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Altar in Ozone Park, New York
Photo shot by Puru das on 3/22/07

Great Souls Who Walked Amongst Us

Can you imagine a New York cabdriver becoming a Vaishnava? Uncle Puru was a lover of the Vaishnavas and their works. He collected items of his Gurudeva Srila Prabhupada and created the Bhaktivedanta Memorial. He spoke with the sound of a cabdriver but his heart was very sweet. He couldn't tolerate when any Vaishnava was abused. He loved his godbrothers but was upset what the leaders of Iskcon did with the movement. So he went on his own to save the dignity of Srila Prabhupada's mission in New York.

Dear Puru Prabhu, in the hands of Krishna you fare better than in the hands of conditioned souls. Unexpected you left this world like anyone of us could leave at any moment. I was amongst those to whom you gave your friendship. You even send a precious Srila Prabhupada chaddar to me when you realized that I had no item left by our Gurudeva. And now you are with that divine master you always wished to be with. Because you thought of him so much you cannot go anywhere else, you proved that sloka of the Gita to be true. You were thoughtful and concerned, not sectarian and indifferent. We will miss you. You are an icon of Srila Prabhupada's grace upon New York, his capacity to bring us to Krishna's lotus feet.

I am proud of you Puru Prabhu and pray for your family and friends. They will have to be quite Krishna conscious to fill the place where you are missing now.

Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti

Pujyapada Puru Prabhu's absence will certainly be sorely felt by all those who, like him, wish for Vaishnava unity to prevail on a global scale over narrow, selfish, sectarian concerns. In that regard, the best tribute we could offer him is to continue the invaluable work he started with like-minded devotees who truly embody and epitomize the real spirit of loving devotion to the Supreme Lord Hari.

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna
Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

Vikram Ramsoondur

30 years ago my first service as a new bhakta at the W. 55th Street temple was to transfer the sweets from the morning offering and deliver them upstairs to the Bhakta Program office. This would have been a simple service for a diminutive new devotee but for one formidable challenge to my authority over the destiny of those sweets: Puru das. I learned quickly that Puru prabhu was an expert at timing his arrival downstairs to coincide with the arrival of Their Lordship’s plates and that he was expert in the art of persuasion (or, in his case, Vaishnava intimidation) when it came to securing his share of Maha burfi. In this way I got my first experience of how to navigate sensitive Vaishnava relationships of unequal standing. I also learned how to do my service very, very quickly. From this beginning of testing my powers of reasoning, negotiation and, when required, cunning in order to successfully execute my service, I grew to have a very nice relationship with Puru prabhu for many years. He was always kind and encouraging to me and I appreciated his devotion to Srila Prabhupada, his honesty, and his directness. I’m sorry to know that I will not have his association again in this life and will remember him with fondness and gratitude.

Hari-kirtana dasa

I met Puru prabhu on two occasions when I was a relatively new devotee trying to find my way in ISKCON. The first was on my initial visit to New Vrindavana when I was hoping to move there with my wife and our baby (1997). Puru volunteered to give us a tour, and I recall feeling fortunate to have this nice devotee taking the time to make us feel welcome.

The next time was a few years later, when my family was passing through Brooklyn and visited the temple there. Puru again gave us a warm welcome, this time us by arranging for prasadam plates to be brought to an upstairs room so we could see a video of Srila Prabhupada that was showing there. That was the first time I saw Srila Prabhupada on video.

I realize that these are just two tiny windows into Puru’s life, but in both instinces I was touched by his warm hospitality which I hope to never forget.

Pandu das

I first met Puru in the early 1980s at the 55th Street temple. He and I were always at loggerheads about one thing or another, but we always had respect for each other as well. He was extremely conservative in those days, and I, then as now, hopelessly liberal. This caused many an argument. But at the end of the day (ours, not Brahma’s), we always stuck up for each other and often shared kind words. In fact, Puru used to give me presents — including a rare copy of “The Teachings of Lord Chaitanya,” autographed by Srila Prabhupada “to the poet Allen Ginsberg.” Puru also gave me some the very first issues of Back to Godhead, which are now virtually unobtainable. It was this sort of kindness that defined him — not the contentious side that he often displayed in public. Actually, he once told me — and I know this to be true — that he only gave people a hard time to help them in their Krishna Consciousness. It’s called “tough love” and Puru was a master. I’ll miss you Uncle Puru, chastisement and all.

