then handed over their clothes to the boatmen as some compensation for their loss, and with unconstrained joy continued their endeavors to cross over. They became innovative in the absence of boats, and used any available means. Some tied upturned earthen water pots around their chests to float across. Others made rafts out of banana tree trunks and drifted across. The swimmers had great fun swimming in the currents. The whole atmosphere reverberated with such tumultuous sounds of chanting "Hari! Hari!" that it replicated and pierced the outer covering of the material cosmos.

Vidya Vacaspati came running in search of large boats and collected many. But the impatient crowd had not the time to wait; they just crossed over anyhow. Only the Supreme Personality can attract the minds of people in the way Lord Chaitanya was now doing. The people, having passed over the Ganga, came directly to Vidya Vacaspati and fell at his feet. They said, "You are very saintly and fortunate because the Supreme Lord Chaitanya is a guest in your house. Your good luck cannot be described, so now you kindly save us. We are the most sinful persons, fallen into the dark well of material existence. Kindly lead us and show us His lotus feet so that our wretched and bad lives may become successful."

Sri Vidya Vacaspati was extremely moved to see the sincerety of the people, and he began to weep with joy. Thousands of people were gathered there and Sri Vacaspati led them all to his residence. The only words vibrated in the atmosphere were the chanting of the Lord's name. Lord Gaurasundara is an ocean of compassion, and He had incarnated specifically to liberate all living entities. When He heard the tumultuous chanting of the holy names of God, He came out of the house to bless the huge mass of fortunate souls and increase their pleasure.

An enchanting figure apeared before them whose beauty was unparralled. His effulgent face was always decorated with a gentle smile, and His eyes were effusive with transcendental joy. His golden form was ornamented with sandalwoodpaste tilaka markings, and a flower garland hung loosely on His chest. With a gait as graceful as an elephant He walked and raised His long exquisite knee-length arms and chanted "Hari! Hari!" with a sound which resembled a thunderbolt.

When the people saw Lord Gaurasundara they jumped and danced in great exultation chanting loudly and then fell to the ground like sticks offering obeisances. Getting up like the ocean waves, they raised their arms to the sky and prayed, "O Lord, please save us sinners." The Lord smiled benevolently and blessed them saying, "May you develop love for Lord Krishna. Chant Krishna's name, worship Him and hear about His pastimes. Make Lord Krishna the greatest treasure of your lives."

The people were happy beyond words to receive such benedictions. They repeatedly praised the Lord and pleaded, "Your advent in this world is a secret. You appeared in the womb of Mother Saci in Nabadwip only to liberate the whole universe. But we are so sinful that we could not recognize You and remained in the deep dark well of ignorance spoiling our human lives. You are an ocean of mercy. O Lord, the benefactor of all living entities, benedict us that we may never forget You." All this was happening by the potency of Lord GauraChandra, that these ordinary people were speaking eloquently.

The whole village began to become excessively crowded. There was no empty space. People climbed to treetops and roofs. Their eagerness to see Him increased with every passing moment . The extraordinary phenomenon was that although the trees and roofs were overcrowded, no houses collapsed or trees fell crashing down. This all happened by the transcendental potency of the Lord. Endlessly their eyes remained fixed on His perfect and beautiful face. Once having seen Him, they had not the desire to return home. They chanted jubilantly and drank in the captivating beauty of the Lord with their immovable glances.

The Supreme Lord Gaurasundara is the master of all mystic potencies, hence He could leave Sri Vidya Vacaspati's residence without his knowledge and went to Kulia village. The people also did not see Him leave. Only Nityananda and a few other associates accompanied Him. Meanwhile, Sri Vacaspati began to frantically look everywhere for the Lord. Not finding Him anywhere, he came to the conclusion that the Lord must have left. He was grief-stricken. Lifting his face to the heavens, he began to weep bitterly. The people outside, noticing the Lord's absence, were convinced, "The Lord must have gone inside to avoid this commotion." Thus the entire mass of thousands began to chant loudly echoing in the vaults od all the thre worlds.

