Navadvipa Bhava Taranga


May the Dhama of Sri Navadvipa, measuring sixteen krosas in circumference, which is the crest jewel of all holy places and the resting place of all demigods, rsis & the Vedas, and which is the principle manifestation of the Lord`s sandhini potency, eternal existence upon which His cit & ananda potencies reside, become visible to my eyes.

May my eyes see the sixteen krosas of Vrindavna within Mathuramandala as identical with Navadvipa within Gauramandala. These Dhamas are but manifestations of one principle which is infinite & purely spiritual, and which, only for differing pastimes of the Lord, has taken the form of two abodes. By that one inconceivable potency (acintya sakti), infinite and spiritual, the Lord has brought these two Dhamas into the material world, in order to liberate the living entities dwelling here. This is simply the mercy of Sri Krisna. May the mayaÈbound men see this Vrindavana & Navadvipa Dhama.

Only by attaining proper qualification can the senses of the living entities taste the spiritual nectar of these Dhamas. Unqualified, material senses instead of tasting sweet nectar, scornfully deride these places as trifling bits of dull matter. Since the cause of qualification is Krishna Himself, coming through the mercy of the devotees, the living entities should seek out the association of pure devotees of the Lord. One cannot attain proper qualifications by following the paths of jnana and karma. Only by means of devotional faith, and by the association of the devotees of the Lord, can one overcome the poison of the material world. The very moment when the senses of the living entity give up material illusion, his eyes will see the splendour of the spiritual Dhama.

Oh, when will I attain that state? When will I see Sri Navadvipa Dhama, transcsending the bounds of material existence? More cooling then the illumination of ten million moons, more effulgent than the brilliance of ten million suns, when will that Dhama appear before my eyes?

In the middle of the eight islands, which are the eight petals of the lotus, is the supeme island called Antardvipa, and in the centre of that dvipa rests Mayapur, appearance place of the Lord on earth. Upon seeing that, I shall achieve overwhelming bliss. The Vedas sing of the transcsndental place called Brahmapura. When my eyes are free from illusion, I shall see that place as identical with Sree Mayapura. It is in this place the supreme Gokula or Mahavana of Vraja, that the son of Saci performed His eternal pastimes.

What was the bode of Gopas & Gopis(vaisyas)in Vraja has become the abode of brahmin families in Navadvipa Dhama. In the centre of Mayapur exist eternally the dwelling of brahmin Jagannath Misra, the supreme purifying agent. "Though eyes affected by material illusion will see there only a small house, some earth, water and a few articles, if maya becomes merciful &lifts her covering, one will see the vast spiritual dwelling where sri Gauranga is served by His eternal mother, father and countless servants, all incessantly mad with love. There Laksmipriya and Visnupriya , eternally serve the Lord`s lotus feet, Sri Gauranga, embodying the whole Panca Tattva in His wonderfull body. Sri Nityananda & Sri Advaita, Gadadhara & Srivasa, and innumerable devotees have their individual places in Mayapura. Everywhere are the houses of the Vaisnavas. O Mayapur, please be merciful to me.

Toi the south west, the Ganaga or Yamuna, twisting like serpent, for her own benefit comes to serve Gaura, the jewel of twice born. Upon her banks are many ghats, temples, the images of Praudha Maya & Vrddha Siva, and multitude of groves.Throughout Mayapur are scattered countless houses of brahmins, wide roadways, courtyards woods and temples. In the south east, on the bank of the Sarasvati river is the eternal area known as Isodyana, the garden of the Lord.

Why shoukd the rascals of Kali yuga, bound up tight by material illusion, have the privilege to see all this treasures of the spiritual realm? Maya has thus hidden the Dhama, taking adventage of the erosive nature of the Ganga. Thus the eyes of the materialist can see only the shadow of the real Mayapur. By the mercy of Sri Nityananda, holder of all spiritual powers, may that Mayapur be revealed to my eyes, imbued with proper reverence.O Nityananda, please bless this hopeless fool with a vision of the household pastimes of the Lord which took place in this land. O Mayapur, centre of the eight petalled lotus, golden, glowing, yellow, effulgent and pure, please shine before my eyes.

