GBC Interference with Sraddha

by Puru Das Adhikari

Dear Prabhus, please accept my dandavats and pranams. Let me preface this letter to the temple president of ISKCON Towaco, with additional information. The real concern of the local GBC, Romapada, was and still is, that I would have any influence on the younger devotees who reside there.

His fear is that I will offer them the books and recommend the association of my beloved siksa guru, His Divine Grace Srila B.V. Narayan Maharaj and that they might accept any siksa from myself. Srila Sridhar Maharaj has written in his book, "Sri Guru and His Grace:" "There are different classes of guru. All Vaisnavas are considered gurus. If the spiritual master gives even one letter to the disciple, what is contained there is infinite. The knowledge given by the spiritual master is infinite. To know and understand it fully, however, different sources are necessary.

In the highest position one can read devotion to Krsna from everywhere. If we can attain the proper vision, then everything will supply me inspiration towards the performance of our duties.

Whenever Mahaprabhu saw a forest, he saw it as Vrndavana.

Whenever he saw a river, he saw the Yamuna. Whenever he saw a hill, he saw it as Govardhana hill.

In that highest stage, wherever we cast our glance, it will remind us about our Lord. They will teach us, they will press us to engage ourselves in service to Krsna. That is the duty of guru.

Wherever we cast our glance, whatever we come in contact with will only excite us "Do your duty." That is guru. Our guru is whoever gives us impetus for the service of Krsna, whoever helps us to look towards the center.

So, because every atom in Vaikuntha and Goloka will encourage us towards our duty, they are all our gurus. Gurus will be very amply available when we can raise ourselves to a higher level.

Guru-Dispels Darkness

When we are in the lower stages of material conception, everything we see takes us away from the center by the out-carrying current. Whatever we see says "Oh, come and enjoy me." The invitation of enjoyment is found here in the lower level, and the inspiration of renunciation is also found in a particular stage. The impersonalists who desire salvation say "Whatever we find here is temporary. Reject it all!" But devotion is the positive side.

From the side of devotion, everything will draw me towards the center, towards Krsna. And those who will help us in that way, are our gurus. Guru means "one who dispels the darkness of both enjoyment and renunciation . "

Krsna tells us not to particularize in one point (acaryam mam vijaniyan ). There are so many siksa gurus in the line, and it is our good fortune to see more gurus, to come to the stage where we see gurus everywhere. Everywhere we shall try to draw the hints of the auspicious presence of Godhead. Krsna says, "One who can see me everywhere, and everything in me is never lost to Me, nor I to him (yo mam pasyati sarvatra, sarvam ca mayi pasyati). We shall try to see Him in every medium. Then our position is safe. Not to see guru is a dangerous position. But if we can see guru everywhere, advising us to concentrate our energy towards the service of God, then we'll be safe. Of course, there is also a specific vision of guru, from whom I can get the maximum immediate help. But ultimately, Krsna says, "I am the acarya, "See Me in him."

Since Romapada's view of guru is determined by gbc politics and his own lack of realization of Krsna consciousness he feels that anyone who might speak to myself, or take shelter of Srila Narayan Maharaj needs "protection." Let Krsna judge who needs protection from who. I offer him (Romapada) public debate at the Towaco Temple on three topics:

l. Guru tattva
2. Jiva tattva
3. Vaisnava aparadha
Formerly the webmaster of chakra, Vipramukhya refused my offer. I assume that Romapada will do in kind, since his tactic (for the last twenty years) is always to manipulate behind people's backs and never deal in a straightforward or gentlemanly fashion. He (Romapada) engineered my god brother Locanananda being ejected from the Brooklyn Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir for reasons none other than his own envy. He prevented this dear godbrother from accepting disciples in the past, and was concerned that young devotees might like him "too much," and their affection for this stalwart Vaisnava might interfere with Romabhadra's temple management. He successfully fanned the fire of the temple president's monumental paranoia for control of the mandir and Locanananda was allowed to live there for only two months and forced to re locate. He suffered a heart attack on sankirtan some 6 months earlier and wanted to reside in the mandir to increase his bhajan. The temple president and chairman of the board there concocted false charges against him to justify his ejection. The blind leading the blind.

More details are available from myself should anyone want further corroboration and information. Romapda continues to cheat the congregation, his own disciples and others in the dress of a sannyasa, while committing aparadhas continually in the name of "management." Emil Zola declared "Truth is on the March, and no one can stop her."

Judge for yourself. One of the young devotees he was "worried" about is now the duly initiated disciple of Srila B.V. Narayan Maharaj and was also forced to relocate from the Towaco temple. Similarly one of my god nieces was told to move out of a major US ISKCON temple because she accepted diksa from Srila B.V. Narayan Maharaj without the "permission" of the temple president. This freedom of choice was deemed too anarchistic and would be a "bad example," for devotees residing in ISKCON. She had no intention of moving out or decreasing her service and Srila B.V. Narayan Maharaj never instructed her to do anything but continue with her service there, Miami ISKCON. Their intolerance of her freedom of choice becries their sectarian foolishness.

Down with the saffron police. Fascism is dead and has nothing to do with accepting a bona fide spiritual master. We must follow Krsna's directions in Bg. 4.34 and reject the naked emperors led by their nose by a corrupt and politicised GBC. That body and any other three letters of the alphabet should not disturb anyone sincerely seeking a bona fide spiritual master in our parmpara line.

Your servant
Puru Das Adhikari

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[Originally published 04/30/99 on VNN]

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