Sri Vidya Vacaspati's mind was still paralysed with grief. He came out amongst the thronging mass and broke the sad news of the Lord's departure to them. He said, "I could not even know at what time in the night He left and where He went, The crest jewel of the sannyasa order, our beloved Lord, has deluded us, a most sinful lot, and gone. My dear brothers, I say truthfully I do not know His destination." Sri Vacaspati tried with many words to convince them of the truth, but he could not invoke their trust in him. They continued to think that the Lord was hiding in seclusion to avoid the madding crowd, and so they waited in expectation.

People came up to Sri Vacaspati and requested him, "Please take me inside to se the Lord. I promise you I am alone." They started catching his feet and entreating him, "We want to see Him just once with these eyes, then we can return home happily. Please place this prayer before the Lord. So that sinners like us may also see Him, He will not refuse you." Vacaspati patiently tried to tell them the truth, but faled to convince them of his sincerety. As time went by, people realised that the Lord was not coming, and they became impatient and frustrated. They spoke cutting words to Vacaspati.

Someone said, "Vacaspati has hidden that rarest gem amongst sannyasis, our Lord Chaitanya, and then he is coming and telling us lies. Why should he feel sorry if we are liberated? What joy is there in saving oneself alone?" Another person complained, "A good person's nature is that he is satisfied when others are liberated. An ordinary soul simply thinks selfishly of his own betterment, but a saintly soul sees first to the salvation of others even before he considers himself." Yet another person said, "Even in ordinary social dealings, if one buys sweets and instead of sharing them with others just eats them himself, it is considered an offence." Again someone said, "This brahmana is somewhat crooked in his behavior, he is not inclined to help others." On one hand Vacaspati was greatly afflicted by the Lord's departure, and now such blame being hurled at him at random caused him extreme distress. He had no means of relief from this dillema.

At this very moment, a brahmana came and spoke softly into Vacaspati's ear, "Lord Chaitanya has gone to Kulia village. Now do what you want to immediately with this information." The clouds of gloom cleared away, and Vacaspati was happy again. He embraced the brahmana warmly. Vacaspati rushed out to the crowd and told them the news. He said, "All of you have been falsely blaming me not knowing the actual facts, thinking I have hidden the Lord in my house. I just received the information from a brahmana that the Lord is in Kulia village. Let us go and find out if this information is correct. If it is true then you must agree that I am an honest upright brahmana."

The people responded with appreciation chanting "Hari! Hari!" and left together right then for Kulia with bubbling joy in their hearts. The word spread speedily that the most exalted of sannyasis, Lord Chaitanya, was in Kulia. Meanwhile, the crowd had multiplied itself several times over. It seemed that Kulia had much more magnetism than Vacaspati's village. The crowd had swelled to millions. Only Ananta Sesha could describe this extraordinary phenomenon. No one could say from where this endless stream of people had magically appeared. It was difficult to tabulate the number of boats that capsized yet there was no loss of life and everyone could cross the Ganga. The miraculous happening was that each time a boat was on the verge of drowning, land appeared below and prevented the calamity. All this was happening only by Lord Chaitanya's desire. Whoever sings the glories of such a Supreme Personality can easily cross over this material ocean as if it were as small as the hoofprint of a calf. And it is not surprising that those who were eager to see the Lord could cross Gangadevi without untoward incidents.

Countless thousands crossed the river on their own, drowning in an ocean of joy. Once on the other side, they embraced each other chanting loudly the Lord's holy name. It was a big day for making money; no one could calculate how much the boatmen earned. Makeshift markets selling a variety of wares suddenly appeared everywhere and did bustling business. Gradually every space was being filled up, and the whole town became an ocean of fluid mass of people. Far above the humdrum of activities was the loud and clear sound of chanting God's name - it was the all-pervasive word that was comprehensible. Yet in spite of this tumult, the Lord remained in seclusion.