Here and there are groves, the lake of Prthu, and many pastures for the cows. How beautiful they are to see! There are many water canals, grain fields, and wide roads lined with kadamba, bakul and other kinds of trees. To the west of this, on the bank of the Ganga, stands Ganga Nagar, where in Ganga Das' house, the Lord and His brahmin friends carried out their studies. There also, one can see Bharadvaja Tila, where the great muni Bharadvaj, by worshiping Gauranga, attained prema, and then wrote sutras in order to bestow this devotional service upon materialistic men.

North of Prthu Kunda is the village of the Chand Kazi(Mathura in Krisna lila), and there also is Sasthi Tirth and the exquisite Madhuvan, an extensive area scattered with many residences. O eyes please become purified by seeing this scene. Further north is attractive Saradanga, where the sabara race, out of fear of the demon Bahurakta, reside secretly with Lord Jagannath. May I always keep sight of this place.

North west of Mathura, I shall see the splendour of Srimanta Dvipa, whose border is the bank of the Ganga. There Parvati, in great distress, took the dust of the lotus feet of Gauranga upon her head. In the distance, I shall see Vilvapaksa forest, where the four Kumara brothers are in meditation on Gauranga.Further in the distance, I shall se the land where Nityananda Prabu had His pastimes, known as Sankarsana Ksetra.

In the southern portion of Mayapur, on the bank of the Ganga, near its junction with Sarasvati, is the grave called Isodyana. May that forest be the place of my eternal devotions. At this place, my Lord, Sri Sacinandana, along with His associates, performed His midday pastimes. Seeing the brilliance of the grove, I shall remember Radha Kunda. May all this be eternally visible for my eyes. Amid the huge trees and dense vines, various types of birds are singing the glories of Gauranga; there is a large lake and a golden temple covered with diamonds and blue & yellow sapphires. The materialists, their eyes sunk in material senseÈgratification, cannot see these groves however. They see only a small piece of land covered with thorns, periodically thrown topsyÈturvy by the flooding of the Ganga.

In the middle of Madhuvan is Visrama Sthana, the place of Sridara's cottage, and a clean pond. After rectifying the Kazi, Gauranga came here with His followers and took rest. When will I shout Gauranga at this place, with throat choked up? When will I cry here in solitude? When will I see, in emotion of divine love, Sri Gaurasundara drinking water from Sridara's old iron pot? And when will I see, by great fortune, the young son of Saci in the midst of kirtan along with Nityananda, Advaita, Gadadhara & Srivasa, dancing and begging love of God at the house of Sridhara?

After that I shall see Suvarnabihar, the place of Suvarna Sen's incomparable castle, where Gauranga, in attracive golden form, danced with His retinue. When will I wander throughout Suvarnibihar, alone or with devotees, weeping in love, my voice wavering? There, at the lotus feet of Gauranga, I will begg for a speck of service to Their Lordships Radha & Krishna, and offer my very life to the shelter of Sri Radharani's lotus feet.

South east from here is Nrsimha Puri. When will I see its beauty, and when will I become choked in ecstasy on receiving pure KrisnaÈprema? Since in my heart resides lust and the six enemies, duplicity, longing for fame & insincerity, I will pray to Nrisimha to purify my heart and to give me desire to serve Krisna. Oh, when will I, weeping, beg at the lotus feet of Nrisimha for the ability to worship Radha & Krisna in Navadvipa, free from all difficulties? When will the Lord in this fearful formÈWho is fearful to the demons but exceedingly merciful to Prahlad and the devoteesÈbecome pleased to give me some mercy? When will He be pleased to speak to me, a worthless fool, and remove all my fears?

"Dear child, stay here happily in Gaura Dhama, worship Radha and Krishna and develop attraction for the holy Name. By the mercy of My devotees, all the obstacles are transcended. Just worship with a purified heart the pastimes of Radha and Krisna, which are a flow of sweet nectar."