–Satyaraja Dasa (ACBSP)

I bumped into Puru das in Mayapura during the Gaura Purnima festival less than two monthes ago. We hadn’t seen each other in years. We had first served together in Baltimore in 1971. I was happy to see him and he looked fine. I am shocked by his passing but I am happy that he was in Mayapura for Gaura Purnima just a short while ago. May Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya bless him and guide him back to home, back to Godhead. Hare Krishna.

Srutadeva das

When I first joined the Krishna Consciousness Movement in 1970, Gargamuni Swami and I (not yet initiated as Pusta Krishna) went through Brooklyn ISKCON enroute to Dacca, East Pakistan. That was the first real temple that I had visited. Puru befriended me, simply because he was friendly and innocent. We traded jackets because I had a nice heavy jacket and he had a lighter one…I was on my way to the tropical side of the world. Later in 1989-90, I was doing a fellowship in orthopedic surgery in New York. Puru lived on Long Island as did I. He and I, and his beautiful family, became friendly. We would visit each other often. I visited him in the New York University Hospital in 1990 after he underwent coronary artery bypass surgery for his chest pains. He was a sight to see! But, he kept his good humor always, through the pain and suffering he was experiencing. He had a kindly, smiling, and friendly spirit. He loved Srila Prabhupad and helped to preserve his legacy through the museum that he created in the New York Temple in Brooklyn.

We are taught that “we reason ill to think that vaishnavas die…” Some future will come, sooner for him than for I, when we shall again be acquainted in the wonderful Home of Goloka Vrindaban. I shall exchange a transcendental jacket there with him again, recall that friendly smile of his, that reminds me of Sri Krishna, because my friend Puru is a vaishnava….

Pusta Krishna das sends his affection to his wife and children wherever they may be. Hare Krishna.

My wife and I stayed over at Puru and his wife’s apartment in Brooklyn one night in 1989, right after the NYC Ratha Yatra. The amazing thing was that we did not know him or had ever met him or his wife ever before, but through a request from a mutual friend, they put us up for the night. He had a huge friendly heart filled with devotion for Prabhupada and it went well with his blue collar NYC street smarts. He was easy to talk to, very funny and irreverent in his humor toward the foibles of ISKCON, but still very dedicated to being a devotee even within all the controversies of that time. He had an ease about him that made one feel like you knew him for life after only a 10-minute conversation.

I remember at that time, he told me about already having had heart bypass surgery and that he considered every day a gift. We traded stories of driving cabs for a living at some point in our lives, and in those 24 hours I thought I met a long lost friend from my youth. At that point of our meeting, he was collecting Prabhupada memorabilia for the small Prabhupada museum that he wanted to open in the Brooklyn temple.

I send my sympathies and prayers to his wife and 3 daughters, and to the community of devotees in NYC that knew him well and will now miss his presence.

One day, somewhere in a place I have no conception of currently, maybe a heavenly Manhattan, we shall meet again, hopefully eating chocolate in the back seat of a cab while letting someone else slepp us around to new adventures, till then, keep the Off Duty lever up !!!! wink.gif


What?!?! Is this a hoax post or something? If true all I can say is Godspeed Puru das. I know the exemplary life you lived on this side was pleasing to Krsna and will serve you well .

I wonder how Krsna will engage you now? Will you look in on your devotee friends and try to inspire them from the subtle side as I believe many departed devotees have done? Or will Krsna carry you elsewhere far from this little sphere?

Thank you for the BVL. Both you and RandOm have made a wonderful gift to all branches of Gaudiya Vaisnavism by compiling all this knowledge and making it easily accessable to all.

What I am most thankful for is that although we have argued so much over the net for years, in just the last few days our communication had become so much sweeter and more personal.

This earth is less in your absence.

Dandavat pranams prabhu.