When Sri Vidya Vacaspati arrived in Kulia, he began searching for the Lord. But the Lord had refused to show himself in public, hence it became difficult to locate His whereabouts. After a frantic search, Sri Vacaspati discovered the Lord. As soon as he saw the Lord, he fell to the ground like a stick and offered Him obeisances. Vacaspati began reciting verses repeatedly describing the Lord's present incarnation and pastimes. He prayed, "O Lord, You have appeared as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu just to liberate the whole universe. You have already liberated those who have fallen into this deep dark well of material existence. Your mercy is as vast as the unlimited ocean, so kindly let this mercy touch my heart eternally. Seeing the entire creation steeped in mundane activities, You have showered Your causeless mercy on them, giving them love of Godhead. May You, the most magnanimous Supreme Personality, always reside in the core of my heart."

Glorifying Lord Gaurasundara in this manner, he fell again at His feet. I offer my humble respects at the feet of Visarada, the father of the illustrious Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya and Vidya Vacaspati. Vacaspati looked up at his dear Lord, and exhillarated by the shower of His merciful glances, he began to speak again. He stood up and with folded hands he prayed, "O merciful Lord, I have one prayer. You are the supreme autocrat, acting according to Your own sweet will, fully independent of anything. Others can know Your mind only as much as You reveal it to them. You are not bound by rules and reglations imposed by anyone. All the people outside do ot understand this simple truth about You, and so in their minds they are angry and blame me saying I have hidden You inside my ouse. They are ot aware of the actual facts and so they are angry at me. Therefore, my Lord, kindly step outside for a moment and show Yourself, then they will once again accept me a a truthful person, a brahmana that I am."

The Lord smiled hearing his words, and was immediately ready to comply with the brahmana's request. As soon as the Lord stepped outside, the people became drowned in an ocean of bliss. People everywhere threw themselves to the ground offering their obeisances. Each according to his knowledge and capacity began reciting verses eulogizing the Lord. Their joy gradually increased, and hundreds of kirtan groups sprouted up from everywhere and began to sing sweetly. The holy name of Krishna resounded with melodious clarity and filled and vibrated in the concave vaults of the Earth. This could happen only by the extraordinary potency of Lord Chaitanya.

The Supreme Lord, now dressed as a sannyasi, initiated the congregational chanting of the holy name of Krishna. That name is so sublime that it gives one the taste of divine nectar. The higher planets like Brahmaloka and Sivaloka are free from all distress simply by experiencing a mere fraction of that nectar. The great mystic yogis and sages are mad after a drop of that nectar. Anyone who out of gross illusion refutes the existence of such a Supreme Personality, who is endowed with all potencies and opulences, loses all good qualities and status in society and is shunned by everyone. Therefore simply worship the lotus feet of Lord Chaitanya. Ignorance is destroyed by hearing His pastimes. By remembering Him and His transcendental activities all sins are extirpated.

The Lord became ecstatic seing kirtan being held everywhere. Tears cascaded down His cheeks as if Gangadevi had manifested in His eyes and began to flow freely everywhere. The Lord became immediately absorbed in the congregational chanting; everything else fading out into insignificance. Whichever kirtan group appeared in front, the Lord joined with them in dancing with sublime joy. This multiplied the enthusiasm and bliss of that group, and they considered themselves most fortunate to be graced by the Lord in this way. Lord Nityananda, who is the formost amongst the devotees who are mad with love for God, sometimes caught Lord Chaitanya and made Him dance. Sometimes He danced along with the Lord, lost in the ecstacy of spiritual love.

