June 26, 1999: Novo Mesto, Slovenia

Lecture by Srila Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Goswami Maharaja

We are happy today in your Novo Mesto city. And we heard that you have performed the independence day celebration. And entered independence day celebration. We brought tons of blessings to the people of Slovenia. And may Lord Krishna bless you. All of you may be happy. And we have brought the very good news on this day of rejoicement. That is: the transcendental sound, the nectar. If you hear of the nectar, if you repeat the nectar, if you remember the nectar you will become eternal. The devotee - extraordinary qualities. And you will be happy eternally. You will never suffer. Now, this is the world of suffering. We are all present in this prison. The world is a prison of suffering. Who will be sent to prison? Those who do any crime. They were sent to prison to suffer. So in this world we have come to suffer. We are suffering. Because we have got three sources of affliction. One is adhyatmika, second is adhibhautika, and the third is adhidaivika. That is, physically we have got number of diseases. Daily we are suffering from physical sufferings and mental sufferings. Mentally, that we want repeated not away. Then my mind will be disturbed. Mind will suffer, mind. Which the mind doesn't like if comes nearer then the mind will suffer. This is called adhyatmika way of suffering. And the second one is we are suffering due to people of this universe, all the universe. And due to beasts and birds and animals or any, any poisonous insect we suffer. And because suffering is knowing......................... and always we suffer due to war, due to sufferings of humanity and all the beasts and birds, due to congregational suffering. We are unhappy.

Now, if we want to be happy eternally, we have to repeat in Kali yuga. It is the age of wrangling. There are 4 yugas. One is Krita yuga, Satya yuga and 2nd is Treta yuga, 3rd is Dvapara yuga and 4th is Kali yuga. This is Kali yuga. Here, people are not pure. Their minds are not clear. They are suffering physically, mentally and........ financially they are suffering. And without suffering, if we want every men rid here wherefrom we think not come back to this world of suffering. It is called the heavens, Vaikuntha. In Bhagavad Gita taught by Sri Krishna to Arjuna.

"Arjuna this world is full of suffering and one who surrenders to me, he will be free from suffering."

If you understand:

daivi hy esa guna-mayi
mama maya duratyaya
mam eva ye prapadyante
mayam etam taranti te
This world is full of suffering due to the deluding potency maya.

"It is my potency"

and that potency deprives all ours due to fight with that nectarian thought. To cultivate nectarian thought, it is the price of it. So we are mourning, we take birth, we die, take birth

punar api janma
punar api maranam
Again and again we take birth. Again and again we die. So again and again we enter into the womb of mother. And so we are not happy. As long as we are unhappy we never try to give up how to achieve happiness. It is told: if we surrender to the Supreme Lord Krishna, he is the Supreme Lord, and we surrender to him, then he will save us from suffering. He will save us. And how to surrender? Surrender is easy.

"Oh Lord. You are the master of the universe. You are the creator of this universe. You are the protector of this universe. You are the savior of the universe."

Not only human beings. Even the birds, even the beasts, even the insects. Those who are under water. Those who are in the air, ether, and those who are on life from this earth or this air. All of them. None in this world of suffering, none can say that I am happy warrior, I am, don't suffer. Any of you? Can you declare that I am happy? Any of you? Is there anybody in this world who is a happy warrior? Who can say that I am happy warrior? Wars were, will return. Who is the happy warrior? Who is he? Who is that happy warrior? One who can enjoy the happiness, he should be a devotee. He should be a surrendered soul. Because if we surrender, definitely Krishna will protect us. In Gita the Lord says:

sarva dharman parityajya
mam ekam saranam vraja
Give up all your readiness and directly come to me, surrender to me. And you will be free from all the sins you have committed. Why we are suffering? Because we have done such deeds in our past lives. The results of those deeds we now suffer in this life. It is called prarabdha karma. And here in this life these are our debt. We will follow the dictations of our past life, the results of past life. Now if we want to destroy our prarabdha, we cannot destroy. We have to suffer. Even the great sage, even the great yogi, even the great, the charity or donators, donators, they are also suffering. But if one

(verse 11:28) ...... prithivite api abhai...... prarabdha karmeti virodhe ...
A person who surrenders to the Lord, the Divine name, and repeats that name often and often, then he can able to conquer the prarabdha. He should not undergo prarabdha. There will be no prarabdha for him. Because he has surrendered. The moment he surrenders and repeats the namam then he will be free from suffering. Suffering eternally. Not for the present only. Eternally he will be free from the suffering. And he will go to a place wherefrom he need not come back.

yad gatva na nivartante
tad dhama paramam mama
If you reach that stage once, it is not forgone. We have, we are ..... We are falling down on this earth. This earth is transitory. It is moving. It is moving. Everything is moving. Culture is moving. Seasons moving. Day and night are moving. And suffering and enjoyment moving. Everything. The dignitary, this is a building, and the nations and their governments and their countries. The are moving, they are shaking. The definition of the world is:

(verse ? 13:30)........vasotithi jagat
It is moving. You are all moving. Relatively you say I am sitting. But actually you are moving. You are sitting on there, earth is moving around the sun. Both moving, not sitting. Jagat's moving. And you sit in airplane, it is(break of tape)

So many qualifications. We can meet a man worldly great. But he cannot understand: one who surrenders to me, devotee, then the Lord who has the supreme power. That supreme power will deliver this power to the devotees. And if the devotees surrender then we can able to understand about the truth, absolute truth.

yasmin vijnate sarvam evam vijnatam bhavati
Now if we know that, if we know that absolute truth we can know the whole sight, the whole sight regarding this world or other worlds, and he begets Brahma being in this, we call, in this world. So that, if we want to know that, we then we have to repeat the Divine name often and often. Divine name will purify you. We have got number of things. Our heart is not pure. We are following our past dictations, the past karma. The result of our past karma now we are following. Though we know the truth, but our past karma. If we'd ...(?) that, then we can move it. If we reject that then we cannot follow. So, he knows that truth, yet he depends upon the blessings of the God. If the God blesses you then you can have the faith. The Lord must bless you. That faith, the strong faith, that strong faith can be achieved only through the unconditional surrender to the Lord and the causeless mercy of the Lord. If the Lord wants to take me, I have no such qualifications that I can achieve, only the Lord must bless me and give me sufficient faith. The required faith also you must give me. He must be ...(?). Then only I can practice, I can repeat the namam. Without his blessings I can not. Then you may ask:

"What is the qualifications to have God?"

Then I must say the truth. I have no qualifications. I am quality less. I have no qualifications. But:

(verse 17:15) aho hi guna ...suka kori...abhicar
If you take me. I have no qualities. Which is, which quality can make me approach you? No quality. I do not know that: everything. I am ignorant. I am ignorant. Now I am helpless. As the mother looks after the helpless child. The child's cannot get it. The child cannot clean his body. And he cannot do any service to this body, though it has got limbs, it has got hands. Then if he ...(?) it cannot ...(?). He pass urine, he cannot clean the cloth. He pass dung he cannot do it. Others must help. The mother must help. The mother serves the child because child has no other. Helpless. It is helpless. Nobody will help it if we cannot rid (?) him and go to the superior authority and appeal.

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