Sri Sri Guru and Gaurangau Jayatah
Yes it is true, not a hoax. Our dear Puru Prabhu had a heart attack and did not recover, as far as I know this happened yesterday, tuesday.
Puru Prabhu had heart problems. He spend 6 months in India recently and wasnt back for long. Sriman Puru Prabhu was best know for His Bhaktivedanta Memorial He also tirelessly preached against sectarianism within our worldwide vaisnava family, defeated the ritvik dogma countless of times and sold Srila Prabhupadas books for many years under the same tree Srila Prabhupada ones stood to introduce our philosophy.

SPtree.jpg - 13259 Bytes
Srila Prabhupada in New York's
Tompkins Square Park, Summer 1966.

The East Village Other said that "he had suceeded in convincing the world's toughest audience that he knew the way to God."

Puru Prabhu was a great sincere devotee of the Lord and i offer my humble and respectful dandavads to Him 1000s of times. He was my friend and godbrother and when i was down and spiritually a wreck He helped me so very much. I will miss your association Puru Prabhu

Haribol !!


It is sad that we will no longer be able to read Puru Das prabhu's posts anymore.

He not only preached against sectarianism but he walked the talk, showing by example and offering respects to all the different genuine camps. We should strive to develop that kind of mentality.

Deborah Pitts

Sad news indeed! Puru was a genuine sadhu and I truly enjoyed reading his posts and articles for years. Even a rascal and a faultfinder like myself could not find fault in his posts. Salutations and obeisances to this great soul.


Well, this is a slap upside the head. Although I knew that Puru had suffered serious health problems for several years, this caught me like a sucker punch. The clock on the wall ticks ever more loudly, and it seems as though I'm losing a Godbrother a week now. Not a happy thing, at least for those of us left behind. (Can you hear Vidura's advice to Dhritatrastha now?? )

I met Puru in LA in 1973. We seemed to connect quite readily, even though he was definitely a New Yorker, and I had just come from a farm up the slopes of Mauna Kea. He was a warmhearted guy. Although we didn't see each other, except perhaps very briefly, in the years since, I've never forgotten his warm nature and was always happy to see his efforts to harmonize the many forms in which devotees' expressions of faith have evolved over the years. I'll miss him and his posts.


This is indeed too sad for words.


A great devotee has left his body

Hare Krishna,

wow, this sad news comes as quite a shock to me. I've never met Puru prabhu in person, but I've always admired his ability to extract the exact appropriate quotes, from the huge body of scriptures and commentaries that are available to us, when it came to resolving the issues that were put forward on this messageboard. He never bothered much to use his own words, with a puffed up attitude, like myself. I suppose he rightly felt that the words of the acharya's are more than sufficient. Though my opinion has no value whatsoever, from his posts I have always understood him to be properly situated in his bhajana and in right understanding of the true spirit of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. Although I have no right to speak of it, I'm still also very glad and relieved to see that Theist had in time reconciled past differences with Puru prabhu and got on more friendly terms again. It is very unsettling to habituously click on the favorites link to Audarya fellowship and read that Puru prabhu has left his body, especially since his last post was only some hours ago. In this way Krishna is once more hitting me on my dull head with the hammer of material reality, saying "this material life is short, so stop wasting your valuable time in pursuance of fleeting objectives", and for a few minutes it works. But then, due to my extreme dullness of mind it settles back to it's old and corrupted state and continues in it's old imbibed habits, until one day Krishna will strike the hammer harder then ever....

It is always to see a devotee of Lord Krishna go. I'm very grateful for his contribution to the community, and very grateful for his great website, the content of which has helped remove many doubts from my mind. I hope other devotees will keep the site alive and kicking.

I pay my humble prostrated obeisances to Sriman Puru Prabhu


Just a small note of gratitude and thanks for the association of this sincere soul, via internet.


Jai Puru Prabhu!