Lord Chaitanya now danced with full abandon, roaring loudly with ecstacy. Such is the potency of this sound that all despondency is dissipated on hearing it. Lord Siva becomes so intoxicated when he dances meditating on Lord Gauranga that he is not even aware of his nakedness. Now this same Supreme Lord, Gauranga, is dancing in the view of mortals. The whole cosmic manifestation is created by His potency, and all the demigods are always eager to have the direct sight of the Lord. His advent has liberated the entire universe, and has now sent the whole mass of people into waves of divine bliss. Yet the Lord was unaware of the crowd that swelled and poured in from all directions to see Him. He was totally absorbed in love of Godhead and danced ecstaticly.

Everyone in the town of Kulia was liberated by the Lord's presence. From the most elevated soul to the most fallen soul, all received the Lord's mercy. And whosoever hears this narration will also become free from the shackles of karmic reactions. The compassionate Lord stayed outside long enough for everyone to see Him and bring up their consciousness to a state of intense joy. He then went inside accompanied by His associates and sat down feeling very much their presence. Just then a brahmana came and clasped the Lord's feet tightly. He said, "O Lord, I have one prayer. If Yoy can spare a little time, I may tell You. Without understanding the essence of the devotional path, I have committed a grievous offence by criticizing a Vaishnava. I would repeatedly shout and taunt, `Who is a Vaishnava in Kali-yuga, and what is kirtan?' In this way I have condemned myself. Now when I remember these incidents, my mind begins to burn up. O Lord, You have the potency to liberate anyone, so kindly tell me how I can mitigate my sins."

Lord Chaitanya smiled benignly on hearing the brahmana's straightforward and honest confession. He said, "Please listen, O brahmana, if one who has taken poison is administered nectar or the drink of immortality, then gradually the effects of poison weaken and the body becomes immortal. So now I wll reply to your question and tell you how this nectar works. All the criticisms you made although unwittingly are equivilant to having drunk poison. So now you must drink the nectar of Krishna's name and pastimes with that same mouth. Use the tongue that offended Vaishnavas from now on to glorify them. Above all other activities, constantly glorify the Vaishnavas through songs, poems or any other way. The ambrosia of Krishnas pastimes is transcendentally blissful, and can faciley dissolve all poisonous effects of Vaishnava criticism. I am telling you truly that this is the method of purification for one who criticizes a Vaishnava unknowingly. If one give up such malpractices and offensive behavior and constantly glorifies the Supreme Lord and His unalloyed devotees, then one can totally destroy all sins. Otherwise, millions of pious activities and penances cannot counteract the offences commited against a Vaishnava. So go now and practice glorifying the devotees of the Lord, and you will become free from all sins."

The devotees became very happy when they heard these wonderful instructions and they responded by chanting, "Hari! "Hari!" The Lord nicely explained the method of exoneration from the offence of Vaishnava criticism. One who disregards these instructions of Lord Chaitanya and criticises a saintly person must drown in the ocean of grief. And those who accept the instructions of Lord Chaitanya as the Vedic truth can smilingly cross the ocean of nescience.

The next visitor was Devananda Pandita. When Lord Chaitanya was still in famly life in Nabadwip, where He performed many transcendental pastimes, Devananda Pandita had not the desire then to come and meet the Lord. He did not possess sufficient faith in the Lord so he avoided coming in contact with Him. Yet although having the required piety to see Him again, why did he not come accros tha Lord earlier? All such arrangements are actually in Krishna's hands. So when Lord Chaitanya had accepted the sannyasa order and left home, Devananda Pandita had the good fortune to closely associate with Vakresvara Pandita.

Vakresvara Pandita was very dear to Lord Chaitanya. He was such an elevated soul that he could purify the entire universe. He was always totally absorbed in relishing devotional mellows with Lord Krishna. When he danced, both the demigods and the demons were captivated. In fact, as soon as he would begin to dance, by Lord Chaitanya's mercy all the ecstatic symptoms like crying, shivering, perspiring, laughing, horripilation, roaring, and swooning in divine bliss would all appear on his person. It is impossible to describe all the devotional symptoms in Vakresvara Pandita. By some provedential arrangement Vakresvara Pandita came to stay in Devananda Pandita's house, attracted by his devotional qualities.