Saying this, when will the Lord gleefuly place His feet on my head, at which moment I shall fall on the ground, showing symptoms of ecstasy, experiencing love for Radha and Krisna, by the mercy of Sri Nrisimha?

West of this is Gandhaka river, past the Alakananda river and Kasi Ksetra. Then, in Godruma, I shall see the place where Indra's Surabhi cow worshipped the Lord. In the three worlds there is no such place. Just as Isodyana and Radha Kunda lie close to the bank of the Ganga, so Godruma, where Markandeya received mercy from the Lord, lies close to the bank of the Sarasvati. O Mind, worship the groves or Godruma, for by this, very soon you will see the full wealth of Gauranga's pastimes. Seeing these pastimes, you will easely attain the pastimes of RadhaÉKrishna, fulfilling your desires.

Godruma is the city of Nanda, the residence of the gopas, where Gauranga performed many pastimes. Having taken milk products for the lunch at a cowherd's house in the afternoon, with His gopaÈfriends, Nimai would go and herd the cows. The cowherd boys would say: -"O brother, you are a gopal. Your form as a brahmin boy does not suit You. Come, I will carry you on my shoulders and we will go herd the cows. We will head towards Your mother's place in Mayapur."

One gopa would affectionately give cheese with condnsed milk, and another gopa would become unsteady just on seeing the wonderful form of the Lord. Another gopa would give fruits and flowers saying: "Come to my house everyday. You are worshipped by the brahmins but are also the Lord of us gopas. We cannot give you up. You are the object of our knowledge and meditation. Look, even the cows, on sighting you, begin-n__ý
lowing and give up their calves and the grass. Since it is late now, go home to your father's house, and tomorrow we shall meet again here. I will keep yoghurt cheese and condensed milk for you, but if You are late, I will be upset."

In this way, daily in Godruma forest, Gaura and Nitai would play with cowherd boys. If not too late, Gauranga would bathe in the Ganga before preceeding home. Will such a day ever be mine? When will I see pure loveÈladen pastimes of Govinda? Aspiring to serve the Lord, in company of the gopas, with the sentiments of a gopa, I will reside in cottage in Godruma with a fixed mind.

South of Godruma lies attractive Madhyadvipa, filled with a string of beautiful forests.There, at midday, Gauranga and the devotees came and gave seven risis their darsan, and there also on the banks of the Gomati in Naimisa forest, the risis are listening to the GauraÉBhagavat. To hear this narrative about Gauranga, Siva and the demigods mount Brahma's swan and make haste to come. When will I wander through this forest and see the assembly listening to the Gaura Purana? On the bank of the Gomati, when will I hear stories about Sri Caitanya on ekadasi day and during the holly month of Kartik? When will the audience of Saunaka and the rsis give me mercy, and put their footÈdust on my head? I will raise my two hands and say: "O residents of Navadvipa, attentively drink the nectar of GaurangaÈlila in this forest!"

South lies Brahmana Puskara, non-different from Puskara, where the brahmin Divadas worshipped Gauranga and was consoled by seeing His golden form. Further south, is Uccahatta, nonÈdifferent from Kuruksetra or Brahmavarta. Here all demigods reside performing Gaura kirtan. Sometimes the residents can hear that music. At midday, Gauranga and His associates would stroll in these forests, overcome with transcendental love. When the devotees would give just the hint of Krishna's pastimes, Gauranga, tasting the emotions of Radha, would begin to sing and dance. When will I, alone, or in the company of devotees, drown in the waves of the ocean of love of Lord Caitnya? When will I wander at noon in the forest of Madhyadvipa, understanding that emotional state of the Lord? When will the inhabitants of Madhyadvipa be merciful and reveal to this destitute wretch my goal: "See, here is Gauranga, dancing with His associates in a grand kirtan in Brahmanagar on the bank of the Brahma Kunda."