I am very much shocked and saddened to hear of the loss of this sadhu, Sriman Puru Prabhu. My first recollection of him was seeing a photo and article about him in a BTG from the mid-80s wherein he was interviewed about his work as a taxi driver and how he would distribute books to his customers. Sometimes when I read all the doom and gloom on the internet; the negativity, the hostility, the doubts, the hopelessness, the disturbia, the agonizing drone of the jackhammer-like rat-a-tat-tat, I sometimes catch myself pausing to reflect on how many of Srila Prabhupada's disciples have actually risen above the kanistha stage, the nama aparadha stage. I know I haven't. Then I think of Puru Prabhu and his guru nistha; his commitment and heartfelt dedication, and then I become enlivened anew. Here is a genuine disciple of his Guru Maharaja who has been diligently following sadhana bhakti for some 37 years in a non-sectarian spirit, appreciative of other Sadhus and always careful to avoid committing offenses to Vaishnavas. He leaves behind a remarkable legacy of Internet preaching for the past 10 years or so. I pray that Bhutabhavana Prabhu will continue with the BVML website in honor of Puru Prabhu.

aspiring to be the servant of the servant of Puruji Prabhu and his Guru Guardians,
daruka dasa

Wow, this is so shocking, saddening and surprising all at once. It was only yesterday that I was reading some of his recent posts here. This is very unfortunate and he will be missed.

I also have that BTG issue.


Unhappy We will miss him dearly.

I was completely shocked and saddened to hear of "Uncle Puru's" passing. He was a long-time friend. Reading his posts was one of the main reasons I visited here. His dedication and love for our Srila Prabhupada, his knowledge, his wit, his valuable service, it all is so inspiring to me.

One of my last memories of him is in Mathura during Kartika last year. I rode in a boat with him and his daughter across the Yamuna between Durvasa Tila and Mathura.

Farewell Puruji. My humble obeisances at your feet. I know you have reached a high destination, continuing in your valuable service to Sri Guru and the Vaisnavas. I will miss you.

Govindarupini dd
and from my husband, Bankebihari dasa

"Another dear godbrother and friend passed from this world yesterday, Puru das. He was a great exponent of Krishna Consciousness, a dear diksha disciple of His Divine Loving Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, and dear siksha disciple of His Divine Loving Grace Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja.
I first met and became friends with "Uncle Puru" in Dallas, Texas in the early 1980's. Then he stayed with us for a time in Badger, California in the mid 1990's. I will always remember the time we sang "Sri Sad-Gosvamyastakam" together, when he had me play on Srila Prabhupadas own kartalas. It was magical! vande rupa-santanau raghu-yugau sri-jiva-gopalakau
He was a special devotee of the Lord and champion of the inner heart of his gurudeva's. He was so solidly knowlegable in pure shastric siddhanta, and could so nicely, and also very strongly, share those beautiful truths with others. Although his body did not always cooperate, he used his time in this life to serve Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.
Much love my brother. Thank you for being my friend and giving such excellent service to our loving spiritual fathers."

Bankebihari das

Sometimes on internet forums, this one and others, over the years, I would try my level best to fight against apasiddhanta and Vaisnava aparadha. Yet sometimes I would be in over my head and lo and behold Puru Prabhu would arrive on the virtual scene with his calvary of BVML full of guru, sadu and sastra, and save the day. Just 24 hours ago, I was thinking, "where is Puru, why is he not posting today?" Maybe he's out running errands? And he was, his last errands in this body. As usual his activities were connected with devotional service, evidence of the fact that despite any superficial and apparent contradictions our Uncle Puru was (is) one of the most advanced Western devotees to walk this earth. I new Puruji in N.Y. in '72 and LA in '73 but over the last five years it was my good fortune to get his personal association on a number of occasions. One time a few months ago I jokingly asked him why he didn't work for money as his wife supported the family. He looked at me seriously and said, "Prabhu, I am not long for this world, my heart is a ticking time bomb". I replied something like, "Oh, your cardiologist has kept you alive this long, surely you have at least another decade". He said, "Prabhu, I don't think so". So he knew, but he was usually very jolly because he really was a Vaisnava. But of course being the mundaner and neophyte that I am, I think that nobody I know, especially my bodily identity will die. So I have been in big denial. Now this week, and four godbrothers have left us. Of course three, capped off with the topper, Puru Prabhu. Now , all seems vacant, how will we go on? All Glories to Srila Prabhupada and all the divine guardians.
Raghavendu das

Radhe Radhe

From the photo I recognized him. I was with him during the Braja Mandal Parikram in Oct 2006; though I never had the best fortune of personally associating with him.

