Controlling Our Minds

by Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaja

Sree Sree Guru Gaurangau Jayatah!

There is one illustration in Srimad Bhagvat that Sree Jajati Maharaj could not satisfy his sexual lust even by prolonging his youth by getting the young age from his youngest son Puru for one thousand years. He came to sense after one thousand years that he took a wrong procedure and ultimately gave up completely, appetite for sexual pleasure. He declared "na jatu kamah kamanamupobhogena shamyati habisakrisnavartmoiva bhuya evabhih vardhte". If anybody goes on pouring ghee (clarified butter) to the fire, that fire will go on increasing, in the like manner, if we go on giving impetus to sexual pleasure, it will go on increasing and we will not be delivered from this evil propensity. Our Most Revered Gurudeva used to advise us by giving the example, if a huge amount of ghee, say 1000 kg of ghee is poured on the fire, the fire will be extinguished. The only way of extinguishing the desire of sexual pleasure and other desires is to have extreme longing of getting Supreme Lord who is Absolute and Complete Reality, but to get this extreme desire for realization of God-relation, association with bonafide devotee Sadhu is absolutely necessary. In case of not getting the association of bonafide Sadhus physically the only other way is to go on praying the grace of realized souls like our Most Revered Gurudeva, Most Revered Paramgurudeva, other Guru-Vargas, Six Goswamis and such established realized souls. The Personal Associates of Supreme Lord may appear anytime anywhere to rescue the fallen souls if it is sincerely prayed for.

Further I think you are repeating four Narasimha Mantras at least each mantra four times and after that Pancha-tattva and Mahamantra four times, while going to bed in the night and rising up in the morning, but you will get immediate effect if you utter those mantras without doing silently, mentally. If loud utterance is not possible at least you should utter those mantras by uttering with less sound. The Transcendental sound of utterance of Holy Names can remove pollution of material sounds.

We should always remember about the highest ideal of devotion of Ambarish Maharaj narrated in Srimad Bhagavatam, 9th Canto. He engaged all his sense-organs, his mind and objects of sense-organs for the service of Sree Krishna continuously without any interruption and by that he was able to conquer all kinds of worldly desires completely. As Ambarish Maharaj engaged all sense-organs and mainly the master of sense organs - mind towards thinking about the service of Lord, he had no scope of imbibing material desires into his heart. Positive devotional spiritual practice is more effective than negative way of practice - practicing detachment from evil desires. If we do not do positive devotional practice, how can we remove evil desires from the mind. Parikshit Maharaj by hearing sincerely and most attentively with concentration Transcendental Hari-Katha from Shukdeva Goswami continuously for one week could get the ultimate objective. Shukdeva Goswami imparted the Holy Ideas. The Holy Divine Ideas entering into the heart removed all non-eternal evil ideas. Non-eternal evil ideas are light and Transcendental Divine ideas are heavy, as for example if heavy things are dropped into a tank of water, water-light thing will be purged out completely, but in this procedure also, speaker of Hari-Katha should be a realized soul like Shukdev. When darkness of ignorance envelopes the whole world, no enslaved jivas of this world can rescue us other than appearance of Supreme Lord or his Personal associates. For this reason, God Himself sometimes appears in the world or as per His direction, His Personal Associates appear to rescue the fallen souls. When we do not get contact of personal associates of Supreme Lord, we have got no other way except going through their precepts, i.e., their own writings. Therefore occasionally I remember the precepts of our Most Revered Gurudeva. Recently I read and discussed His own writin g "Amar Bhajan-My Worship" at Chandigarh, which can rectify us and actually those words had a great impact on the minds of the listeners. I have the desire to translate those most impressive teachings of Srila Gurudeva into English but as ill luck would have it, I have got no spareable time and no competency to do this. I may translate but I fear my translation will not be as effective as words of Gurudeva will be.

Lastly, as without taking medicine nobody can be cured, without doing positively anything, we cannot get effective result. Inspite of our evil desires imbibed in the mind through cycles of births and deaths, we should not stop our bhajan.

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