When will I see that astounding golden form of Gaura, with two long arms, wearing a garland of forest flowers and booming loudly: "Chant the Holly Names, one and all!" At that moment, Srivasa and all the devotees, shouting: "Hari! Hari!"will begin sankirtan, and some will shout: "Say the name of Gaura Hari, brother, for without Gauranga we cannot attain the service of Radha and Krishna!"

Near Uccahatta is Pancaveni, the holy place where the demigods come to relax. At this place the three streams of the Ganga(Bhagarathi, Bhogavati & Alakananda) and the Yamuna and Sarasvati all come together, desiring to perform service to Gauranga. Here Gauranga and His men, by taking bath, purified the tirtha of the sins of the people of KaliÉyuga. Vyasadeva and the risis recognise that in all the fourteen worlds, there is nothing to compare with Pancaveni. When, by bathing in the waters of the Pancaveni, will I be able to remember the lotus feet of Sri Gauranga? Filling my hands with water from the feet of Gauranga and and drinking my fill, drunken with the association of GaurangaÈÉwhen will I be so blessed?

Across the Ganga from Pancaveni, is Koladvipa where the Lord in the-n_ý
form of a boar appeared to His devotees. In the scriptures this place is called Baraha©Ksetra. It is a spiritual realm rarely attained by the demigods. Known as Kuliya Pahora, it is the topmost place of GauraÉlila. Sri Caitanya after taking sannyas, attempted a journey to Vrndavan, but was tricked, and came to this town instead. Here is the school of Vidyavacaspati, the brother of Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya. By the power of his pure devotion, he attracted the Lord by taking bath in the Ganga. When will I stand on this bank of the Ganga and by the mercy of Vidyavacaspati view the opulences of the spiritual kingdom?

When will the Lord, king of the sannyasis, be visible at the top of the palace? Seeing the effulgence of that sannyasi, I will fall to the earth in great separation. Just as the gopis, seeing Krishna in Dvaraka dressed as the king, began to weep, remembering His pastimes on the bank of the Yamuna, So I will long to take the Lord back to Mayapur, where in the dress of a young boy with hair long and curled, dhoti folded thrice, He performed pastimes with His young friends in Isodyana. But still, this sannyasi is also my Lord, and I am His servant.These different appearances that the Lord assumes are but some of His unlimited pastimes. But, oh, my heart desires to take the Lord back to the bank of Prthu Kunda, to the temple of Srivasa Prabhu!

Further on from here lies Samudragara, purifier of the whole universe, where formerly king Samudra Sen fought with Bhima, and received darsan of the Lord, who acknowledge His pure devotee. Here also the ocean, taking shelter of the Ganga, overcome with divine love, came to see the pastimes of Navadvip Dhama. In this way, witnessed by the demigods and demons, Ganga Sagara resides in Navadvipa.

The fortunate living entities can see Bahulavan within Koladvipa. Gauranga and his associates, absorbed in kirtan, came and danced there many times. O Koladvipa be merciful to this worthless person, give me the right to live in Navadvipa among the Devotees, and give me the right to the wealth of the pastimes of Gauranga, who is my Lord in life and death.

In the north part of Koladvipa is Campahatta, a great tirtha where Jayadeva worshipped Gauranga, and where Baninath had his house. In that house the Lord performed a great festival of namaÈsankirtan, and showed the great extent of His prema. At this village is also a campaka forest, from which the gopi Campalata gathers flowers for garlands for Radha and Krishna. This is nonÈdifferent from Khadiravana of Vraja, where Krishna and Balarama take rest.

At Rtudvipa, abode of transcendental bliss, covered with attractive forests, the seasons perform eternal service to the Lord. In one part of this area exist Radha Kundha of Vraja. Sometimes Gauranga, singing the glories of Krishna and remembering the pastimes of Krishna as a cowherd, would call out the names of cows repeatedly: "Syamali! Dhubali!" Weeping, He would call out for Subala and Sridama. When will I wander in Rtudvipa, seeing the beauty of the forest and remembering the pastimes, becoming stunned on seeing the pastimes at Radha Kunda directly before my eyes?