I learned so much from his posts here. He is such a humble servant of his siksha Guru Srila Narayan Maharaj. I’m sure he will be given again the mercy to perfect his spiritual life to attain pure Vraja bhakti.

I’m sure his BVMLibrary website will keep his legacy alive.

Hare Krishna

Malati d d

Lovely postings...

I'm saddened by Puru's passing. I am a fan of his BVML site. It's one of the better Vaisnava site on the web.

I'm impressed with all the lovely comments that the devotees have made in this thread about Puru. Thank you for restoring my faith in the humanity of devotees. I sure Puru would be pleased....


I have met him in person only once, in early 90's. He kindly let me into Prabhupada's museum in the Brooklyn Temple for a private darshana. We talked a little bit and I was struck by his keen insight and sense of humor. Pity he was in a hurry to get back to his taxi driving job and we could not talk for long. In his compassion and trust he let me remain alone in the Museum for as long as I wanted, so I could spend more time with Srila Prabhupada. I only now recognized him from the photos.

It is a pity I have not had a chance to spend more time with him.

We should all treasure the association of mature devotees like Puru prabhu, even if we may not share all of their views.



Srila Prabhupada's Srimad Bhagavatam 1.13.20


Whoever is under the influence of supreme kala [eternal time] must surrender his most dear life, and what to speak of other things, such as wealth, honor, children, land and home.


A great Indian scientist, busy in the planmaking business, was suddenly called by invincible eternal time while going to attend a very important meeting of the planning commission, and he had to surrender his life, wife, children, house, land, wealth, etc. During the political upsurge in India and its division into Pakistan and Hindustan, so many rich and influential Indians had to surrender life, property and honor due to the influence of time, and there are hundreds and thousands of examples like that all over the world, all over the universe, which are all effects of the influence of time. Therefore, the conclusion is that there is no powerful living being within the universe who can overcome the influence of time. Many poets have written verses lamenting the influence of time. Many devastations have taken place over the universes due to the influence of time, and no one could check them by any means. Even in our daily life, so many things come and go in which we have no hand, but we have to suffer or tolerate them without remedial measure. That is the result of time.

mahaksadasa commentary:

Haribol. It is quite metaphysical that last week, I was strongly thinking of a friend I have had discussions with over the years on the internet. I was, out of the blue, filled with thoughts of my godbrother, Sriman Puru das. Maybe it is simply appreciation for his dynamic preaching effort on the internet, and especially the content over the last few weeks. Yet, the content of the project that was somehow inspired by Sri Puru das is this discourse between Sri Vidura and King Dhrtarastha. And this godbrother suddenly leaves our presence, called back to Godhead, a life successfully performed. Leaving me weeping at the world's loss, yet with the treasure of his association never to be lost.

I only know Sri Puru das thru the cyber waves. He is a writer who freely practices his art. We had many discussions on the whole range of topics from the science of Bhakti Yoga, and neither of us could keep quiet. I used a quip on him once, "everyone is entitled to my opinion", and he truely enjoyed that one. He is a lion on the cyber waves, and many lambs had to face this reality. Under this strong surface, there is also the key element that many may have missed due to the impersonal mnature of the internet, his sweet vaisnava quality of humility. The authority he speaks with is never thought of as his own. He never presumes to be better than others, but always gives fully documented evidence from those WHO ARE better than others, the Vaisnava acaryas.

Time is not really a villain here. It is a fact, it is a windstorm of driving rain, it is a blizzard in April, it's 115 degrees in the shade, it's what it is. The fact that we have no control is not the issue of the sane, it is stipulated fact. Devotees of the Supreme Lord do not control time either. However, they Worship the Supreme Lord in the world of timelessness, even wearing a watch. The passing of time has no effect on this worship, as seen in the activities of the great devotees.