Devananda Pandita was very pleased and impressed with Vakresvara Pandita's radiant appearance and his unalloyed devotion to yhe Supreme Lod. He began to serve Vakresvara Pandita with sincere devotion. When Vakresvara Pandita would dance, he would walk around him with a cane keeping the crowd away from disturbing him. And when on ocassion Vakresvara would fall swooning in ecstacy Devananda Pandita rushed to catch himin his arms. He would take the dust from Vakresvara's body and feet and smear it all over his own body with much humility and devotion. In this way, serving him and seeing his elevated devotional characteristics, there developed a strong faith in devananda Pandita for Lord Chaitanya.

From this incident one can understand the words from the Puranas where it states that devotion to the Supreme Lord is developed only through serving the pure devotees of the Lord. Devananda Pandita was a very pious and noble person. From his childhood he was studying the Srimad-Bhaavatam. He was calm and peaceful, in control of his senses, unattached to material things, and had so many other good qualities. Inspite of these qualities he could not develop attraction to Lord Chaitanya's lotus feet. But by Vakresvara's grace, his perverted intelligence became rectified. Therefore we find in Srimad- Bhagavatm that service to a pure devotee is even higher than service to the Supreme Lord Himself. Thus in the Bhagaavtam it is stated, "There may exist some doubt about the success in attaining perfection by serving the Supreme personality of Godhead, but there is absolutely no doubt whwtever in achieving perfection by serving the pure devoteed of the Supreme Lord.".

Therefore it is clear that to gain the mecy of Lord Krishna one must serve His unalloyed and surrendered devotee. Devananda Pandita developed the right devotional attachment for Lord Gauranga due to his intimate association with Vakresvara Pandita. Now he lay supine, hugging the Lord's lotus feet in great awe and humility. The Lord was very pleased to see Devananda Pandita's mood of devotion and humility. He reached out to him and made him sit. In this way He forgave all his previous offences and blessed him.

The Lord said, "Because you have served Vakresvara Pandita so well, I am able to see you here today. Vakresvara is a manifestation and embodiment of Krishna's transcendental potency, hence whosoever serves him well immediately attains the lotus feet of Krishna. Lord Krishna's favorite residence is the heart of Vakresvara Pandita. When Vakresvara dances, Krishna Himself is induced to dance. Vakresvara Pandita's presence converts any place into a place of holy pilgrimage - into the spiritual abode of Krishna, Vaikuntha."

The brahmana, Devananda Pandita, folded his hands and began to pray to the Lord, "O Lord, out of Your infinite compassion You have appeared in Nabadwip solely for the purpose of delivering the entire humanity. I am so sinful that at that time due to my bad karma I could not even see You, nor could I experience the divine bliss of Your association. Your nature is to shower benedictons on every living soul, hence I pray that I may develop attachment to Your lotus feet. I have one special favor to ask of You; I need Your divine guidance. I am completely without knowledge, yet I am trying to teach from a book full of knowledge. The Bhagavatm is meant to be taught only by realized souls. O Lord, please instruct me what to teach and how to explain the Bhagavat."

The Lord began to explain the essence of the Srimad- Bhagavatm, "Listen, O learned brahmana, Interpret the Bhagavatm only in the light of bhakti or devotion. Do not enter any other process. The beginning, middle and end - throughout the Bhagavatm establishes that devotional service to the Supreme Lord is eternal, absolute and infallible. Devotional service is the only reality, the absolute truth. Even at the time of total dissolution of this cosmic creation when everything else is annihilated, only this reality remains unaffected, perfect. The Supreme Lord Krishna does not give devotional service to everyone. He easily offers liberation to an aspirant while hiding the science of unalloyed devotion. Only through His grace does He elevate someone to the path of bhakti.