Here, on the bank of the Manasa Ganga, near Radha Kunda, Krishna and Balarama, with Dama, Bala and Mahabala, would go of to solitary woods with countless cows and calves, playing triks and singing the glories of Krisna. Gossiping as they go, they move together to distant woods. Loosing sight of the calves, they become alarmed, but at the sound of Krishna's flute, the calves all come running back. Just as I am able to see this pastime, it all vanishes. I will fall to the ground unconscious, and then, regaining my senses, I shall rise up and wander-n__ý
slowly through the forests.

"O Gauranga, O Krisnacandra, ocean of mercy! You are the wealth for the wretched and poor, and I am the lowest rascal!" Saying this and weeping continously, I will move onwards, till suddenly I come to Vidyanagar. This Vidyanagar is abode of the four Vedas and the sixtyªfour branches of knowledge, and it is known as Sarasvati Pitha. At this pitha, Brahma, Siva and the rsis revealed all types of knowledge to the material world. Knowing that the Lord would perform His educational pastimes here Brihaspati gave up His abode in Svarga, and taking the form of Vasudeva Sarvabhauma, he taught all types of knowledge according to various processes at Vidyanagar.

Whoever lives at Vidyanagar and sings the glories of Gauranga becomes a fortunate teacher and will never know grief. Whoever takes to the worship of Gauranga and receives the vision of His transcendental form, will be freed from all ignorance. Will I ever see that Gaurasundara, as he goesw to Vidyanagar with the intention of gaining knowledge?

Here also, Devananda Pandit, opposing the devotees, committed offense to Srivasa Pandit and was punished by the Lord. Even Sesa does not fully understand the pastimes of the Lord: when he will become excited by a certain action, what will be the object of His thoughts, why He gives up chanting to punish the students who criticize Him, what type of happines He gains from defeating His teacher. But whtever the Lord does is a cause of bliss. The Lord is independent, and I am simply His servant. My very limited intelligence has no power to judge Him.

All the inhabitants of Navadvipa, who were His teachers, who were nourishers of Lord's eternal pastimes, and worthy of my respects, please give to me, destitute and penniless, the qulification for namaÉsankirtan. For the tirtha of Vidyanagar I make the request that the ignorance which hides Gauranga's identity may never cover my mind. May my mind transcend this maya.

North of Vidyanagar shines Jahnudvipa, where the hermitage of Jahnu Muni is visible to all. Here Jahnu Muni drank the Ganga, who then appeared as his daughter, Jahnavi. Here also, Bhisma, Krishna's devotee, learned Bhagavat Dharma in the Muni's asrama, and Jahnu himself, being sincere, took to worshipping the Lord, and attained the lotus feet of Sri Caitanya. This Jahnudvipa is nonÈdifferent from Bhadravana of Vraja. When will that forest be visible to my eyes? On the top of Bhisma Tila in that forest, I shall perform my worhip. In the evening, Bhisma will appear before me in his pure body, black like Krisna, wearing TulsiÈmala and marked with twelve tilak marks, constanly chanting the holy name in bliss.

"Listen now, newcomer to Navadvipa, now I am singing the glories of Gauranga. Previously, while dying on the battlefield of Kuruksetra, I was able to see Sri Krishna. The Lord told me: "Previosly, you had a darsan of Navadvipa, and for that pious activity, you have gained Gauranga's mercy. So you have become eternal inhabitant of Navadvipa. Therefore, give up all other desires and aspirations, live in Navadvipaand worship Gaurahari. You have no longer to fear the bondage of material objects, for it is certain that you will attain Gauranga's feetÈÈBy the mercy of the Lord, the liberated souls can see at all times Krisna & Gaura's pastimesin this Dhama. Lamentation, fear, death, all causes of disturbance, all material desires, all the afflictions of the conditioned soul, cannot exist here. The pure devotees, by the portion of sevitude to Krisna, have all sunk into the ocean of happiness. They do not know the pains of this world, they do not experience the difficulty of any wants, because they are situated in-n__ý
their pure bodies with pure desires.