Of the great teachings of our spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, the one I find most reassuring as a slave to time is the devotion of Krsna to his devotee, the reciprocation. For one who surrenders his forgetful life to be a vaisnava, there is never any loss. There is no need to artificially place a picture of Krsna before ones face at the time of death. There is no need to mechanically chant wracked with great physical pain. We remember the passing of Srila Haridas Thakura. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu gave him instruction "reduce your vow and chant less". The devotees who give their lives to serve Krsna actually become the object of Krsna's worship. At the time of death, Krsna is thinking of his devotee, protecting him, sending Sri Puskara or another even grander chariot to bring his devotee back, for consultation, for another even grander project.

Srila Prabhupada speaks of his disciples as gosthyanandis, preachers. Puru das, you preached to me, brother, and I heard you very well. Our unity is the issue here, our diversity is, as you always say, "of no consequence". I am honored that you took the time to be a true vaisnava associate, a true friend in every sense of the word.

Hare Krsna, your servant in cooperation, mahaksadasa

I was greatly saddened to read about the untimely departure of Sripad Puru prabhu. My clearest memories of him will always be that of a Vaishnava who invited Their Lordships in deity form into the grha -- and most important of all -- he always without hesitation invited the Vaishnavas into his home. He offered his all to all Vaishnavas, young and old, famous and unknown.

Myself, and others undoubedly, saw Puru prabhu as a bigger than life personality who would outlive many of us in this lifetime, one thing we can all be assured of is that he will be remembered fondly those who were fortunate enough to meet him, as well as his diksa and siksa gurus. I hope that I may carry these memories of Puru prabhu for the rest of my life.

Krsnacandra dasa

We had few 'fights' on e-mail. (i think I did with almost everybody). I felt sad that can't fight anymore.


My dear Uncle Puru,
You are my real uncle, in so many ways you are also my vartnapradaksak guru, i found your BVML in a time when i was absolutly confussed, i found nectar. I never met you personaly, but your emails to me made me feel so close to you, and so close to SP, to my beloved SG and Vaisnavas.
You accepted my hi5 friends request like 3 days ago, and I was reading spetially this week many of your recent posts... as always finding nectar, several "no ponint of dicussion" posts from SP... your wonderfull pics with BB.Tirtha Mj, my beloved SG and you always happy there... always next to vaisnavas, always preaching the mission of Mahaprabhu.
Your knowledg and realization of SP legacy and sastra is espectacular, I can c u in my mind working so hard making those copy-pastes from sastras, posts, letters, articles to give us fresh shower, to make us remember the main point of sudhabhakti, friendly behavior, respect betwen all vaisnavas and deep attach to sastra-guru-sadhu What a example Uncle Puru!!!!!!!!!!
I feel you came to this world to help suffering jivas like me...
Defenitly you are Mahaprabhu´s man
Sriman Uncle Puru Ki Jay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BVML ki Jay!!!!!!!!!!!
Jay SRi SRi Guru Gouranga Vinod Bihari kijay!
Goura bhakta vrinda ki jay!!!!!!


Wow, this one was a very sad shocker for sure. I was there in Penang when Srila Gurudeva received the news that Puru Prabhuji left his body. He said in class later that day that 'Puru Prabhu was a Pure Bhakta' It was so sweet to hear. Srila Gurudeva seemed very grave when discussing his passing, but he blessed him to receive krsna prema wherever he may be. I met him a few times, but he always told me the proper manner in which to act when in front of the spiritual master. And I can tell for sure that he was one of those siksa disciples who truly saw no difference whatsoever between siksa guru and diksa guru. I remember, we were in Navadvip once, and I had no tilak to put on and srila gurudeva was just coming down the stairs, and he said, I'd never be caught dead without tilak in front of the spiritual master. So, I put the tilak on, and like an uncle said, there, that's better.

Please bless me prabhuji, wherever you may be, so that one day I may model myself after you.


Puru Prabhu

I offer my humnble obeisances to the feeet of my dear God brother Sriman Puru Das Adikari,

I frist met Puru while serving in New Dwaraka ISKCON Los Angelos .Puru Prabhu worked for BBT and had come from NYC when the BBT moved from NY to LA.

