Annual Number of Abortions
in the World Exceeds 55 Million

Moscow, March 23, 207: Interfax - The number of conscious abortions exceeds 55 million annually throughout the world, with 300-500 abortions per a thousand of births, the Rossijskaya Gazeta has reported on Friday.

In Russia, abortion is permitted within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. They same norm is adopted in Czechia, Belgium, Denmark and Norway. During the first ten weeks, abortion is permitted in Turkey, Croatia and France, while in Italy within the first 90 days and in Canada within 18 weeks.

Abortion in later periods (up to 24 weeks) for socio-economic and medical reasons is permitted in Japan and England but forbidden in Scotland. In some countries, such as Finland, Germany and Spain, abortion for social reason is permitted within 12 weeks and in later periods only in case of a threat to the life and health of a mother or serious anomalies of a fetus.

In Poland, Argentine and many countries in Latin America and Africa, abortion is permitted only in case of a threat to the life and health of the woman. In Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Angola, Egypt, Papua New Guinea and Nepal, abortion is forbidden altogether.

In the USA, where abortion was legalized 34 years ago by the Supreme Courtís ruling, there are over 3400 groups and organizations standing for total ban on abortion. At the same time, there are 2500 clinics there, where these operations are performed.

The US President George Bush, known as a fierce opponent of abortion, demanded during his very first days at the White House that the USA did not help those international organizations which ran abortion programs.

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