"The Supreme Lord, who has unlimited devotee followers(eternally liberated or coming from the material world) performs His pastimes with each according to his respective emotional constitution, in these woods. This place is unlimited with no aspect of dull matter, for here the spiritual energy is under control. The Lord's followers, place ,time, the senses, the body, all are situated beyond the illusory energy, in a state of pure goodness.

"As long as you dont give up the body in material existence, and as long as your intelligence sticks to material designations, the actual Dhama will not be visible in its complete form. That is by the Lord's desire. However, by the Lord's mercy you will receive a spiritual body, for at this place progress is unobstructed. The illusion of material energy will retreat, and you will receive unlimited bliss in this eternal spiritual realm.

"But as long as you have this material body, hold on to the principles of bhakti carefully. Service to the devotees, chanting the name of Krishna, and worship of Radha and Krishna should be performed dilligently at all times. With the help of the devotees you will attain residence in the eternal Dhama, and there pure service to Radha and Krishna will manifest."

Hearing the instructions of Bhismadeva, I will pay my obeisances at his feet. Giving his blessings he will disapear, and I, weeping, will proceed to Modadrumadvipa forest. This forest is nonÈdifferent from Sri Bhandiravan of Vraja, where the birds and beasts are all spiritual entities. In the branches of the trees live cuckoos who sing the glories of Gauranga & Sita & Rama continuosly. The countless banyan trees spread their branches out to block the sun. Wen will this place where Krishna and Balarama displayed their pastimes, be visible to my eyes? When will I wander about, observing the splendour of the forest, and suddenly spy the cottage of Rama, and then sight Rama, the colour of new green grass, wearing the clothes of a brahmacari, accompnied by Laxman and Sita. Seeing Ramacandra's form, I will fall unconscious in the forest, my body shaking with love, speechless as I drink the beauty of the form with my two eyes. Being merciful, Laxman will come forward slowly with fruit in His hands, placing His feet upon my head.

"My son, here, eat this fruit. Living in the forest, this is all we have to offer to our guests."

Just as He says this, the vision will disolve and weeping and weeping, I will begin to eat the fruit. In my heart, I am thinking of that inconceivable form."Will I ever see that green form of Rama again?" O land of transcendental gems, Bhandiravan, my heart weeps without end to leave you!

At that place, Balarama & Krishna, on the pretext of herding cows, performed many pastimes. In the same way, Gauranga performed pastimes here in Modadruma, becoming drunk with the sound of kirtana in the company of His friends.

Then slowly I shall go to Vaikunthapura, to the forest called Nihsreyasa, abundant with all grandeur. There resides the Lord of the spiritual sky, worshippable by all the demigods, in the company of His three energies: Lila, Bhu and Sri. As much as my Krishna is endowed with utmost sweetnes, so the Lord of Vaikuntha is endowed with all opulence and grandeur. Krishna is not without the same opulences, but He makes these invisible to His devotees. "Lord of Vaikuntha, You were merciful to Narada, and hidding Your opulences, You satisried Narada by transforming Yourself into Gauranga's form." Seeing that form of-n__ý
Gauranga, I will dance, floundering in the ocean of bliss and cry in a loud voice. Crossing over Viraja River and leaving Brahmani Nagar, I will climb to the top of Arka Tila, sit there and worship Gaurahari. I will become drunk by singing the nectar of the Name. O Arkadeva, Surya, let me see you, red©hued, long©armed, clothed in the dawn, with tulasi mala, sandalwood smeared on your body, on your lips the Name of Gaurahari, tears in your eyes. You will speak: "My son, I have appeared before you, because you are a devotee of Gauranga. We demigods, directors of material affairs, are also servants of Gauranga's lotus Feet. I simply aspire to be the servant of the servant of Gauranga. By my blessings you will get Krishna bhakti, and you will strenght to live in the Dhama and chant the Holly Name. But ciome here always, singing the sweet Name of the Lord, just to please me."