The philosophical conclusions on the path of bhakti available in the Srimad-Bhagavatm have no parallel in any other scripture. Just as all the incarnations of the Lord, like Matsya, Kurma and so on are self-manifest and appear and disappear at will similarly, the Srimad-Bhagavatm is not a text composed by ordinary mortals. It is transcendental, hence it also appears and disappears by God's will. The Bhagavatm having disappeared has once again appeared on the tongue of Srila Vedavyasa bt the causeledd mercy of Lord Krishna. The esoteric truth about the Supreme Lord is inconceivable as is the Srimad Bhagavatm. This is the verdict of all the scriptures.

If one claims to know and understand the Srimad-Bhagavatm, then he is certainly ignorant about its real conclusions. On the other hand, if one is submissive and admits his lack of understanding, then the essence of the Bhagavatm will indeed be revealed to him. The Bhagavatm is saturated with divine love of Godhead. It is in fact the body of Lord Krishna. It contains the confidential pastimes of Lord Krishna. Srila Vedavyasa, after having compiled the many different Puranas and Vedas was still feeling a vacuum in himself, but when he finally spoke the Bhagavatm, he became completely satisfies in his heart. But sometimes someone might even find himself in a dilema by reading this great scripture, so be very careful.

The only way you must explain the entire Bhaagvatam is through bhakti. In this way you can clear aeay your offences and you will experience sublime bliss in your heart. All scriptures conclude that devotion to Lord Krishna is the ultimate destination. Especially the Bhagavatm is imbued with the supramundane exchanges of mellows with Krishna. Now return and study the Bhagavatm well and explain to everyone that devotional service to Krishna is the highest ambrosia."

Devananda Pandita fell flat on the ground at the Lord's lotus feet thinking himself the most fortunate soul. Surrendering his body, mind and words to the Lord, and offering repeated obeisances, he returned to his home. Lord Gaurasundara instructed everyone about the actual position of the Srimad- Bhagavatm. The Bhagavatm teaches nothing but bhakti, so if one does not explain the path of devotional service while teaching the Bhaagvatam, then he uselessly wastes energy and words and he also earns the fruits of offences.

One who understands that the Srimad-Bhagavatm is a treatise dedicated fully to the science of devotional service becomes a recipient of Lord Krishna's special grace. The presence of the Bhagavatm in any house makes the house sanctified and free from all inauspiciousness. Worshiping the Bhagavatm is equivalent to worshiping Lord Krishna. Hearing and reading the Bhagavatm is unalloyed devotional service. There are two meanings of the word Bhagavat - one is the book Srimad-Bhagavatm and the other is the person Bhaagvat who is the personification of Lord Krishna's mercy. By daily worshiping, studying and hearing the Srimad-Bhagavatm, one is actually elevated to become a person Bhagavat.

On the other hand, if Srimad-Bhagavatm is read by a sinful person without the proper attitude, then due to lack of proper understanding he will criticize Lord Nityananda. Lord Nityananda is the embodiment of the essence and divine mellows of the Srimad-Bhagavatm. One who understands this is truly an intelligent and fortunate soul. Lord Nityananda is continously explaining the purports of the Bhagavatm with His thousand mouths even now. Although Lord Nityananda is unlimited, He is not able to fuly complete His disertation on the Bhagavatm. Such an unlimited scripture is Srimad-Bhagavatm. It is transcendental and it contains the conclusion of the path of bhakti.

The Lord taught everyone the real essence of Srimad- Bhaagvatam using His discussion with Devananda Pandita as a means. And those who came with spiritual questions, the Lord answered them all to their full satisfaction. By coming to Kulia, Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya blessed everyone. Everyone there was full satiated by looking at the Lord. Their vision renmained glued on the Lord. This way the Lord fulfilled everyone's desire and dissolved all their distress and despondency. One who hears these pastimes with pleasure will certainly associate with the Lord directly. A person may be born in family or caste - all is good if he hears about the transcendental pastimes of Lord Krishna's pastimes.

Sri Krishna Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda are my life and soul. I, Vrndavana dasa, humbly offer this song at Their lotus feet.

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