At that time JayaTirtha was our GBC and Tusli das was our temple President Jayatirtha had found that cheap sour cream was advailable from the market as it was beyound the sales date free or at a very low cost ,pig framers would buy this sour cream to feed thier hogs .

Then one day as I would wash pot sometimes in the evenings I saw all this sour cream in the kicthen walkin frige.

So the devottees were informed that this sour cream had rinit from cows added in it .Still tho this sour cream was being prepared for Shree Shree Rukmuni and Dwarakadish and feed to the devottees.

As we were new devottees we just ate what was placed before us and the murmurs of the devottees not the take this prasad because it could not be prasad was hardely heard untill Puru Prabhu wrote Srila Prabhupada to inform His Divine Grace of what the authorities in LA were feeding us.
Srila Prabhupada started his letter with Who is the demon that has brought this sour cream? Every devottee at the temple knew who was responisble for this and who saved us from them .
It was Puru Prabhu our big brother whne he was hot he was a difficult person to deal with Puru Prabhu is a Guardian and it has allways been his mood to uproot dishonest nature.
I worte Puru once that one of the old Brooklen devottees told me that he was some times called Puru the Ruru in the old days .The Ruru is the type of dogs that the Yamaduttas have when they take the sinful to hell these Rurus bite the sinful persons all along the way .
Puru said yes that was my name I can be A Ruru when some one persents bogus concludions to me.Before I was much more friece Im still the same today as then but now Im a Happy Camper.
Last year before going to NYC Ratha Yatra I emailed Puru telling him that I hoped to see him at Ratha Yatra but he told me he would not go there because NYC ISKCON had been too offendsive to him and His Holiness Narayana Maharaja .
I was sorry not to see one more time
I am sure Srila Prabhupada has given Puru Prabhu his direct assoication and serivce once again as only this would of been able to satisfied him.

Pita das

Haribol, sriman bhutabhavana das, PAMHO. As I was driving to work, where I use this computer, I was thinking of my own malady. Naturally, we still have concerns for this appearance, we still have this urge to leave gifts that we received, so others may see how broken glass is turned to precious gems (world politics aside =;-). All of us preach, this is our mission, even in our less than perfect ways.

For the internet preacher, a fine tool to spread the ideologies of our Vaisnava preceptors, there is desire to keep living, even though the teachings of Sri Vidura let us fully appreciate the influence of time on even Lord Brahma to the insignificant ant. The passing Vaisnava has desire to keep living, because his engagement is an eternal one of LIFE. WE have studied thaT the vaisnava has life seen in two aspects, called vapu and vani.

The typewriter of Sri Puru das that you use is a symbol of his vani. I humbly and fully appreciate your efforts at the preservation of, and am greatly looking forward to the preservation of the ideas of the curator and the honor that is so well deserved.

I am so slow at typing my novel, kipu'ka. Im halfway through, but the ending is quite appropriate. I got attached to the characters of this work, and I couldnt kill them off, and there wont be a kipu'ka 2. So the immortality teachings of Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur came into play, and the book ended with a rousing rendition, with guitars a flailin, congas, flutes, hypnotic keyboards. As the brahmana wished and dreamed that he could actually take part in the arotika ceremony and was rewarded with a blister on his finger, I will mentally play the song.

The song is titled, "Living in Sound", and the lyrics should be posted here soon (after an intensive search through seven acres). Thank you for your service, here, bro. Hare Krsna, ys in cooperation, mahaksadasa

Puru Das

!!!!! What a shock!!!! After that beautiful interaction with Puru Das Prabhu and learning his and his Guru Maharaj's views on the Gaudiya Siddhanta and certain issues, I had to travel to India for a two week (I'm still there). And kept thinking all the while that I'll write back to him after a day or two. But never thought I won't be able to!!! :'(

I'm sure Lord Krsna has his soul under his full mercy and he's simply serving the Godhead in a different way now. Please accept my full obeisances, respects and pranaams Shri PuruDas ji!!!
He was a very noble soul and a wonderful devotee.
Hari Bol!!