Paying obeisances to Suryadeva's feet, I will proceed to Mahatpur. This Mahatpur is nonÈdifferent from Kamyavan of Krishna lila. Here, Yudhistira and his brothers resided with Draupadi for some time, here they brought Vyasadeva in order to hear Gauranga Purana, and here they performed intense worship of Gauranga. Even now, the devotees can see the assembly of Yudhistira and the Rishis È Bhauma, Devala, Cavan, Gargamuni È sitting at a base of a tree, weeping as they here the stories of Gauranga. When will I come to that assembly, pay my dandavats from far off, hear from the mouth of Vyasadeva the story of Gauranga delivering the atheist? In love and ecstasy, I shall fall unconscious. After a period of time, seeing the assembly gone, shouting the Name of Gauranga, I shall fall flat on the earth and cry. Feeling hunger during the end of the firsr quarter of the day, I shall pick fruits from that forest, but just then Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas, will approach, carrying rice and cooked green.

"Here, child, take this offering of mine, rice and a few sweets, which have been offered to Gauranga." Paying full obeisances, I will extent my hand and receive the rice and greens. Taking the wonderful prasada, all my desires will be satisfied. Whoever gets the mercy of the prasada of the Lord, procures pure Krishna bhakti. May that mercy be eternally mine, so that I will easily be able to give up this material world.

Having taken that prasada, when will I come to Rudradvipa, Kailasa, the abode of Siva, shining throughout the three worlds, where the eleven Rudras dance and become paralysed with love of God? Here Durvasa took shelter, gave up the practise of yoga and began worshipping Gauranga's lotus Feet. Astavakra, Dattatreya and the other yogis, along with Siva, gave up the monistic phylosophy and instead engaged themselves in meditation on the lotus Feet of Gauranga. No longer do they desire to merge into the white light.

When will I wander in the forest and come to the Siva linga? Sitting there I will meditate on Gauranga, and then I will sight Parvati not far off. When she notices me, I will pay my respects, and ask: "What is your name, Mother?" With tears in her eyes, she will reply: "Listen, son, my sorrow is impossible to tell.There are five steps of realisation, and I have been given the name of Sayujya or Nirvana. My four sisters, Salokya, Sarupya, Samipya and Sarsti, have gone to Vaikunthapura, leaving me here bewildered. By the mercy of Siva, Dattatreya and others were giving me attention for some time, but finally they gave me up and took up residence in Rudradvipa. Uselessly I am now looking for them. Gauranga has liberated everyone, but is meciless to me. Therefore I will find a place to give up my life. That place will be called Nirdaya-or Meciless."

Just on hearing the name of Sayujya, My heart will tremble as if in fear of the witch Putana. In great fear I will close my eyes and seat tight on that place. Then someone will touch me. I will rise and see before me the figure of Siva, dancing and singing out: "O merciful son of Saci, give mercy to all living entities. Drive away all fear!"

I will fall at Mahadeva's feet, requestig purification. Being merciful, he will place his feet on my head and give instruction: "Lsten, devotion to Krishna is the essence, and jnana, karma, mukti, yoga, are all useless. by my mercy you will conquer maya, and quickly attain the shade of the lotus Feet of Gaura. To the south see Pulina, so attractive; that is Vrindavana within Navadvipa. Go there to witness Krishna's pastimes. Soon you will attain Radha's lotus Feet."

Siva will disappear, and bowing down I will move on crying all the while. Viewing Sri Pulina for some time, I will fall unconscious to the earth, my voice choked and throat gurgling. In that state of samadhi, in a divine vision, a wonderous figure will appear performing her constituional service. I will rcognise that it is I, Kamala Manjari, the eternal assistant of Ananga Manjari, the goddes of my heart. She will introduce me to all her companions, and will give me the service of preparing camphor for Their Lordships, and will reveal to me the pastimes of the Divine Pair.

Near Sri Pulina is the rasa mandala, where the son of the king of the gopas,Sri Krishna, surrounded by billions of gopis, is dancing with Sri Radha. Such dsllinace does not exist within the material world! Whoever can see, whoever can plunge into that pastime, whoever attain such transcendental trance, will never give up that astounding sight! That sight which I will see, I will not be able to describe.

I will lock it in my heart, and gaze upon it eternally. In my own grove, while cultivating that sight within my heart, I will serve constantly under the direction of the sakhis. West of the Rasa Mandala is Sri Dhira Samira, and further off, Vamsivat and the bank of the Yamuna. In this way, Ananga Manjari, the younger sister of Radharani, will mecifully show me the Dhama.

Being questioned by Rupa Manjari, my mistress, Ananga Manjari, will reply: "This new servant will be engaged in Lalita's service. Her name is Lalita Manjari, very devoted to Sri Gauranga. Be merciful and give her direction and progress in cultivating devotion to Our Lordships."

Hearing this, Rupa Manjri will touch my body with her hand of mercy, imparting to me sublime spiritual emotions and the intense desire to worship in her footsteps. Visaka, whose complexion is like lighting, with ornament and dress sparkling like the midnight stars, will appear with the camphor tray in her hand. I shall fall at her feet, and beg for the shelter of Sri Radha's lotus Feet. They will take me to the private grove of Lalita, who is dwelling inside, meditating on service to Radharani. I shall pay my obeisances to her lotus feet, and Visaka will explain to her my identity.

"This is one inhabitant of Navadvipa, who wants to serve you and thereby serve the feet of Radha and Krishna." Lalita, very pleased, will say: "Give her a place beside yours, and there she will actively perform her desired service. At the time of your sevice, take her with you, and gradually she will acheive the mercy of Sri Radha. Without the mercy of Radha, how can the service of Radha and Krishna be attained?"

Hearing Lalita's words, Ananga Manjari will take me to her grove and at the time of service, being very afectionate, she will graciously-allow me to accompany her. Performing my task, I shall catch a glimpse of Radha and Krishna in the distance. And then, perhaps, Sri Radha will give me an order, give me the shade of her lotus Feet, give me her direct mercy. Executing that service I will gradually become expert. Thus I shall please Radha and Krishna. In that way I shall reach the heights of extasy.

My dream broken, I shall weep and weep; and gazing on Sri Pulina, slowly cross the Ganga. Living at Isodyana at ms private grove, I will worship Gauranga, who is nonÈdifferent from Radha and Krishna. Then according to procedure, I will worship Radha and Govinda, and shall gaze upon Radha Kunda and Vrindavana. Remembering the feet of Ananga Manjari and the sakhis, I will drawn in love of God, and in the bliss attained by a particular service to Their Lordships.

This Bhaktivinode, servant of the servant of Lord Caitanya, is begging for residence in Navadvipa Dhama. I am eager for the feet of Rupa and Raghunata Gosvamis(Rupa & Rati Manjaris), and from them I anxiously beg to acheive my perfect spiritual body and service. O residents of Navadvipa and Vrindavana, quickly estanlish me in the arena of the Lord. That is certainly within your power, for it is your place. As my position is but to be a servant, by somehow serving you in your service to Their Lordships, I will be able to obtain residence in the Dhama. And Navadvip Dhama, give me your mercy, for without your particular mercy, how can anyone attain to the Lord's Dhamas.

Please do not consider whether I am fit or not, particularly in the service I have just done. I have simply extracted the essence of the instrictions of Jahnava(Ananga Manjari) and Nityanda Prabhu, the holder of all energies. Thus whoever reads this Bhava Taranga with devotional faith will be able to expirience the nectar of the pastimes of Gauranga. Svarupa Damodara(Lalita) will certainly give him mercy, give the shade of his feet, and accept him as an associate in the spiritual Dhama.

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