All glories to Puru prabhu, I am grateful that I had access to such a senior devotee through this forum, I have learnt many new ways of thinking and feeling through debate and discussions, I beg forgiveness for all the offences I have caused, I also beg for forgiveness from all the other devotees I may have caused offense before it is too late, including babhru prabhu, thiest prabhu, Jahnava Nitai prabhu, Kalpuvan Prabhu and many others who my kanishta attitude may of offended.

All glories to the vaishnavas.


In memory of Puru Das

Puru Das was a class act. He was a colorful, funny, brilliant, warm and sincere person who was humble and unpretentious. He had integrity. It's been decades since I had any contact with him but back when he first joined ISKCON we became fast friends and had some great talks. This world is a colder and darker place without him. I'm sure his faith and devotion has taken him to an elevated position somewhere.
-- Swarup Das

You watch your friends go, one by one.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve lost three old friends and colleagues: Suhotra Dasa Tapovanacari, Puru Dasa, and Muktakesa Dasa. All three have now, as we say, left this world. (The prosaic world just usually says “died.”)

Some time back, Muktakesa, always generous, had seen I wasn’t wearing a watch, so he gave me one (a pretty fancy Seiko). And since sannyasis are sometimes known for not holding on to things, he made me promise not to give it away. I used to see him in New Vrindaban, where he was running a program to offer spiritual help to prisoners in different parts of America who’d turned towards Krishna.

This past January, Suhotra and I had shared a pleasant lunch together in Mayapur (we’d had a lovely little debate over Semantics or something or other), and some days later he came to visit me—really just wanting to get together—at the flat where I was staying. Dressed in saffron, with a bag of—whatever—slung from his shoulder, he resembled a large-framed Buddhist monk. But instead of contemplating koans and seeking a void, he was always intent on the transcendent person Krishna.

And also in Mayapur in December-January I met my old friend Puru Dasa again, after a long while. I think he’d expected me to be cross with him (we had our differences on more issues than one), but I was truly delighted to see him, and we spent a short but warm time together. He reintroduced me to his daughters, whom I hadn’t seen since they were kids: “This is your spiritual uncle, Jayadvaita Swami.” And we enjoyed talking together about things concerning Krishna.

I had affection for all three of these godbrothers, and I’ll miss them.

That’s how it is. You watch your friends go, one by one. Then those who are left watch you go.

Hare Krishna.

JayAdwaita Swami

'duHkha-madhya kona duHka haya gurutara?'
'kRSNa-bhakta-viraha vinA duHkha nAhi dekhi para'
"Mahaprabhu asked: 'Of all miseries, which misery is the most painful?'
Ramananda Raya replied: 'Besides the separation from
Krishna's devotee, I know of no other misery.'"
(Caitanya Caritamrita 2.8.248)


kaunteya pratijAnIhi
na me bhaktaH praNazyati
"O son of Kunti, declare it boldly
that My devotee never perishes!"
(Bhagavad Gita 9.31)


all glories to the assembled devotees

Haribol, and grateful thanks for my esteemed elder brothers' kind remarks for uncle puru. This is proof positive that the ideas of unity in diversity, favored by Sriman Puru das, is alive and well. Our unity is what holds us in Srila Prabhupadas family. I offer my humble obiesancies to those who have made this such a nectarian topic.

Hare Krsna, ys, mahaksadasa

Jaya Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga,

Yesterday I was browsing through an old collection of Back to Godhead magazines from the 1980's and early 1990's that a friend gave as a gift. I found this article from 1982.

I like Puru Dasa Prabhu's comment in the article...

"Wherever you go, whoever you meet, tell people about Me," Krsna told us five hundred years ago in His form as Lord Caitanya. And that's what I do while driving my cab in the busiest city in the world.

In a way I take this comment and example as instruction (being comfortable with sharing about Krsna to others is something I am working at)...thank you Prabhu.

Sriman Puru das was a friend. We used to have some great debates about the situation in the early 80s, w/ Sriman Tarun Krishna das. I remember when he had his heart-bypass surgery we visited. He was so weak, yet made sure we had some prasadam, water etc. I also remember his "Taxi Tattva" article in BTG. He is on his way to Sri Nityananda's kirtan party! KB das

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